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I Failed A Chemistry Quiz In College . Help

Failed my first college quiz?

You didn't say what you did or didn't do to study for the quiz. The grade you received is a direct reflection on how you studied for it.

My goal for every quiz, exam, project, paper and assignment was to get a score of 100%. I didn't always achieve my goal, but I always gave it my best effort to try to get 100%. When I did fall short of this goal, I still usually scored well above 90%. I then studied anything that I got wrong twice as hard afterwards to ensure that I didn't make the same mistake twice.

I finished two degrees with a GPA above 3.9, with highest honors, both in technical and engineering majors. You might not have to change your major, but you probably will have to change your study habits dramatically, or you won't have the choice to stay in the major. They WILL kick you out of the major if you don't meet the GPA standards expected in your prerequisites and your major classses. Then it won't matter what you want.

Failed my first quiz in college?

I'm a second semester freshman. Today I failed my first quiz, will this affect my grade for this class? I'm soo worried, I don't know what to do. Advice?

I failed a chemistry quiz in college... help!!!?

Today we took a pop quiz in chemistry. It went alot worse than I thought, and I was shocked that we had one. The professor started playing background music as class started, which is his indication that we are having a pop quiz. We took a quiz on Monday too. I currently have understood nothing in this class and I was planning on seeing him after class today to catch up on all the material for the test. I got a 0 on the quiz and I can't stop crying.

Help!!! I'm failing college chemistry?

So I'm at UVA right now as a freshman and chemistry is EXTREMELY tough everyone knows it. I'm competing with so many smart people and I'm falling behind I've tried everything possible I've been to office hours, I study like crazy, and yet I still miserably fail the tests. I have a C in the class right now and I'm on the track for pre med so I can't afford any bad grades! This C will soon drop because the final is going to be super hard and it's no calculator too. I have no idea what to do I want to switch colleges it was such a bad decision to come to a place where getting a good GPA is soooo hard and near impossible. I mean I know sciences are hard at all colleges but over here none of the hard work pays off. I already had a couple of mental break downs and I'm super stressed. I have a test on Tuesday and am no where near prepared for it. What do I do???

I failed my first chemistry test of the semester(college).....can i still get and A or B in the class?

From what you're saying, you have 3 tests which, together, are worth 31% of your final grade, which means that each of the 3 tests is worth a little more than 10% of your final grade. Think of it as if the test was worth about 10.3 points out of 100 points that will be available this semester. You earned 55%, or about 5.7 of those points. In other words, if you get perfect marks on everything else this semester, you can earn about 95.7 points, or a final grade of 95.7%.

So yes, unless your professor has a very high cutoff for an A, you can still earn an A in this class. It will not be an easy A, but if you work hard and can earn strong As on everything from here on out you have a chance.

Good luck.

I just failed my first college test?

High school is easy. Many students have no trouble doing very well in high school without really having to do any work for it. College is different. They're expecting more work, more higher level connections, and they can fail anyone they want to (your high school had to pass everyone). Take it as a learning experience and do better next time. At least you learned early instead of failing a test.

I failed chemistry?

You're trying to deal with this situation by yourself, and that strategy has not worked. Your first step is to get some help. Visit the guidance counselor to find out how "credit recovery" works and what you need to do in order to make it happen. Do not rely on wild guessing by friends at school or strangers on "Answers." Get the real story from an expert who knows the system. Second, ask the counselor to evaluate your choices for classes you are taking. You may have failed chemistry because you don't have a talent in that area, and you should not have been in an "honors" class in that subject. It's fine that you recognize your own responsibility in not having tried hard enough at the beginning of the term, but when you changed your behavior and started studying harder, you should have experienced greater success, and you didn't. That's a sign that there's a bigger problem than just a lack of study. Let the counselor help you figure out a plan so that this disaster will not repeat itself.

I failed Chemistry 1A, what should I do?

I'm a freshman who attends UC Santa Cruz. This was my first quarter of college, and I did fairly well in all of my classes except for Chemistry 1A (got an A- in oceanography and a A- in my English core). I did very poorly in my Chemistry class DESPITE a lot of hard work. I truly did work my **** of to get a good grade in that class. I did very well on the first midterm (I got 21/24), but failed the second midterm (11/20....the class average was 13). I thought it was a very difficult test, even though I thought I knew the information. Because I did poorly on that test I decided to study very hard for my the final because I needed a good grade on the final in order to get at least a B in the class. I studied 2 weeks for that test, several hours a day. I felt very confident going into the test; I knew all of the information. Now I don't want to blame my bad grade on my professor, and I won't, because he was a very good lecturer. The problem, however, was that his tests were nothing like the review problems he gave us and also were nothing like the homework assignments. How am I supposed to study?!

Well, I just got my results back. I got a 17/35 on the Final. Yes, I know I did very poorly, but it angers me that I put in all that studying (well over 20 hours) and still did bad on this test. The motivation and effort is there, but why not the results? Because I have failed the 2 out of 3 tests (each midterm counts as 20% of the grade and the final is 30%) I believe I have failed the class. But what options do I have? Should I retake the course during the winter quarter, or should I take it over the summer at my local CC? I'm feeling very down because of this...I've always done well in all of my classes. I am a biology major who is interested in a career in medicine, so how does this hurt my chances towards getting into med-school? I really have no clue what to do or what to expect. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

My grade in the class is broken down as follows:

40% midterms (did well on first midterm, failed the second one)
30% Final (failed my final)
20% homework (Got A's on all my homework)
10% subjective (basically 10 percent of our grade is just showing up to class, which I did).

What can I do to avoid failing in AP chemistry?

Khan Academy.This site literally saved my life in AP Chemistry. The quality of their tutorials for chemistry, and the materials that they have tailored to cover the AP Chemistry exam are excellent. If I did not understand something in class, or if I felt shaky before a big test day, I would take a look at the tutorials, and go over a few practice problems. The best thing about the practice problems they provide are that they offer you hints, unlike traditional textbooks. If I don’t understand a problem, I don’t want to be told the answer- I want to be prodded along until I start to get it. This is what Khan Academy does. Flipping to the answer section of your textbook will not help you prepare for taking the test. If your memory is eluding you, Khan Academy offers explanations for each of the problems.Good luck this May.

Why do I keep failing general chemistry?

Gen Chem is a really hard class. It is usually the first truly hard science class a student takes and they are usually not prepared for it. When I took it, I recieved the only A in my class. Trust me, it did not come easy.I did EVERY problem.EVERY problem.When I was done with the assigned problems, I either reworked them, or found more problems.I wrote down every example problem our teacher gave in class and then worked them at home.I wrote little step by step guides for myself to figure out how to solve each type of problem.I made up my own problems.I worked the formulas around to solve the problems fasterSo as you can see, it is absolutely essential that you do all the problems. Not just do them, but think about how and why they are working. Also, have the sheet of answers right next to you, and do NOT move on from the problem until your answer matches the correct answer. If you are stuck, find someone else’s solution and follow along, then come back and try to do it again.For the qualitative parts, reorganize all the information into charts. Rewrite information in a way that is easier for you to understand and refer back to, and do not move on from a single section until you completely comprehend all the information.Yes, it sounds like a pain, but this is what it takes. Chemistry is basically a foreign language, and unless you completely immerse yourself, you will never become fluent. I remember thinking I had never studied that hard for a class. (Of course, then I took Organic.. And that record was blown)I also suggest that you take only Chemistry and no other classes the next time you attempt it. It sounds like it is important to you to do better in this class, and sometimes it takes complete focus to get through an academic hump.I hope you don’t give up though! Chemistry is awesome. It really is, and the third time is a charm!