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I Do Have A Child Hood Habbit Of Cutting Nails By My Mouth And Eating Side Skins Of My Nails. I

Wat are the demerits of biting nails for health?

Nail biting is always considered as a bad habit. People who are around you will be distracted when they see you doing that in public. Having the reputation of a nail biter will not be good for you; therefore, you should try to stop it as soon as possible. Nail biting is actually the result of stress. If you’re into it, you are displaying your emotional state to other people. This means the sign of stress is showing in your behavior. It doesn’t mean though that the person who bites her nail is a weak type of person. It also does not necessarily mean that she is emotionally troubled. It is just one sign of stress. There can be other signs but the person who is involved may be showing it in different ways and not just in biting her nails. Aside from this fact, nail biting can also bring irritable damage. This habit can lead to infection because it exposes your nails to germs. Not only that, you will be prone to acquiring intestinal worms because dirty nails can bring parasites into your body. The nail biting habit is a behavior that can be controlled or totally eliminated. To be able to do this, your decision will matter a lot. You have to come up with a solid decision that you will work it out. This is the first step of the process. The desire to stop the habit should come from your heart.

Is there anything else I should do before I get my gerbils?

Gerbils will not die without a wheel! They will be fine without one, but gerbils do need exercise and you will find gerbils very much enjoy running on a wheel. The wheel you get is important. Do not buy a wire wheel as they can get their feet caught or tails caught and can break them off while running. A solid plastic "noiseless" wheel will hold up well for a while (not the flimsy plastic ones!).

As for your question, as long as they have food, water, some things to chew and absolutely NO plastic anything in their cage, you should be set.

Do make sure they are left alone for at least a day to de-stress. Once they become acclimated to their surroundings, you can start with letting them get to know you with your hand laying in their cage.

Otherwise, if the cage is set up and you have the right bedding and items, you're all set to get your two little ones! (Just make sure it's only two and they are the same sex of course). =)

I have a very embarrassing habit of chewing my skin around my finger nails. I sometimes do it even without realizing. How to get rid of this bad habit?

Aah! Nice question. Thanks for the A2A. Ever been fractured? If it cuts the skin and there is some bleeding, does the doctor just fix the bleeding with a band aid and send you back? No. He needs to fix the fracture first. Else the pain will keep coming up.When you say you have this habit, we can all start bombarding you with techniques to stop doing it, but they will fail. Why? Because the root is somewhere else. You behave this way because of a certain reason. And we need to uproot the entire problem.Probably you are a little anxious, or tend to be a little lost in your thoughts. You need to figure that out. But the clue to hacking this behavior would be to be in the present moment always. Stop thinking too much. About anything. The mind is there to serve you. You should not serve your mind. Next time you catch yourself doing this, observe what you are feeling at that moment. Come to the present. See how much of a difference it makes.P.S. I had this problem. I ended up realising that I do it when I start thinking and the engine of my mind is running continuously. Now I focus more on the present and on the task at hand. Voila! Its gone!

What happens to chewed-up fingernails if you swallow them?

Unless you make it a habit to chew your fingernails to the quick and swallow the nails every day nothing. Either your stomach will dissolve it - thank you body, or it will pass through your digestive track, again, let us a give a big thanks to our body for being so smart!If you do have this habit to point of self harm I would check with a counselor or psychologist and figure out why you need to do this. Bloody cuticles are generally seen by professionals as a sign of stress. What that stress signifies only you can figure out.I used to suck my thumb, was reprimanded and shamed. Next I chewed my fingernails and was reprimanded and shamed. Now I smoke (gasp) cigarettes and am reprimanded and shamed. I can’t win. So I smoke. I chew my nails and occasionally I still suck my thumb.If you are trying to shame someone out of what you perceive as a bad habit, it probably won’t work.If you take the time to learn why it is so comforting to them you might be able to find a solution. If this is yourself you are referring to then my best thoughts for you. Good luck in either case.

Why do I love the feeling of rubbing material between my thumb and finger?

I DO THIS, TOO! When I was a baby I had a blanket named Foo Foo that I carried with me EVERYWHERE. It had a silky texture and I literally wore it down until it was just shredded scraps of cotton. I am so embarrassed to say that I am 44 years old and still “twirl” the linings of jackets and finally found a jacket vest that I carry with me in the car or in my workspace and on planes because it just feels SO good to rub it between my thumb and forefinger. I cannot even explain it. I’m so happy to know I’m not the only one.I read someone’s comment in another thread that said if you do this you have OCD. I disagree. I think it’s just a comfort thing, learned in babyhood. It soothed me then and it does now. Our brain associates the feeling of it with a sense of comfort.I can leave it behind and not do it for weeks at a time but I’m also addicted to it when I have access to it.