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I Cant Recive Messages My In Box Seens Last 3 Days

I recently sent a message on WhatsApp to a friend. However the last seen was 2pm and my message had double blue ticks at 4 pm when the last seen still remained the same. Why is this?

There is a perfect logical explanation of this. Last seen means the time when the person was on WhatsApp with data connection on. Blue tick means the time message was read, either online or offline. Suppose, you send a message, and it is delivered. The person turns off data connection. Then, he opens WhatsApp and reads the message. Then, he exits WhatsApp and switches data connection on. You'll still get the last seen when he was last online. But the message gets blue ticked, because it was actually read. But the person was not online. So, last seen and message read after that time are two different things.

If a contact's last seen on WhatsApp has not changed in days, but has been online since tn(calling) does that mean they changed their privacy setting?

If a contact’s last seen on WhatsApp hasn’t changed in days, it means they haven’t been online since then.Online and last seen tell you if your contacts are online, or the last time they were using WhatsApp.Online means that contact has WhatsApp open in the foreground on their device and is connected to the Internet. However, it does not necessarily mean they have read your message.Last seen refers to the last time the contact used WhatsApp. Through our privacy settings, you have the option to control who can see your last seen. Please note you cannot hide your online.WhatsApp essentially has 2 privacy settings for last seen.. Either you see a ‘Last Seen’ or you don’t.Here’s what the WhatsApp FAQ’s have to say about their privacy settings.By default, WhatsApp will automatically set your privacy settings to allow any WhatsApp user to view your Read Receipts, last seen, profile photo and status. If you don't share your last seen, you won't be able to see other people's last seen.Note: There is no way to hide your online status.To change these settings, simply open WhatsApp > Settings (Swipe down from the top of the screen to access the Settings) > Privacy Settings.You can set the following options separately for last seen, profile photo and/or status.EveryoneYour last seen, profile photo and/or status will be available to all WhatsApp users.My ContactsYour last seen, profile photo and/or status will be available to your contacts from your address book only.NobodyYour last seen, profile photo and/or status will not be available to anyone.If you turn off Read Receipts, your contacts will not see two blue check marks next to messages that they send you. You will also not be able to see your contacts' Read Receipts.Note: Read Receipts are always sent for group chats, even if you turn off the option in your privacy settings.Hope this helps!

What is the best explanation when my Whatsapp message has one tick, his last seen time is before I sent the message, but he is active on instagram?

Whatsapp, like other Instant Messaging services, uses its own servers to keep a list of senders, recipients and messages (probably encrypted). The first tick is sent by the central servers telling you they got the message you want to send and they have the delivery list handy. They will deliver when recipients are available. When all recipients' Whatsapp clients report they had received the message, the servers sent you the second tick (when it's one-on-one, it's easy, pay attention to messages you write on lists to notice this). Finally, when the recipient (of 1-on-1 messaging) finally opens the client and moves to the message, the client informs it's been opened, and the servers report the blue to the ticks, so you know the message has been opened (it's actually not a confirmation of reading, you can open it and delete it without reading it).If the user is active in other networks but their Whatsapp client is not running, then no reception ticket can be sent. For example, the user has the phone off and is using a tablet or the Web version of Instagram.

If a contact's last seen on WhatsApp has not changed in days, does that mean that I'm blocked?

I don’t know but all answers doesn’t satisfied me because i have the same issue with my friend, she talk to me and i can see her profile but her last seen doesn’t change stopped to 9 June, 4:30 a.m. and i got from her many messages yesterday and before yesterday 27 June and 28 Junei know i’m not blockedi know she added mei know he WhatsApp is worksi know that she has a good connection to internetbut i don’t know why her last seen doesn’t change !!!

A friend texted me on Facebook messenger 2 hours ago but last active shows 12 hours ago, how is it possible?

They have a hidden option that lets you choose to be visible or not.Also,they can be communicating via text messaging app through messenger.

When does WhatsApp last seen get updated?

Let us say, a message is sent to you and you are not connected to the internet. The next time when you get internet connection on the mobile phone, the message shows on your screen at the time when you got the message.For the mobile which has sent the message, the timestamp will be shown as the same time it was sent But with one tick. The moment it is delivered to you it is 2 ticks. When you open and read the message then the 2 ticks turn to blue.If you want to hide your last seen timestampYou may configure your privacy settings on Android by following these steps:Go to Menu Button > Settings > Account > Privacy.Choose who can see your last seen time, profile photo, or status:Everyone: Anyone who has your phone number can see your information.My contacts: Only contacts whose phone number is in your address book can see your information.Nobody: No one can see your information.Note: The "Nobody" setting is reciprocal for last seen only. Changing it to "Nobody" will also prevent you from seeing other users’ last seen.You can choose not to send read receipts as well. However, if you turn off read receipts, you will not see other users' read receipts.I hope this is the answer you are looking for.

Why do the senders last seen in WhatsApp show yesterday time when a message was sent today?

Then are tricking you by turning off their mobile data then sent you msg then exit from WhatsApp and simply turn on the data will send that msg successfully without updating your last seen..well now you think that it is a lengthy process to turn off data and then turn on.. unfortunately there are apps available in the android platform that can easily do this process by itself.. when you use WhatsApp that app automatically turn off your data when you send msg it will wait for the connection when you exit that app automatically turn on your data and msg will deliverdFollow me for more cyber security & ethical hacking topics.

Why do messages on Facebook Messenger sometimes change from "seen" to "delivered"?

Paul Olaru is correct.  I am not sure what version of Messenger you're using, but "Seen" means the person opened their chat or Messenger to the conversation.  My version of Messenger doesn't have "Delivered" as a status message, but it says "sent" if the message has not yet been opened by the recipient (Apple's iMessages shows "delivered" if the message was sent but not opened, and "read" if it was opened).  In Messenger specifically a "seen" message may have a little circle with a miniature of the recipient's profile picture next to the message to indicate that she's opened it; a "sent" but not opened message has a check-mark next to it.Edit: Combined three answers on merged questions.  This question is very merge-worthy; I rarely go more than a couple days without a new A-to-A on the exact same question.  I won't be answering it in the future, nor any similar question, because there's not much to add.  Hopefully one of these answers will be helpful.Originally Answered: I sent someone a private message on Facebook, and their profile picture icon showed up, indicating that they read it. When I look at the icon next to our last two conversations, it is a white circle with a blue checkmark. Does that indicate that they marked it as unread or deleted the message?It usually means they haven't looked at the latest message in the conversation, whatever that may be.  You got the "seen" icon for any messages that were there the last time they went into the conversation, but if you have sent a new one since then they might not have "seen" it.I've seen numerous questions on Quora asking about the following: If you had a "seen" icon and it changed back to a blue circle without you sending any more messages in between? That I think must be a database glitch—I have attempted several times to recreate such a situation with my computer, phone, and a dummy FB account that I mostly use for testing, and I wasn't able to recreate a situation like that when I experimented with it just now.  I've never seen it in the "wild", either.  And as of today, 20 September 2015, FB aren't marking messages "Delivered" on the desktop chat window either.Whether the other person deletes or marks unread a conversation affects only the way it shows up on their device, not yours.

Why am I getting the "SBC Yahoo! Service Cancellation" message when I try to access my other Yahoo account?

Sorry, this is only a partial answer. I too got a message today when I tried to log in to my Yahoo account that I have held for about as long as Yahoo has been around. Years ago, I used as my ISP and they became SBC, which sent me an upgrade kit. Unfortunately, I set up my SBC Yahoo account with the same email name as my existing Yahoo name, which made the new SBC Yahoo email the primary, and the older original Yahoo email ID as secondary. Later, I left SBC for Road Runner, but my old email account with Yahoo was still in force so everything was fine for several years.

Apparently SBC Yahoo merges, or adds an existing Yahoo email account as a "Profile" to the SBC email account and both exist. However, since the AT&T merger, SBC seems to be cleaning their data base, and cancelling their old inactive SBC Yahoo accounts. Since the SBC Yahoo account became the primary email account, when they cancelled the SBC Yahoo account, it also cancelled my secondary Yahoo email account that I had years before SBC was on the scene. Worse yet, I can't find ANY WAY to contact an SBC customer service online help or YAHOO online help since they always require the email address and password that SBC just cancelled yesterday!! I'm not through looking for a solution, I just don't have one yet.

Sorry for the wordiness. But maybe if we explain all the ins and outs of our individual experiences we can find a common thread and find and share a way to get to an SBC or Yahoo help source. I have Years of return email addresses that I desperately need to retrieve from my cancelled account!