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I Feel Suicidal After Interacting With People

I'm feeling suicidal again?

ok well a loot of people go through depression but you know what the smart ones choose to overcome it and be strong and get on with their life and im pretty sure you could do it too ..if you really want to and are fully determines to commit to having a nice positive life just have fun with friends and family if you have a great time with people you will forget about stress and most problems relationships are very helpful to people because being alone is very boring and depressing ,do fun activities and do fun things that will get you distracted and make the fun out of every situation,nothing last forever unless you want it to and your the only one that could change it dont take your life think about it like you said your family and friends but not only that ,you have the right to live you shouldn't take your privilege away from yourself ,life is beautiful though it is hard we shouldn't give up because if we do overcome something it makes us stronger so dont keep putting yourself down into thinking your weak and you cant do it ,motivate yourself and be happy ,i know better said then done it will take time but it will also take patience ,talk to counlclers talk it out ,before i was like you almost did kill myself but i snaped out of it because only god has the right to take your life and i was selfish for thinking the way i did and not appreciative you should cherish everything you have,and ever since that night i thought positive and told myself i could do it and i did and im very happy to this day a lot of wonderful things happened to me that wouldn't have happened if i had killed myself ,you dont know what being dead is of course but you will be nothing you'll be done and you lived half a life and you failed at it want to leave this earth old knowing you had a great time with family friends and your job and everything ,...what doesn't kill you makes you stronger dont let things get the best of you ....they are not worth it but you are!!!you have a reason for being here

I feel suicidal?

I'm unemployed due to social anxiety. I worked as a receptionist and studied to become a clerk. I turned down 2 interviews. I once fainted in my sleep on my first day because I worked with an insurance company for only a week. The only reason I worked for a week with them is due to my boyfriend giving me support and taking me I don't want to work in the morning because I hate it. I don't know what job to thinking about working as a receptionist again part time only evenings or nights but don't know if I will find. What should I Do? I already took depressants and went to a doctor but it's for nothing. I feel I can't move or talk to people. It's too severe. And I'm alone all day until my boyfriend comes from work. After quiting I became worse. And I think I'll.never become a clerk.

First, it's not easy. So, ignore those who say “You're weak”, “Stop being a jerk”, etc. Totally block off everyone who hurls abuses at you for being suicidal.Next, try severing contact with mutual friends between you and your ex. Because all they'll do, is remind you of your past.Then comes the part when you need to go out. Spend time in public (and I don't mean Parks, and malls, they'll only depress you more when you see couples around you). Go on a solo trip (don't say it's expensive, I've travelled to Madhya Pradesh from Maharashtra for 5 days, and spent less than 3k including everything).Go out to a rock music concert(it seriously makes you feel as if you don't give a shit to anyone or anything anymore).Don't run away from the thought of suicide. Face it. Embrace the thought. And try weighing out the aftermath. What all you could've done only if you were alive. There are many more beautiful people out there. Beautiful from the inside, and they're waiting for you. And you'd lose em if you die. And suicide is a one way trip, you ain't coming back once you take the step. So, think of the consequences. The world won't stop of you die. Your ex won't shed a tear more than a day or week or month. Your family will not mourn you forever. The only person facing a terrible loss, would be you. Your life. Gone.I've been there. I've done that. Crying, isolating yourself, not talking to anyone anymore, all of that is of no help. So, better, dust off your butt, go and meet your friends. Have a drink. Go on a long drive with them. Be a part of someone else's life(doesn't matter who, get in theirs and help them).If you're responsible enough, adopt a pet (mind it..your depression is temporary, your pet isn't, so when you make this choice, this affects the rest of your life). Love will find it's way back to you. Always. For the time being, go out and do whatever the shite you need to!Runaway, hit the highways for a trip, visit your relatives. Damn. There are options. Suicide isn't one. If nothing helps, I'm here. DM anytime.Strong!

Why does human interaction make me so exhausted?If human interaction exhausts you, I’d venture to guess that you’re an introvert (me too) and that perhaps the people are requiring too much of you as far as listening and giving good responses. I have found that when I’m really enjoying conversation with people that this is quite different than when I am gritting my teeth because if I hear one more story I’ve heard before or have to listen to someone vent endlessly, I wonder how I will manage. Then again, if I’m really enjoying the conversation, I tend to get a little hyper. So though I may feel wonderful I am getting tired in a different sort of way. I’m just not a person who thrives on social interaction. A little can go a long way for me.Children can be a different thing for me. They are tiring but I don’t think that they’re as tiring as I find adults to be as long as I have people to assist me (like when I have volunteered at orphanages, a hospital, and a preschool). I wouldn’t have done well with a brood of my own (I had just one child—a daughter). I have always done quite well with solitude. One form of interaction which I found less tiring than just talking was playing bridge. The cards can make for a more relaxing afternoon. I still felt a sense of belonging and camaraderie without feeling exhausted from listening and talking too much.

I feel suicidal?

i no that sits hard but you will have to move on.she very obviously didnt deserve you.and if you suicidal over her she deffinately didnt deserve you.look onh the brightside if shes like that she will probably leave her next boyfriend too.People move on.she probably wanted to try someting diferant but she may realise she odesnt want differant and misses you.its probably just a phase.It happens babe.please dont get too cut up about it.your worth more than that.And anyway dont give her the satisfaction of letting her see you care so much.girls hate a push over.they like a challenge.shes obviously not the right girl for you if she left.go out with may not want to but they are the most important right now.and you may realise once you out with them that you having fun and may forget her for a minute or so.go out and met new people and that may take your mind off it. But please dont kill yourself.its not worth could find a girl even better in ought to stick around to find out eh?and dont listen to any of your songs. and cry.its good to cry.because it does make you feel better. really care.i hope when my time comes my husband will be as sensitive and caring as you.i really do.

be strong.SHE is the lesser person not you.prove to her you are stronge than she thinks come out the other side looking like you havent a care in the world.

good luck sweetie.xxxx

Because intelligence is not the only thing essential to life. Last time I tested IQ (with context of a bad nights sleep too), I had 129. That’s not at all low, and I’m happy to say I’m pretty intelligent intellectually, but that isn’t everything.Just look at Maslow’s Heirarchy and look where intelligence really lies, for example:Your intelligence and/or intellectual capacity lies within the realm of Self-Actualisation. It’s pretty much the top. All the things with acceptance of facts, creativity, morality and problem solving, rely on the building up of your physiological and safety because without those you’re going to be a nervous wreck who has bad eating and drinking habits with no secure level of hygiene so you end up dying from bad health.The the next is psychological, so that even if you’re getting enough sleep and clean, if you don’t have many friends at all and aren’t getting the intimate means of sex itself, than you won’t feel loved or belonging to anything important. Your Esstem will pretty much be next to none, and you won’t have any respect from others, therefore no confidence, no self-esteem and no major achievements.It’s a very sad case that such intelligent people do end their own life, but having suffered from anxiety and depression, being intelligent does not mean you’ll have any confidence or esteem if you haven’t the building blocks of a good and healthy lifestyle in place.So, if anyone does feel unhappy, remember, there are habits that you need to really be a decent person with all their ‘shit’ in order, and work at those. There are really good concrete habits that allow for a good day, and far too often we ignore these small things. You just have to remember, a good days sleep is 33.3% of your life when you really look at it. You’ll be sleeping a third of your life, and then working another quarter of it at something that hopefully gives you something challenging but also fulfilling too.I’ll conclude now for that in a multi-varied analysis of the psychological aspects of what really is related to suicide, intelligence is really only one small part of it, that only comes together when they’ve got everything else sorted out. The most intelligent person is also intelligent in all areas (intellectual and emotional, et cetera) because they’ve got everything they need sorted out. They work and are fulfilled by their work, they sleep properly, they don’t just have sex but have intimate sex.

I've been feeling increasingly suicidal. I don't want to do it, but i think i might...?

a i dint want to say kill yourself but kill yourself naw Just playing i switch lives with u any day .my life is gay but i love it im poor homeless moms does drugs dad sells them broke shoulder no insurance grand pa very sic all my grand moms are dead im black sh!t police harass me everyday my girlfreind that i love is a two timing cheating dirty slut my big brother all ways wants to fight me evry time i go out side i have to watch my own back alot of people want to kill me i owe very very danagerous people money other than that life cool i dont want 2 kill my self live long good life life is hard

I feel suicidal please help?

When your down you will always feel like you will never feel up again.And when you are up you never want to come down.I used to live in Wal-Mart parking lot for almost a year.All my friends abandoned me and I thought my life was over.Lost everything.I also used to sleep at a park down from where I am living now.Every time I pass it I think of those bad times.But just to let you know that nothing stays the same.Especially if you want it to change.Think of it this way.If life wasn't a challenge then why move forward.If you had everything there would be nothing left to have or look forward to.Also remember that things take A LOT OF TIME.Just worry about the things that you can do today that will push you in the right direction.I used to worry about everything at once and it made me so frustrated that I just wanted to die.I was all alone with no family,friends,or girlfriend.Now it's been 10 years and I now have a wife that loves me,two kids a new car and a house that I love coming home to.I would say don't worry.It takes baby steps.One little thing at a time.Work your way to being who you want to be.Create that vision.Also don't rely on drugs.If you want something to help.There are herb alternatives like SAINT JOHNS WART pills that will level you out over a week or two.You can buy it at Walgreen's.Don't loose faith.I didn't,and ten years later I got what I want and I love life now.Also one more thing.Music helps.Listen to something up beat and dance by your self and head bang like crazy.Have fun and laugh it all away.You are your own therapist.Life's a garden!Dig It!?LOL


Im feeling suicidal, anxiety, help?

as the years have gone, I have gone through more and more, and I think i've hit the pinnacle where I am damaged.

I feel suicidal, anxious, depressed, and bi polar all the time...
I found out i was adopted, my father died , i found out i have two sisters of which don't even like me, my foster brother stopped talking to me, my friends deserted me, I haven't started college because i have been stuck in this episode where i feel like i need to fill this void with a girl...last year I got a girl pregnant, it's been a battle this entire year trying to see her and my son and be with them, she won't even let me or call recent ex and I dated for almst a year, I have been trying to get her back for four weeks, just yesterday she told me she needs time..I stopped callin and texting yesterday...I feel horrible, I go to sleep crying, I wake up crying, I don't have the energy to do anything all day, I feel like im stuck in this little sad portal of mine and there's nothing I can do...even staying busy doesn't help, I just get more and more anxious, and myheart starts racing to the point where I want to run in a corner with pills and ciggarettes and attempt suicide..I have no friends that i can talk to because everyones busy or they rather not talk about it. I try thinking alot of people probably have it worse, but it doesn't running out of time...I just want to parish and forget what i've seen. I just don't understand, people say im a nice guy, attractive, smart, funny, etc. Then why can't I be happy, I've been trying my hardest to break free of this anxiety, depression, bipolarness, it hurts, every single day, I feel like a zombie just walking in an empty room. I've gotten to the point also where I want to just isolate myself, I dont feel like going out....HELP HELP HELP!!!!!!!! :((((((

hahaha :DDude! You are not empty, you are occupied with tons of thoughts in your mind. just look at your words.“I’m angry with myself. Filled with regret about not talking to the person I wanted to talk to, saying what I wanted to say and connecting in the way I wanted to connect..”Empty you were earlier , when you have to make a conversation the few minutes back. :PYou are an Introvert, a big reticent!!Do one thing, alter the terms in your mind before starting a conversation :“Wanted to” → “HAVE TO” &“HAVE TO” → “WILL” .And trust my words,please have courage and do this. otherwise you are going to regret it later in life in the long run.Or Thank me later. 8-)