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I Exceeded In My. Fring

Have you ever gotten an orgasm from grinding/freak dancing?

Hmmm, from what I understand you can't orgasm that way, but it can feel pleasurable. You'd have to have some kind of penetration or fingering.

Can the "Peter Principle" now be applied to President Donald Trump?

No. Contrary to most people’s beliefs about a presidency, I don’t regard it as an individual acting alone in their own thought bubble vacuum. First, he is president because he was elected. Second, he has a cabinet of experts and others around him who influence the degree to which his ideas and visions are implemented or not. It would be more of an example of Pareto’s principle - that a small minority causes the majority of problems. We see fringe groups of people taking everything said or done to an extreme, and they are acting out very irresponsibly. I think even in Congress, it is just a small number of congressmen who are throwing the tantrums. The request for $5B is not unreasonable. It won’t build a coast-to-coast wall, and the nonsense about ‘fence’ vs ‘wall’ to me is an example of obstructionism or just silliness. Democrats have argued for structures on the border for decades. Every single president since 1986 (the first recent laws designed to close the back doors on illegal immigration) has argued that illegal immigration and lack of border control are damaging to the nation, harm our institutions, our workers, and reduce our security. The shutting down of government is irresponsible and will cost us more than keeping it open. In particular I’m heartbroken that science might pause - that our missions not be fully staffed. It’s costly and damaging. It would be far cheaper for everyone to recognize that border security is a problem, $5B is a drop in the bucket and will only provide necessary security not a monstrous edifice, and just fund this so that we can move forward. See what part of the result gets, and then make a decision about whether or not you want more of it.

Do we really need faster PCs?

Check it out. I've got a 5 year old Desktop PC. It's got an i5-3rd Gen Quad Core CPU in it and 8 GB of memory.

Well I was just playing an HD Youtube video in one window and surfing the web and typing Q&A, and my CPU never exceeded 20 percent use. Most of the time it was less than 10 percent. My RAM usage never exceeded 6 GB.

This is the kind of stuff most of us do.

Sure if you are doing high end gaming, or video processing, I totally get you need more capability, but for general use, isn't a 5 year old PC plenty good enough?

Air Temperature Inside of a Pipe Open at Both Ends?

V = f . λ = 688 . 2L / n = 688 . 4 / n

Taking V has to be about 340 m/s, means that n must be 8

so the actual V = 2752 / 8 = 344 m/s

You might have better information than me about the temperature dependence of the speed of sound, but I take it that 331.5 m/s is the speed at 0˚C and it increases by 0.6 m/s for every 1˚C rise in temperature. So the air temp is 0˚C + (12.5 / 0.6) = 21˚C

That is reasonable. Probably the answer.