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I Feel Like I Have A Fever But My Temperature Is Dropping.

Instead of having a fever, my temperature is about 96 degrees, what does that mean?

Temperatures vary from person to person. My normal temperature is 96.6 to 97.0. If I go to 98.6 I don't feel well and have a fever even though that is the "normal" temp. for most people. Laying around in bed not feeling well will lower your temperature because you are not up moving around. You said you don't feel cold and are not shivering but then ask why you've been cold so what is it? Are you cold or not. As I said my normal temp is low and I do feel colder than most people because of carrying a low body temp so that could be why you are cold, if you are. I'm confused on that point. But don't think you are not normal because your temp is not 98.6, a lot of people carry a low body temp and feel fine. You also may be dehydrated so drink more fluids.

Why do I feel like I have a fever but I really have a low temperature?

Sometimes your brain can tell you one thing when something else is happening this is most common to happen if you have a high temperature and feel cold or you are cold and you feel like you have a high temperature, this can be dihabilitating if your temperature drops any more because it can result in paradoxical undressing where you feel really hot and remove clothes when in reality you need to be adding more layers, don't let it get to this point stay warm!

During fever, why do we feel cold when our body temperature rises?

Anyone who has ever had the flu knows that fever isn’t uncomfortable because you feel hot – it’s uncomfortable because you feel freezing cold. You get goosebumps, you’re shivering, you’re piling on the covers.Fever, also known as pyrexia, is defined as an elevation in body temperature above the normal range due to an increase in the body’s natural set point. Most people associate fever with infections, but fever can also frequently occur with autoimmune diseases, cancer, drug reactions, and even blood clots. Fever is not a direct result of these conditions, but rather a consequence of triggering the body’s inflammatory pathways. One key member of this inflammatory cascade is a group of molecules called pyrogens, which directly interact with the hypothalamus in the brain to produce fever.Thy hypothalamus serves as the body’s thermostat. When triggered by pyrogens, the hypothalamus tells the body to generate heat by inducing shivering, goosebumps, and constriction of blood vessels near the surface of the skin. It even causes a subjective feeling of cold, which encourages behavioral responses to raise the body temperature, like reaching for the covers. All of these things are adaptive when your body temperature falls below its usual set-point (about 37 degrees Celsius), which typically occurs in cold weather. But they become abnormal in the setting of fever, when your hypothalamus signals to the body to raise its temperature well above the normal range.If pyrogens suddenly disappear from the bloodstream, as is the case with intermittent fevers, the hypothalamus all of a sudden senses that things are way too hot, and tells the body to kick in its usual cooling-off mechanisms. That’s why people sweat profusely when their fever “breaks.”

Feeling like a warm body temperature, but no fever?

Iron deficency test: Go to the mirror and pull your lower eyelid and see if the color is red or flesh color. If its flesh colored you are lacking enough iron and should take a herbal iron like Floradix. It will take a month to see a difference. Iron carrys oxygen in your blood and if you dont have it you will feel tired, cold hands and feet, headaches, RLS, dull brittle hair, brittle nails, poor sleep, pale skin (see thru), shortness of breath, fatigue, poor concentration, low mood, ringing in the ears, cracks in the corner of the mouth, dizziness, fainting, sore tongue and canker sores oh and pale mucous membranes in lower eyelid.

I feel feverish but my body temperature is normal. What is this?

Hi Verivel Murugan,Thanks for the question, hope you get better soon.If you check my page I have answered the same question, however I will give you the summary of what to look out for.Congratulations, you are one of the very few people who knows what the fuck is happening with their bodies. It sounds like you are in the early stages of either an internal fever or something more psychogenic which is stress-related. Nice for catching it so early, most of us do not. Are you stressed in any way at the minute, whether that be with work, life, relationships?When we feel this feverish, anxious, weariness, your body is usually trying to tell you to slow down, rest, so that the immune system can step in and deal with any underlying issues that may be causing you discomfort.What is key is that at the moment your body is in a Sympathetic state, fever, chills, anxious, jittery all symptoms off being over stimulated in the sympathetic response of your nervous system.Take time to rest, drink water, and relax with some meditation, as the temperature and other symptoms may follow soon. Listen to your body and you will be fine.Hope that helps,Video responses coming soon,If you liked the response please up-vote and follow,R.

If your normal temperature is 97.6, why does I feel like I'm dying with a 98.9?

Have you ever died? How would you know what that feels like?. ….usually you’re cold …if you’re sick with infection and dying you’re temp would spike 104˚+ -I know what this feels like having been declared dying with a prognosis of 3 days to one week whereupon I enjoyed a 6 month stay in palliative care. That was 2011.If you have frequent spells of general malaise, to the extent you believe you’re about to fall off the perch, your temperature is an indicator that your body is working to rid you of something …that is one of the miracles of our immune system with has evolved over millions of years. Microbes -particularly those that can harm our systems, have a small temperature range they can survive in …our body knows this and cooks it out of you …the microbe does not itself cause temp increase -be happy if your body is doing this …worry when it stops.98.9˚ in some cases is not considered a fever -humans live within a temperature range of what is considered normal & what is considered a fever. In all cases F100˚ or higher is not something to be ignored.Do you get your temperature elevation and then feel wrecked or, do you feel wrecked and then take your temp THAT IS IMPORTANT. Do not discount the placebo effect….most modern medical practitioners recognizes this …and what they call the anti-placebo effect. Your body can do incredible this positive and counter-productive according to your true and often subconscious beliefs …that is how the fire-walkers can walk on hot coals without getting burned.Pay attention to whether you’re looking at a small elevation of temp and your body suddenly feels awful. You were not specific …I hope I haven’t invested my time and knowledge to a troll. …LoL if so …so be it …perhaps what I have to say will be useful sometime to someone. …Peacexoxo

What temperature is considered a fever?

Every person is different.

My body's usual reaction when I get sick is to have my temperature drop. It will go from 98.6 degrees F down to 97 or 96.5 degrees F. So when I get a cold, I literally get cold!

As a contrast, when I get flu my temperature will rise only a little bit. Anything over 100 degrees, and I feel absolutely miserable. If my temperature should rise over 102 degrees I start to hallucinate! (There were pink elephants running around between the pine trees in the back of my pick-up truck once.)

But generally the doctors will mean that you are showing signs of a low grade fever at 100 degrees Fahrenheit.

I’m cold sick and my temperature is 96.1 F. Why temperature drops?

I started feeling sick a few hours ago, typical symptoms headache, sour throat, running nose, lot of sweating. But I don’t have fever, I’m taking my temperature in my head and ear and is constantly 96 or 97 F. Usually is 98.5F. Why temperature is lower now? BTW I have never in my life have a fever, I get very cold/flu sick before but never had a fever.

I have a fever, so my body temperature is high, but for some reason I always feel cold (Like Shaking) , Any suggestions on getting rid of all this?

In addition to Pádraic’s answer (which is most likely true if your fever is below 39C and you probably only have a passing virus) you should talk to a medical professional (not relying solely on Quora for medical advice). The higher your fever, the more urgently you should do this.Higher fevers are often linked to bacterial infections, which on the bad side can be pretty damaging if left untreated, but on the good side can usually be inexpensively treated in a very straightforward manner with antibiotics. If your problem is bacterial, you don't just “wait it out.”Staying hydrated, if you're able to keep fluids down, will also help. Dehydration will make the shivering worse, from my unpleasant memories of a “stomach flu” years ago.