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I Completely Screwed Up My Life Help

He's completely messed up my life?

I started dating this guy. I was a good girl, straight A, no cursing, no drugs, no sneaking out kind of girl. He's sneak out, party hard, drink, smoke, ect. I gotta admit I fell hard for him. He got me into smoking weed and sneaking out. It's been about 4 months since I started everything. He's gone, and my friends hate me for who i've become. but I've made new friends that are like me now. But this guy won't let it go. He knows the impact he's made on my life and he'll do little things just to lead me on again every few weeks. I just want to be done with it all, but now I'm starting to like the things he made me do. I like weed, but it reminds me of him and his brother is my dealer. But it's a waste of money. but i like it. I never thought I would, and he's changed me completely, and I just want togo back to how things were before I met him :(

What do you do when your life is completely screwed up?

TL; DR: Making progress one day at a time and keeping track of it.Long AnswerPeople will tell you that the most important thing in life is love, or family, or social connections, or money etc. They’ll give you different philosophies about how you need to think positive, go out and meet people etc. However, let me tell you that while these are all elements of a happy lifestyle, they are not the essential components behind constructing that lifestyle.There is exactly one essential component of a happy life and that is progress. Life is all about direction, a sense of purpose and the feeling of moving in the right direction all the time. No matter how accomplished you are, you would still feel very depressed about the state of your life if you are stuck at one place in life for a long time. That’s why great people are always trying new things.So, when you feel like your life is completely screwed up, no matter how badly. You do exactly 3 things:Set up a goal, no matter how impossible it might seem today. You may not even achieve it before you die; but you’ll be happy as long as you keep moving towards it.Keep track of your progress towards that goal every day. Tell yourself what you did today that takes you in the direction of the goal.Don’t let anybody tell you that you can’t do something, not your family, not your spouse, not your friends and definitely not your enemies.In many ways, life is like a game of chess. The end goal is checkmate; you strategize every step of the way for that one goal. The only difference is that you understand that the chess game of your life can start whenever you are ready to play it.

My social life is completely screwed up, I don't know how to bond with people. How do I fix this?

It is completely okay to not have good social bond. But it's not okay forever.You do not have to be an extrovert always to have good social bonds. Not everyone who look socially amazing, are actually the same within. You just need to know how to talk to people.To create a good social bond, the three main factors “how", “when” and “why" are important.How - When you know how to talk, people naturally will respect you and actually listen to you. You do not have to be professional to grab someone's attention. Just the usage of small and eminent words like “excuse me", “I'm sorry", “That's a good idea", “I ask your pardon", “may I? “ etc.. Can help you in the long run.When - Knowing when to talk plays a very important role in your social life. People usually get annoyed when you unwantedly interfere in an uninvited conversation. Hence you need to keep your personal space and comment ‘sometimes’ to yourself in order to improve your dignity.Why - When you know your stand, you always need to know why you should talk. Ultimately, you will be the only one defending or supporting yourself in any situation. Hence, conversations or situations involving you in a negative way, you should know to talk. ‘Why' plays an important role here.You don't have to impress people always. But following these can always elevate your social bonds with the world. Sometimes, you need to fix the broken ones, and sometimes just let it go.If you feel like you want to fix it, the above paragraphs are your basics.Cheers :)

Let's say you are completely and irreperably screwed up...?

If I interpret "end it" correctly, you're talking about suicide? Well then the answer is no. Suicide isn't the answer to your problems. I know everyone always says that, but this is coming from someone who has been there before. I'm not too sure what you mean by completely and irrepairably screwed up. But I do know that it's not worth killing yourself over. Think about the people in your life who care about you, how hurt they would be if you took your life away. They might even blame themselves for your death which isn't fair to them. If you're willing to add a few more details, I'm willing to help some more.

My screwed up life story?

ok.It sounds like you are depressed more than anything. But here are some things i think you should hear:
1: just because you are from a farming family does not mean you have to also be a farmer/livestock raiser, etc. I know plenty of farm kids who move on to other careers (vet, cia, landscape architect, hairdresser, football player, and the list goes on.) You can be anything you want to be. You get one life on this earth, and you had better live it the way you want to because this is no dress rehearsal. If you want to be a musician, get your instrument of choice and learn to play it, practice, practice, practice. People get college scholarships for playing instruments well. You can too. Take music lessons if you can, learning to read music is like learning a language. You need someone to help decipher it and explain it to you. If this is the one thing that interests you, then you need to try that.
2. Maybe you are bi. That is normal also. I think you need to relax and just try to focus on liking the person and not the gender. If you like the person then the emotions and physical attraction will follow. It sounds like you are trying too hard, which can cause stress and well, that is never good to add more stress to a teens life.
3. Nobody's life is perfect, especially in high school, even the people that seem talented and popular. They are stressed because they need to have the right friends, the right hair, the right clothes, stay skinny/buffed/tanned, whatever. Everyone is in emotional pain and worried and stressed. Everybody wants one person or group to notice them, and stresses or gets depressed because it doesn't happen.
If you have one good group of friends that have your back, then consider yourself lucky. Stop wanting to be in other groups and enjoy the one you are in now.
You need to understand that happiness can only be achieved when we stop wanting more things and enjoy what we have now. And find an activity outside of just going to school.. play music, do a sport, whatever gets you outside yourself and your worries and gives you some stress relief every day.
Really, high school does pass, as all things do. Good luck and please do not feel you have to be a farmer too. It simply doesn't have to be so. As soon as you can play an instrument, start a band! Works wonders in the teen scene!

My life is screwed up, what should I do?

Fix It!! (In My experience)-Many people who are in a bad place (whether it be BAD in terms of finances,/ physical appearance -weight-/ relationships,/ job etc) often “Stay Stuck”because : A) They do NOT Believe that They, themselves, are Responsible for (where they are / how they got to) this place in Life. ….AND--- B) They are looking for a“Quick Fix”/ answer to their situation. Unfortunately, until they can change their thoughts, and Actions in regards to A) & B); their life will remain “screwed up” . I Know this, from personal, as well as empirical experience. My life,also, was “screwed up”…. AND, until I was about 32 years old I Continued to screw up;; BECAUSE I truly thought that “bad things” just kept happening TO ME. However, after I found a great therapist, and really worked at getting to the “root” of my unhappiness, I began to see the ways in which I contributed to my situation AND take responsibility for both it, And my Life as a whole….things started to change. Part B) was accepting that it was going to take Time to change my thought process, change my “ingrained” responses, and change my overall Perspective about life, and how the “Universe Works”*—(another subject, for another time).- But it all began when I changed my PERSPECTIVE. It is my firm belief that Everyone has their own Truth, (which is shaped by their perspective);; and a person's truth becomes their Reality. So, as in algebra (if A=B, & B=C,; then A=C)…when a person's perspective changes, their Truth changes. When their Truth changes, their Reality changes…. Hence, a different “outcome”. CHANGE YOUR PERSPECTIVE AND YOU CHANGE YOUR LIFE

My new tattoos are totally screwed! Please help?

I am 11 hours into a full sleeve. After the first session I wasn’t paying attention that well to what my artist said for after care instruction so I got online for advice. The most people said use some kind of lotion, so I used Aquafor, which was really hard to get to absorb in completely, so I had this permanently soggy, mushy tattoo and a bunch of color fell out and I had blow outs in some places.

After the second session I actually paid attention to my artist’s aftercare instruction which was basically keep it clean and keep it dry which I did.

The problem is when I slept the first night I woke up with a ton of plasma and a really gooey tattoo, so I dried it with a hairdryer. The same thing happened the next night and I dried it again, but now I could see a little color falling out with all the plasma.

Then, the third morning I woke up and disaster! The plasma/ink/scabbing, etc had softened up again and a bunch rubbed off. It was basically like I had just peeled off everything and afterward just the air touching it hurt. I could see that the color had all but disappeared in these spots and ultimately all around it, too.

To be clear, when I sleep my tattoo oozes/heals like a mother, so what would be scabbing if it was dry is just a wet, mushy mess, which of course sticks to the sheets and rips off. Someone told me when I wake up I should blot the tattoo dry!! DON’T DO THIS!! It’s no different then letting the sheets rip it all off for me! (idiot)

So, I started sleeping with no sheets/blankets and kept a fan pointed on my arm which kept it dry, but now my entire tattoo was one massive scab. The next 10 days I tried not to move much, but as you can imagine having the entire upper, inner part of my arm a big scab, it would crack open and bleed if I used my arm at all. Especially one area, it would constantly crack and bleed. All the places where the scabbing cracked (you know, what the body does so you can move) the color fell out.

So, has anyone had this problem before? Am I healing too well/not well? Why is my tattoo oozing so badly only when I'm asleep? In fact, I took a 30 min nap sitting upright in my truck the second day and it had gotten all wet and oozy again! Also, the body naturally cracks in places when it’s scabbed so that you can move…why is my color gone in those areas? Is my body rejecting the ink maybe?

Please, any ideas would be much appreciated!

My ex screwed up his life and I still care about him?

You dont say why you broke up and of course i dont know the full story, but did you end it with him, does he still love you dyou think? Could the break up have any affect on why he has gone down this route? If any of these answers are yes, then firstly do not feel any guilt or blame yourself - none of this is your fault!

There are many reasons why people turn to drugs, often they see it as a way of dealing with and blocking out the unhappiness in their lives and short time it does. Long term though it has the completely opposite effect and leaves the person even more down and desperate than before and often depressed.

Its good that he is getting treatment and what he needs now are people around him who can help and support him. It will only be good for him, if he knows that their are people around who care and will be there for him.

Its normal to care about someone, even after relationships end. You have shared a lot of things together and i am sure he would welcome a text, you dont have to pity him or try to give advice or say you feel sorry for him let him know that you heard what happend and that youre thinking about him.

Hope he is ok and comes through this a stronger person.