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I Feel Bad Very Instantly What To Do.

Why do i feel sick after eating instant noodles?

It is probably the chemicals. Whether or not they contain MSG.
I always feel really sick after eating Pot noodles.
The flavourings are a cocktail of rubbishness our bodies do not need.

Why do we instantly feel better after vomiting?

The process of vomiting is a bit complex; since a message from your brain must let you know how bad you feel in order to trigger it.There are few reasons for vomiting, but the most common one is because something in your bowel isn't fine and must get rid of it. Then, an antiperistaltic wave (contrary to the normal and constant peristalsis) starts its reverse movement bringing back via your mouth, all the stomach contents that for some reason couldn't ne digested. A lot of salivarion occurs.Once this happens, you feel much alleviated because your body has performed something out of the ordinary, where a lot of energy and pressure has been put into action, in a short period of time. Another reason for feeling better is the fact that you no longer have decomposed food in your stomach that has only been partially processed to be digested.

Do you get very many random instant messages on Yahoo messenger from other answers users?

I had mine on till today i turned my feature off. I was getting to many rude people. I feel bad, because i love talking to people and making friends,

Why Do i feel sick when i eat instant noodles

I used to eat instant noodles all the time from since i was a kid.. then there was a time when i would eat them more then i probably should. Now when ever i eat them i get serious stomach pains and i feel like throwing up all day long after not to mentions serious heart burn and gas.. its a pretty bad experiance for me just to eat a pack of instant noodles. Does anyone know what it could be thats doing this to me? Oh and MaMa noodles dont make me sick they are the only ones that dont now.

I cheated on my boyfriend, instantly regretted it, and I feel absolutely terrible. I want to rebuild his trust. What should I do? How can I tell him?

You have to ask yourself if you would tell him to make yourself feel better. It certainly wouldn't help him to feel better. The truth is that relationships can recover if the male cheats but rarely recover if the female cheats. Men don't usually "recover trust".You feel terrible because this cheat was not part of your value system. You are punishing yourself to reinforce the message that for you this was a wrong action. If it's truly not part of your value system then you could consider this as a learning experience and decide to be faithful in every relationship. Then you could let go of the guilt and the messy confession and probable punishment of loss of the relationship.Was this revenge? He hurt you and so you will show him now what that hurt felt like? That will ruin the you need the emotional satisfaction more than you need him? "I really want to keep him because he's perfect and the nicest boy in the world"Well we know that he's neither perfect or nice...he cheated on you. And, do you really want to keep him? I think that you might want to examine that belief.Thanks for the A2A

What celebrity/person do you instantly feel protective of whenever you hear something bad about them?

Curiously never met her but did answer her on here and Twitter Jennifer Lawrence because of the 130 celebrities or more I have interviewed another 40 or so ive met or hung out with she is the one i havent and she seems very nice down to earth and personable. I was quite protective about Christopher Lee a childhood hero, I met interviewed became friends with on his terms. Turned out he was a good friend to my grandfather and I knew very little about him Chris filled in so much. I am forver in his debt. So I was crushed when I learned he passed. But I knew he lived really lived a full amazing life and the friends he had were real and he accomplished pretty much everything he wanted. Still miss him though. Only met a few I regret having the experience. Robbie Williams (not Robin that would be amazin) Robbie was a total douche to everyone. Susie from Susie and the banshees awful person. Axl Rose but that was 1988 Duff total legend Izzy was kinda a dick but he was so wasted. Duff and Slash were awesome. loads of people were just really chill cool nice to hang with.

I'm feeling really really bad about myself with lots of regrets. How can I change my lifestyle from bad to good really fast?

Would you like to try some simultaneous efforts on a couple of fronts?  It's like a big battle, and we're going to send in the troops on many sides of the conflict.You realize you have lived a life you don't like.  Good.  First step taken already!Now, you are not the regrettable things you have done.  That's an illusion.  The real you is a perfect entity existing as part of the absolute energy of the universe.  Right now - enclose anything regrettable you have done (or want to do!) in a separate place, apart and isolated from the you looking at it.  Become conscious of the you looking at the separated behaviors/deeds.  Do this often every day.Awareness like this will allow you to leave the regrets behind, and live today (not yesterday, which is gone and can't be changed and not tomorrow, which never comes).  Make this moment, this very instant, sacred and good.  What you do every second of existence is under your control, and can be joyous if you wish it to be.Now, realize there is a source of joy within you that you can bring to everything you do.  An exercise: find something good about the next person you see.  No matter who they are, or what they are doing.  Another exercise: several times each day, become aware of your breathing for a few seconds.  Just breathe in and out, thinking only of the air entering and leaving your lungs.  And this: every single day say something nice to someone.And start to seek learning.  Many thousands of years, millions of souls have sought and found contentment and joy in life.  They have wonderful things to teach you!Really fast?  Well, start the tiny steps right away and voila! time goes by so quickly that soon the small moves will multiply and grow ever greater.  I wish you great happiness.

Why do I feel like there's something in instant noodles that makes me feel good?

MSG, or monosodium glutamate, which lights up your brain like a Christmas tree.