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I Drink At Least 6 Tins Of Red Bull A Day In What Way Is This Bad For Me As I Drink It For Taste.

Is it advisable to drink a Red Bull or caffeinated drink before an exam? Will it make your brain awesome and get you better grades?

First time I drank red bull my brain CANNOT turn off, and i drank only ONE gulp that time! I was staying up for a brief study and didn’t expect that One gulp could keep me up until the next day.I realize i need booster in school for not having slept at all the previous night so i drank some more. Yes, redbull keeps your brain awake and helps you think despite exhaustion but really, there’s something foggy in my eyes and i feel dead.Different people can have different experience when drinking redbull for the first time.I started drinking redbull again nights before my mid-year assessment and it does keep one awake especially when you’re marathoning a LOT of last-minute subjects. I do notice how my brain tend to think about so many other things WHILE studying, as if my brain is over-activated, and it can be quiet a distraction.I don’t deny the use of redbull. I gained a lot of advantage from it like extra hours of studies and etc. Be reminded though that do that ONLY when it is VERY needed. My classmates had a months worth of headstart in exam preparation because I spent my time training for various fitness-related activities while they’re studying, had only 7 days left after all my physically demanding activities to prepare for mental tests, shiz.Also, the body might get adapted to the redbull that the next time you drink it, the effect wont be as strong anymore. It is NOT ADVISABLE to drink it on a regular basis!Logically I’d think of redbull as something that keeps your brain from shutting down. Redbull does not give you extra ability to think creative or miraculously help you solve math problems. It does not help you memorize or understand things easier. “It only prevent your brain from shutting down” so use it when you need to stay refreshed and awake in an exam and not rely on it to ace papers in flying colours.

How much worse is drinking Red Bull than drinking coffee?

Both coffee and Red Bull contain caffeine. It gives you a short-term boost, which typically is followed by a crash. Red Bull also contains sugar, which will give you more of a short-term boost but also more of a crash later, at which point the makers of Red Bull would like you to self-medicate with another.  Of course, you can add sugar to coffee or imbibe coffee drinks which have the same effect. Red Bull also contains the amino acid taurine, which has a longer action than either caffeine or sugar, and a more specific action on the heart. You'll have a stronger heartbeat (not necessarily faster) and higher blood pressure for up to 24 hours after drinking a single Red Bull. If you have high blood pressure, that's not a good thing.

Can drinking one can of Red Bull everyday kill you?

Generally speaking, energy drinks are only particularly dangerous if you drink them to great excess on a daily basis.  This is mainly due to the large caffeine content.  Overdosing on caffeine can be deadly.  Most known heart attacks, etc. have been caused by excessive overconsumption - I'm talking five or six large cans of Red Bull or other energy drink a day, often taken in conjunction with other things.One Red Bull a day is not likely to kill you - just make sure you don't decide to drink a case or more in one sitting.

I can't go a day without Redbull please help me what could I do to stay a way from it?

all you need is Jesus Christ. not red bull. ask God to help you stay away from this red bull thing. god bless.

I drink 2-3 Rockstar energy drinks per day, how is that unhealthy? and Why?

So, 3 16 oz. cans contain 660 calories, 174 grams of carbs (162 of them pure sugar), and 294 mg of caffeine.

That's a massive amount of nothing good. It's as much caffeine as three cups of coffee. It's more calories than a Big Mac with as many carbs as almost four of them. It's two Mrs. Fields White Chunk Macadamia cookies calorie-wise with as much sugar as six of them. Instead of 60% of its calories coming from carbs (as is healthy) 100% comes from carbs.

This is extra calories and simple carbs not offset by any protein or even carbohydrate complexity. It's pure energy which means that it's bad for you in two ways: 1) to the extent that you are not getting these calories from healthful sources, you are not eating a balanced diet including protein; 2) to the extent that you are not burning off these calories with exercise, they (along with all of the calories over 2,500 that you eat per day) will turn into fat.

Good luck with the liquid junk food.

Why do "made in usa" RedBulls taste different?!?

So I've been drinking redbull for at least the past 5-10 years, and I love it. It's my favorite energy drink hands down. Red bull is made in different countries if you read the back of the can (on the bottom under nutrition facts) it is made in Switzerland, Austria, USA and it USED to be made in other countries but is not anymore..(Germany, Netherlands,etc). Well, if you are an experienced redbull drinker, you'd know that the Switzerland one is the best tasting. It's much sweeter and tastes,..well, like Red Bull! I know it's not just me, because my sister, my friends, everyone that I point out to that their red bull they happen to be drinking was made in USA, they notice the watered down taste as well. The made in USA RedBulls, simply do not taste anywhere as good as all the others. And they're ALL THE SAME INGREDIENTS! it's not like one country changes the ingredients?? So will someone please explain, if they know anything at all, as to why USA RedBulls taste so weird compared to the others??

Is redbull bad 4 u?

They wouldn't put a drink like that on the market if it is bad for you. I am sure its not healthy to let toddlers or the elderly drink it, but any normal healthy person it shouldn't be a problem for.

Is it ok for a 14 year old to drink two Monster energy drinks?

If I say “not really” you will try it anyway out of a sense of teenage rebellious spirit. If I say “yeah sure” then I am liable to a civil lawsuit if you end up in hospital with heart problems.All I can tell you is follow a few basic common sense precautions.Do not alternate between energy drinks, coffee, tea and cola drinks.Drink plenty of water rather than purely rely on energy drinks. If you have a 500ml can, follow it with 200ml of water minimum every half an hour for two hours afterwards.Never exced 1500ml (over 3 US pints, or 1.5litres) of energy drinks in 24 hours.Do not attempt to drive or operate dangerous machineryDo not mix with alcohol. That almost killed me mixing vodka and energy drinks, no joke.