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I Cant Figure This Out

I can’t figure out the name of this movie?

Idk it may have been a tv show. I remember this young girl went to an amusement park and her dad never showed up. Later she went to his trailer and he gave her a new dress she didn’t like and fed her pancakes. I also think she was with friends

I can't figure this out?

Infrared radiation falls in the wavelength region of 1.00×10-6 to 1.00×10-3 meters.

What is the wavelength of infrared radiation that has an energy of 2.69×10-25 kJ/photon?

Wavelength =

Help! I can't figure this one out?

Facultative anaerobe. The fact it grew in the absence of oxygen and reduced oxygen indicates it can grow with little or no oxygen. The abundant growth in the incubator which is aerobic indicates it can grow best with oxygen present. Some authors would list the organism as a facultative aerobe.

I can't figure this out...please help!!!?

"Solicitation to commit a crime and attempt to commit a crime, although not strictly speaking lesser included offenses, merge into the completed crime. As an important exception, however, the crime of conspiracy does not merge into the completed crime. "

"Solicitation is also subject to the doctrine of merger, which applies in situations where the person solicited actually commits the crime. In such a situation, both Alice and Bob could be charged with the crime as accomplices, which would preclude conviction under solicitation; a person cannot be punished for both solicitation and the crime solicited."

"What is an Accomplice?
An accomplice is someone who intentionally assists the primary party in committing a crime. At common law, this type of activity is usually described as ¿aiding and abetting¿ or encouraging, procuring, soliciting, or advising the commission of the crime. "

What's all this mean to you? They prevail on appeal. because as aiders and abettors, they are liable under accomplice liability for the crime just as the students that actually committed the crime. thus, they cannot be also liable for solicitation because it merges with the underlying crime they were charged with.

Can't figure out the song...please help?

I Always Liked That Best by Cyndi Thompson

Where do, I start?
Lyin' on a blanket underneath the stars
With, your head on
My chest
I always liked that best

I hate how, time flys
I still think back sometimes 'bout
Your lips on my neck
I always liked that best

That time we took a ride
Ended up down by the riverside
Soft touch
Wet kiss
I always liked that best

I like the way you used to hold me
I like the way you came to know me
You came to know me well
Well, well

Fallin' to sleep
Wearin' your shirt
'Cause it smelled so sweet
Who could forget
I always liked that best

Or, losin' my heart
Everytime you sang to me
On your guitiar
Lady in red
I always liked that best

I like the way you used to hold me
I like the way you came to know me
You came to know me well (well)
Well (well), well

I could go on
So many things I miss now that you're gone
Your love, oh yes, I always liked that best

Help with one problem.. I can't figure this out at all.?

For the first 100.0 meters, he went 5.00 m/s. You can set up an equation to figure out how long this took him.
100m/x seconds = 5m/1 second
100 = 5x
x = 20 seconds
So, it took him 20 seconds to run the first 100 meters.
The second 100 meters, he went 1.00 m/s, so you can set up another equation.
100m/x seconds = 1m/1 second
100/x = 1
100 = x
x = 100 seconds
So it took him 100 seconds to walk the next 100 meters.
Total, it took him 100 seconds + 20 seconds which is 120 seconds to travel 200.0 meters.
So, 200m/120 seconds = 200/120 m/s = 20/12 m/s = 5/3 meters/second or roughly 1.67 m/s.