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I Feel Alone Need Some Advice

I need some life advice. Can someone help?

Hi, I am a 17 year old. I take online courses for school (started 3 months ago, because the old public school was bad). Anyway, I need life goals. I find myself lacking in motivation because I always feel alone. I've been learning the piano, but that's not making me happy all the time, is there any goals? I don't know what I'm asking, I just feel like I need to say something.. I hope you have a nice day.

I've never been anywhere alone?? Need some advice?

So I'm 24 and I've never been anywhere alone. I've slept over at friend's places and stuff, but I've never taken a train, or gone to another city by myself. My parents, or a friend has always gone with me. Even when its with a friend, I always feel nervous, on edge, and can't fully enjoy myself. The thing is, I have an anxiety disorder, and my "safe place", as the therapists call it, is either home or with my parents. I also like to know where nearest hospitals are in case something happens. My life is extremely limited because of this horrible disease. I use to be fun and enjoy life. Now I can't leave the house without a cell phone. It's been eight years and no therapy or medication has helped me. I really, really want to travel somewhere before I start school again next year, even if its just another city. Can anyone give me any advice on how to get over this fear???

What is some advice from a PTSD sufferer who is feeling alone, and going through a lot of terrifying changes?

as a fellow PTSD sufferer, i have found a ton of resources to manage the symptoms that arise. if you want specific ideas to break out of isolation, this is a good start, asking questions! having talks and building connections with other PTSD sufferers is very helpful, because potentially, you can find a lack of judgment from them as you live your life with this terrible do you find them? search online in your local area for PTSD support groups, also if you find you are engaging in any addictions to avoid or numb symptoms check out 12 step groups that are applicable to that particular drug, there are ones for: food, sex, love, shopping, debting, underearning, avoiding one’s creativity, co-addiction, alcohol, drugs, emotions, smoking, cluttering, co-dependent caretaking, etc.Finding a good therapist who specializes in PTSD can be great…but difficult to find.for me the most important thing is to try and stay grounded in my body by walking, doing yoga, eating healthy and avoiding caffeine and sugar as those spike my emotions, practicing hygiene and a tidy environment, getting enough sleep, making daily calls to people who can listen, are safe and care about me. all these things contribute to my mental health and allowing me to manage severe outbreaks when they arise. when my body is well cared for, i have more power to weather the horrific waves!mentally i manage PTSD by writing in my journal, listening to music, meditating and reading hopeful literature, etc.

I feel so numb? advice? :(?

For over a month, I have been feeling awful. I'm a teenager but I used to be happy. Then some stuff happened and now... Well I started to think I'm not straight. Its not a bad thing but I have no idea anymore. I find girls hot and I get 'turned on' by female celebrities but I never like any girls I see or meet. It only bothers me because it made me doubt myself.

Well, anyway. I've got anxiety, trichotillomania, T1 diabetes and I have been self harming for over a month (I stopped about 8 months ago and started recently.) I've also had some stuff going on for a while too.

My problem is that I over think. I haven't been happy for a month. I would rather be alone, I over think anything and have started doubting who I am. I am actually numb inside, I can't feel anything really. When I'm alone, I want to die. When I'm with people, I act happy but I'm scared of myself, I feel suicidal whenever I think. I cut because I actually want to feel something and I don't know what to do.
I am always tired, I just sit in my room whenever I can and I don't care about anybody. I can't see a future and I also don't know how I feel for my boyfriend, when I'm not alone I love him to bits but when I'm alone, I go numb and don't love anything.
I can't remember what it feels like to be happy. When I'm with people, I still feel alone with no motivation. I laugh the loudest but I just want to die.

I don't know who I am anymore. I need some advice? Okay? I know I've ranted but I'm stuck.

Could it be depression?
How should I get help?
Who do I tell?

Thanks :(

I feel lonely because I don't have a boyfriend...any advice?

I am in high school and I am usually fine with spending time by myself. In fact I choose to. I have some really great friends, don't get me wrong, but I can't help but feel really lonely sometimes. Not lonely like I have no friends but lonely like I want a boyfriend and I have felt like this for a few years but now that feeling is getting stronger. I have been asked out by a few guys but they didn't want the same things out of a relationship that I did so I turned them down. I feel like I am missing something or rather someone. I was sitting in a coffee place after school the other day because I was avoiding going home (there is a lot of fighting in my house) and I thought about how great it would be to have a boyfriend. Someone who I could talk to and hold when I feel sad and someone to be there for me even if it literally just means going for a walk with me and not even speaking and just to feel loved by someone and have someone to love back just the same. So far I have yet to meet any guy who thinks like that. It makes me really sad to know that I probably won't find a guy like that for years because most guys my age just don't think like that. To perpetuate my situation I am also quiet in general and don't care about going to parties or being popular and I hangout in the woods or coffee shops and horseback riding or consumed in my sketch book so no one really knows who I am and I don't mind that...I just wish I could meet, as cheesy as this sounds "mr. right" haha. What can I do to not feel so lonesome? And don't say "go out and meet people or go to parties" because that's just not me...I don't want to act like someone I am not so that guys will notice me. With me, what you see is what you get.