I Do Not Feel Well Do I Have A Cold Or Something Else

Breastfeeding mother with a cold :(?

I was in the same situation 1 week ago. I am breastfeeding and my baby is 6 weeks old. I had a runny nose and sore throat. I did not take any mediacations. I was having lots of orange juice,water, airborn, lots of tea.. and for the throat I mixed baking soda with soap and I garggled the throat with it 4 time a day. I got better in 3 days. But make sure to keep breast feeding.
Do not kiss your baby and make sure to wear a mask or something, it helped me. I always wore mask when I was feeding or holding the baby.
Feel better

I think i have a cold. plz help. :[?

Do you have:

facial pain?

Did it come on suddenly or gradual? If you woke up feeling really sick all of a sudden, it could be the flu. If you've felt crummy the last few days, it is probably a cold.

If it persists for over 10 days it could be a sinus infection.
I am sorry that you are not feeling well. A non-stop cough is not a good sign. You don't want to go anywhere would be a shame if you made other people sick.
Drink a lot of fluids, get as much rest as you can, and take Tylenol for fever. Insist on going to the doctor after 10 days though.
Get better soon!

Not feeling well, is it strep?

Hey! I have a terriable cold! I am sneezing, and my nose is soo clogged! My throat hurts as well. I have a little pus pocket in the back of my mouth kinda between my tounge and tonsils. My tonsils look good and my throat is just a little red. Could that one pus pocket be strep throat or could it just be a virus? I feel ok, dont really have a fever maybe just a slight one. Do u think I can wait a bit longer to go to the doctor? Thanks! :)

Why do I feel cold while others do not?

Thyroid may not be problem for you as thyroid patient feel too hot in summer and too cold in winterAyurveda divide human in three type 1 vata 2 pita 3 kaphapita usualy feel hot while kapha type body feel cold and sensitive to coldFor better understanding of human diseases Ayurveda divide living being in three categories. 1 VATAA; (Excess of Air) Vata person is highly talkative, but lacks articulation. 2 PITA(More bile); Pitta persons have a good appetite and digestion. They have an unnoticeable enthusiasm but lack creativity. 3 KAPHA (Increases mucus) They are bestowed with an excellent memory, but grasping may be poor.Characteristics of body typesFor better understanding of human diseases Ayurveda divide living being in three categories.1 VATAA Vata person is highly talkative, but lacks articulation.2 PITA Pitta persons have a good appetite and digestion.They have an unnoticeable enthusiasm but lack creativity.3 KAPHA They are bestowed with an excellent memory, but grasping may be poor.For a better understanding of your Ayurvedic constitution and to cross-check the results of the test, listed below are the principal physical and psychological characteristics of persons with predominantly single Dosha constitutions.

Is it polite to say "sorry to hear you're not feeling well" in this circumstance?

This phrase is absolutely fine.

Why do we feel cold when we are ill?

This ia going to be a very simple but scientifically accurate description of why we feel cold when ill(espclly when we start to get ill). Let us here assume that by falling ill, we mean having a fever. Basic understanding of fever is important here. The body temperature is 37C. The body is infected by a pathogen. Pathogenic pyrogens act on the hypothalamus in the brain and increase the set point (the temperature which the body wants to maintain). Assume new set point to be 38C. Thus the body temp increases from 37C to 38C in a few hours. During this process of gain in body heat, we feel cold. Why? Because the body temp was still 37 when the set point was raised. At this point, the body percieved the temp to be BELOW what it should be (38C new set point). Thus we feel cold, and shiver to produce heat and increase temp to 38C. Congratulations you now have fever which will supposedly decelarate pathogen growth. :)

The A/C in my car doesn't seem cold enough?

Have your A/c system checked by a professional, they will be able to measure what your A/C is actually putting out. In the heatwave that we have had here, the outside temp has been 102 degrees during the day, so if you are getting 40 degrees out of the vents in this weather, your A/C is working normally. I checked a 93 lincoln two days ago, and at 102 degrees in the shop, I got 33.8 degrees at the A/C vents in the car, that is spitting out ice cubes, and in extreme heat like that, it's hard to judge whether the A/C is working like it should, just from the amount of heat that must be displaced when you first turn on the A/C.

Don't you hate having colds?

I absolutely hate colds! I also hate paper cuts almost as much!

You poor thing! A summer cold is even worse! As for what to do. The best decongestant I've found is FRESH Squeezed orange or tangerine juice! And, over ice in summer is a perfect way to have it! Pre-squeezed orange juice will also work. But the fresh juice is far more effective on a stuffy nose.

For everything else. On my colds, I've found "Cold Eeze" lozenges, and/or Zicam nasal gel works the best to give me relief. For a sore throat. I skip sprays and throat drops and go for Extra Strength Tylenol.

Other than that, water/tea, television, and a good magazine (for some reason... I like to read the really trashy/gossipy ones when I have a cold) are my "cold comforts".

Hope you get well soon. Colds are no fun at all!