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I Feel Guilty How Could I Not See The Signs

My kitten died and i feel guilty?

I had just moved to my first apartment by myself, a month later I bought a kitten for some company....It was only a couple months later when she died. The whole reason i feal guilty is because i seen the signs of her getting sick but i just thought it was minor and she would get over it. I never took her to the vet and i pretty much had to wach her die. I feel horrible all the time and im always thinking about it. It happened a year ago and i feel that i cant get over it at all..someone help.

Water signs and guilt?

I'm a Scorpio. And I always feel guilt. Whether it be something I have done long ago that nobody knows but myself, or not being able to help a friend in time always knowing I could've done something to help them, not attend a meeting where I was supposed to meet with someone important, and I tend to feel guilty always thinking back on past bad memories.

EDIT: Hola Rola is right. Not all Scorpios feel guilty all the time, some even never feel guilt. But from her saying the way I was brought up I have to agree. I was brought up in a bad way and alot of bad things have happened to me and I have extremely low below average self-esteem.

What are signs that a man feels guilty?

Its hard to say. Someone who would cheat on, abuse and mistreat his woman, is likely liable to fake guilt.

I wouldn't trust anything they did. Tears would mean nothing, the word sorry would mean nothing....what would make me think he really felt bad would be if he stopped everything...FOREVER.

The only time someone is truly sorry for what they have done, is when they STOP doing what ever it was they did to be sorry for.

What are signs of an ex really misses you vs feeling guilt (and being nice) vs testing you out.?

Signs of him missing you is, he will tell you, he will show you. Depending on how long you two dated he should know the things that you like and dislike and he will be trying to do all the things that you like.

Feeling guilty doesn't mean he wants you back, it could be that he feels bad for something he has done wrong and the guilt is eating at him and the only way to show it is by being nice.

As for the testing, it would depend on what do you mean as in testing. Is testing to see if you still like him or he testing to see if he can sleep with you.

If it is the first then he wants to feel you out to see if there is a chance for the 2 of you to get back together. He maybe afraid to put himself out there if he don't think he can get you back.

Now if it is the other way of testing, stand your ground and don't give it

What are the common signs of guilt after cheating?

Cathy Franck’s answer is spot on from my unfortunate experience’s, women act exactly the same way.I like to give the benefit of doubt, so on each occasion (there has been at least 3 over my life) I would (nervously) watch and wait. Usually the guilty behavior would fade away after a day or two (after they justify their behavior in their own mind). Invariably most people get more game once they get away with it a few times, but they do not realize that their behavior is out of character toward their partner.Another sign is turning of the head so you kiss them on the cheek instead of lips, or an arm around the waist side on hug instead of the usual full on embrace.Depending on your relationship they may still be quiet happy to have sex with you, or they may do so for fear of you may sense something is wrong.But here’s a biggy… if you are the sort of man who likes to use your tongue on them, instead of the usual “drag you in by the ears” they may subconsciously try to lightly push your head aside or pull you up to another part of their body.This has happened to me on a few occasions and each time two things resulted. 1). they denied doing it when questioned afterward (subconscious act).2). In the end I obtained irrefutable proof that they were cheating.From my experience and observations of those who cheat, some are one time cheaters, some are opportunistic cheaters but most are habitual cheaters.By the very act of needing to hide what they are doing, most cheaters are also compulsive liars.

I'm 15...guilt over not being a virgin anymore?

I've had my fun, with multiple guys.
But now, I just feel...dirty.
My parents have no idea, and I know it would break their hearts.
I know, I was stupid. I regret it more than anything, and I can't seem to get rid of the guilt. I'll never be a virgin again. I lost it at 14 to a one night stand. Then I continuously had sex with a boyfriend I had on and off for one year. He just ended up abusing me.
And I just had sex with a boy I think I love. But I feel terrible.

I don't know what to do. My conscience is eating away at me.
And I'm not religious, so....

Should I make someone who gave me an STD purposely feel guilty?

If he knew he had the STD and he didn't tell you then he is a terrible person.
But be aware that some people have STDs and they just don't know about it.
My boyfriend gave me herpes accidentally, and I never made him feel guilty about it.

It is wrong to not ask how you are, but you should ideally be the bigger person and not try to make him feel guilty.

I am a nonviolent psychopath. I do not feel guilt, empathy, or remorse. Not because I don't want to but because I can't. I have known this since I was 7-years old. I just don't feel what other people feel. Does that make me a bad person?

To be honest, the general population is terrified of psychopaths for a reason, because they don't stop at anything to fulfill their goals. It's somewhat like one of the favourite scenarios from Hollywood horror movies - the world getting invaded and being ruled by intelligent machines. Someone who is intelligent, but doesn't feel anything and doesn't care about anyone, is very dangerous and capable of doing terrible things. It's very hard for me to grasp the concept of someone not feeling what is right or wrong; my favourite piece of advice is "Don't do to others what you don't want to happen to you". From my perspective, it's impossible to imagine how someone can not understand why it's wrong to hurt other people, or not be sad when, for example, their parent dies. It's all just so beyond my comprehension that I can't even begin trying to understand it.Since you were born that way and are unable to change, it's not your fault that you're a psychopath. However, if you do bad things to other people in order to fulfill your goals (doesn't necessarily have to be criminal or violent things), I would have to say you are a bad person.