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I Feel So Alone Stuck And Restricted Help

What I should do? I am stuck broken, and I feel depressed.

Start by realising that there is a solution to every problem, right now you may feel like you've lost control of your life but you can turn things around.When things aren't going well for me and I feel stuck! To help myself get unstuck, I do what I can, where I am, with what I have. It's hard to be specific and I'm not sure what your exactly going through. But when I was down, I remember reading a quote by a man called Robert Fulghum and he said that unless you have broken your neck, have nothing to eat, or if your house is on fire, then you got a problem. Apart those things Everything else is inconvenience. That quote helped me to maintain perspective and not to blow things out of proportion.Are you familiar with Fact and fiction thinking? It's a technique that requires you to place your thoughts into 2 categories! Either fact of fiction! Fictional thoughts are often highly emotional and usually stem from negativity and insecurity. Factual thoughts are circumstance driven usually based the actual situation. With very little emotion involved.I remember when things were going wrong for me in the past I remember having a really negative inner dialogue. I felt no one understood or had the answer to what I was going through. Fact or fiction thinking helped me get control of my thoughts and steer them, towards a more productive and problem solving approach.When you say my life is ruin you imply that you are going through a crisis, The word crisis in chinese means danger but it also means opportunity. Whatever you are going through see it as an opportunity to grow.The smallest changes can bring the biggest changes. Try changing your surroundings. Clear your head, I'm sure you'll end up seeing things a lot clearer. If your constantly feeling down, you may begin to associate your environment with those bad feelings. If you aren't careful, your environment can become a constant reminder of your problems. The solution is to change your surroundings. Aim to declutter and tidy up, you'll be amazed at how different you'll feel.Remember, It takes courage to act and it takes a strong individual to recognise where their going wrong. To then make the necessary changes and press onwards. In my opinion the quality of our thoughts dictate the quality of our lives.Do you have a mind-set that works for you or against you? are your negative thoughts dictating the quality of your life? Take our quick quiz and find outQuiz

Why am I so socially restricted?

I have the want and desire probably like everyone to be social I don't want to be the center of attention but I always draw a negative type of person... I literally will sit in silence being socially awkward trying to think of something to say... this is not as it seems its not a case of just not getting out because I have had plenty of opportunities to extend my social life it actually makes me feel sick like I see all these people just able to go out and do stuff it is so hard being a person who is naturally social yet I follow the same patterns constantly projecting negativity through body language ive been in the same cycle since ive been 13 I mean its just not right I am always looking at people always hearing the same **** "opportunity is knocking" I think I have convinced myself that I am incompetent and useless from my past experiences

My parents won't let me drive alone. Help?

So, I'm almost 17, and my parents had been putting off getting my license, but I finally got it, only because I had brought it up so much!

Now, they're not even let me drive alone....not even to the corner. They always tell me how proud they are of me and how good of a driver I am, etc. etc., but if they really thought that, why won't they let me go anywhere alone?

They're making up excuses too.

Yesterday, I had a date. My mom made up the following excuse. The roads are still wet from when it rainied. It actually barely sprinkled that day and the roads were like 99% dry.

My dad said, "I should teach you to change a tire and change the oil first," even though I pretty much know how to do those.

I was wearing a jacket today and my mom brought another jacket up to school! She said, "Put on this jacket. & if you don't put it on, you won't get to drive alone," EVEN THOUGH I WAS ALREADY WEARING A JACKET!

I feel so restricted and set back?

Now, before you read this, don't think I'm a teenage rebel or punk. I'm actually not. This is going to be more of a rant and I want your opinions. I make great grades and get no recognition, I never go out past curfew (EVER), and I've never had a boyfriend. I have no friends outside of school and hardly any in school. My mom won't let me do some things (little things like watching rated 14+ programs and having a Facebook, I wouldn't want a Facebook anyways in fear of being bullied) when I'm just about 15 years old. I do things my parents have no idea about (like writing fanfictions and being anonymous on these websites where I meet friends) and I like to keep these things secret because I'm not so sure they'd approve.

Basically, you could call me a no-lifer. But I want to live my life. I'm anti-social and it's a real setback for me. When people tell me to come out of my shell, it's easier said than done. Think of trying to pick out lobster meat that's wedged deep in it's shell. Terrible comparison, I know, but I feel stuck. I've been that way ever since I can remember. I've been to counseling and hated every second of it; I refuse to ever go back.

I'd like a boyfriend, I'm a hopeless romantic. Except I'm too shy to even speak, I have no experience, and every boy I've confronted before has made a disgusted face at me. Sometimes I feel like I'm losing my mind because I feel so alone. I feel invisible at school. People look right through me.

If you could please give me your opinions and or some advice, I'd appreciate it. Thanks.

I am 28 years old. I feel very alone and lonely most of the time. What should I do to overcome this? I don’t have friends or close relatives and am home 24/7.

One major symptom of depression is that your world keeps getting smaller and smaller. At first you may not want to go out after work, then you don’t work. You stay close in your neighborhood and are not adventurous. Then you don’t leave your house after that you don’t leave your bedroom. Your world just keeps getting smaller. I don’t know if this is you without speaking to you, but from what little you wrote, “there is no point in it” makes me believe you are suffering from depression. You need to see a therapist and if they feel you are depressed you should see a psychiatrist for medications. If you are depressed and get that under control, the rest of your world should start falling in line. Once you are feeling better find a hobby or something you can do with people. Think of what you may be interested in. You could engage in birdwatching with a group, fly kites, cooking classes, take a college course or a million other things. You likely can’t imagine yourself doing anything like that at this moment but once you start feeling better, you will likely start using your imagination to think of something you like. to If you start interacting with people you meet while engaging in a hobby or a job, you will have a chance to make friends.

When will I feel okay? I feel trapped in my mind, and that no one will ever understand the pain I’m feeling. I feel so lonely.

You will feel okay - and maybe even better than okay - when you get some professional help for the depressive state you are in right now.Questions like yours may reflect an underlying psychological condition that can be successfully treated by either (or both of) a therapist and a psychiatrist. You may be depressed and needing medication.At the very least, a visit to a therapist can be far more helpful than sitting there in pain, trapped in your head, and feeling that nobody understands the pain you are feeling.Your question to us is a cry for help.We can urge you to get that help, but only you can make the call and set up an appointment with a professional to get the process started.If you are young and still living with your parents, tell them what you are feeling and ask them to help pay for therapy. If you are an adult and living alone, consider joining several Meetup Groups so you can start socializing with others and make new friends.We’re living in a disconnected world, I get that. But there are many, many people who are feeling isolated and misunderstood. By finding just one person who can relate to what you are feeling, you won’t feel misunderstood across the board, and you will also be taking a healthy step towards feeling that you have some friends to hang out with.

My parents don' t trust me at all, I need advice.?

okay, this is just a little hard to explain.

I don't think my parents trust me, whatsoever. And, I don't even know what I did to make them distrust me.

1. I am not allowed to stay home alone. (this I can understand, but...)
2. I am not even allowed to talk to boys.
3. Like, when I will ask my dad if I can stay the night at a friends house, the first thing to come out of his mouth will be something compared to "Are you going to be hanging out with any boys?"

4. I just got a cell phone in May, and right when I received it, my parents restricted it. as in I can't call anyone but the people in my phone book. and I have to ask them to put new phone numbers in my address book, because there is a pin code needed to unlock it.

5. Anything I wear besides a tee shirt to my parents is considered "low cut." and I am not allowed to wear a 2 piece bathing suit.

6. My Dad doesn't approve of my style. He always tells me that I need to "stop the gothic thing," although I'm not gothic whatsoever! My jeans are always too tight to him.

Its seems like my parents have on a pedestal, and expect me to be the "perfect" daughter. I just wish they could accept me for what I am.

I know my parents are only trying to be protective of me, but I feel smothered by them. And I already know they don't trust me, I'm just not sure why.

Ijust need help talking to them about it.
Like how to say word things, and in general just things to say.
have any other girls went through this? and what did you do to get through it and or let them give you more freedom?

I just need answers. anyone that can help, please do.

I hate my job so much I just want to DIE! I feel trapped?

I am depressed. I feel like my life is going to pass me by, and I am so scared that it will be over before I get a chance to do anything with it.
I'm not "too lazy to work," I just despise my job. I was born to be so much more than a checkout girl at Super Checkout. People say stuff like "be thankful for a job" and it makes me literally want to go on a homicidal rampage. I worked my way through college and graduated with high grades and I deserve so much better. A job is supposed to give you a better life and my job makes me feel suicidal. I won't kill myself, but I feel physically sick when I get ready for work, throwing up. I have bladder infections that feel like I'm being cut with razor blades. Oh, and the damn customers come and cough all over me so I am always sick with a cold or something. NO sick pay, no time to take care of myself with chicken soup. I'm on my feet in that ******* hell hole. I thought people ended up in crappy jobs like this because they got pregnant or did poorly in school. Why did I end up in a dead end job.

It's Christmas time and I'm starting to want to die. I have no future... I never got married and feel like a failure as a woman. My friends are all in perfect relationships, good jobs and rolling off for fun holiday outings and eating holiday treats, and I have to work my life away at a job I HATE!

I've applied for "good" jobs that I'm highly qualified for but I just keep getting turned down. Should I just kill myself?