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I Feel Bad Clearing Out My Closet

How clean is your bedroom closet?

Mine's clean.. for now.
I've started getting more clothes & stuff & it's not turning out good.
" As you run through my jungles all you hear is rumble" Rick Ross
that's what I might here from my closet.

Cleaning my closet?

I bought CLEAR plastic storage containers, various sizes and labels for the computer printer. I sorted everything and then printed labels off the computer and labeled my containers. I like them clear because it helps me find stuff quicker. I use this technique for everything. Papers, I keep files in file folders labeled according to what they are.

My clothes are hanging in my closet by color. Black shirts, white shirts, blue shirts (etc.)---that way I can find what I want to wear quicker too. And it looks neater. Then all pants all together - jeans, then black pants, then khakis, then white, etc. I have 3 shoe racks for my shoes. I keep all my purses in a plastic storage container marked "purses". Etc.

Getting started is the hard part, once you get started, then it seems to move quickly.

Hope this helps.

Do you feel bad throwing out clothes?


A good way to prevent winding up with lots of clothes that aren't "in" anymore is to avoid buying every trend and fad that you see. Buy basic wardrobe staples instead that are stylish and will remain so for many years. Then throw in a few trendy novelty pieces to give your outfits the latest look.

When your trendy pieces are not so cool anymore, consider a DIY recycling project. You can get creative and have fun finding new ways to turn your old pieces into new clothes and accessories. For example, an old pair of jeans can be turned into a cute handbag... there are tons of ideas out there. Check frequently as they will soon be posting a series of cool DIY videos on how to perform makeovers for your old clothes.

If you want a detailed explanation for that song, visit Eminem – Cleanin' Out My Closet. This site explains every line.But generally, in this song Eminem disses his mother for many reasons mentioned in the song. It's sarcastic and ironic, because in the song it seems that Eminem is apologizing to his mother when in reality it's the exact opposite.

Hi, what I have I bought because I had good intentions of keeping it all. I Love all my clothes and accessories, I could not part with them at all. If you have too many and can afford things as you need them fine, remember its your choice…Lucky you, and I do feel blessed.

Nothing beats the feeling of getting the wax out and clearing that blockage, or even if it's routine maintenance, nothing comes close to having a pair of clean ears. It certainly feels right. It's the same feeling as popping a zit out of your face or squeezing a cyst until all the pus comes out. This is why some people can really get off watching those cyst videos on YouTube (I'm one of them). It's just clean and good after all the shit comes out - a natural feeling! My dad peels out hang nails from his toes till they bleed and there's a gaping hole. He loves it. It gives you the feeling that the whole hang nail is out, together with the root. Better than having it broken off and the root still there. Eurgh.

Should i feel bad for this !? Easy points?

ok so for months my mom has been asking me to clean out my closet.
Today i did ! the deal was if i cleaned it out she would buy me two new shirts
i came up with a huge bag of stuff which im giving to charity.
My parents aren't broke , but just money is kinda tight right now .
So i got one shirt for 12 dollars (this is online btw) and with shipping it came to 24 so im paying my mom 10 for shipping
and then i got another shirt from another website which was 20.
Then there was another shirt on that website which i wanted and its 50 and my mom owes me 40$ from a while ago so i explained instead of giving me cash id just charge it on her visa so i ordered it. I explained to my mom she was only reallly paying 35 cause i was giving her 20 for shipping and all that .
Since my parents are tight for cash should i feel bad that i made them put 95$ on there visa ? even thhough im paying 60$

Is there a meaning behind eminems "cleanin out my closet"?

yea its basically talking about his mom doing all of this bad stuff in his life and he's jus now finding out about it. if you really listen 2 the lyrics, its a pretty sad song. he's kinda apologisin 2 his mom for exposin her 4 tha ***** that she is. you should watch 8 mile, his mom is pretty screwed up in that movie. he also talks about his "****** father" who left him and his mother and he "hopes he ******* dies" just exposin all the bad and negatice stuff in his life.

I feel bad?

No you should not give her money. But the fact you let her come borrow youre cloths is really very nice of you.That is the o nly way to help her.If you start giving her money who is to say momm wont take it or it wont go on what you think it should.I know i did that when i was younger at first it did go for what she needed then her mom and every one else keept telling her poor picked on me and she started giving them the money.Then she started taking it for granted.So just let her borrow the cloths and tell the people who laugh at her he who laughs first will not laugh in the end.because someday they maybe there too.If that is the case my children should have been the laughing stock of the school. because i figure why go pay such a high price when the can fit in with thrift cloths. they did get alot of new stuff dont get me wrong but if they seen somethiing and wanted why not it is no shame. let her know you are always there for her but you just cant give her money but will share what you have.