I Feel Suicidal For Possible Financial Failure Help Me Overcome It

How do I overcome depression after failure in exam?

By doing good in the next exam ofcourse. There is no merit in looking back and pondering about the failures of life which are supposed to only teach you lessons, they are not meant to be brooded over. I will tell you my story. I got a 15 in Maths in class VIII. I studied in Purulia Ramakrishna Mission. The teacher, Manab Da, was gracious enough to make me pass the exam by giving grace marks. I made it a point since then, that I have to do better in Maths and I will not say failures did not come later- they did come.But I improved-improved to such extent I even started dreaming Maths,I could not stay a second without it. I got addicted to it and finally I got a 96/100 in the Board Exams. At that time, unlike now, getting above 90 was something to take pride on.Though I do not take it in that light. I never bothered about marks. My love for Maths outshone the barriers or limitations of the marks.I cracked WBJEE later and studied Electrical Engineering- there also I did not do well in my HS and could not study Math Hons. but I never gave up hope and without any coaching or tuition cracked Joint with a fair rank and studied EE. Later I wanted to do MBA, I cracked CAT 2012 with a 95 percentile score but owing to financial doldrums, despite getting calls from 2 tier B-schools and IIM- Kozhikode, could not study it. I was depressed. Then I sat for the entrance test for MS in Computer Science which I am about to complete this month. So my journey- failure after failure, failure after failure and I still stand and see I am talking to you and giving you Gyan for free. I had got a job in TCS during my campus selection programme while I was in my BTech 4th year. Again I could not get a job at RBI as I was whiskers away from the cut-off score. So many failures yet nothing could assuage my spirit- I got depressed, I even take medicines, I cry a lot even being such a grown up man- I cry like a small girl on the lap of my mother sometimes. I have no shame to admit these. But this is who I am- failures with a pinch of success- that’s how the world has to accept me for who I am.Hope I could answer your question.

I feel like a failure?

im reconsidering going to college anymore because it just feels like school again
i had depression for the last year at school because the pressure got too much and i felt like i wasnt succeeding in anything
im starting to feel the same again now
i dont think i'll ever succeed in college
i dont get much support

i honestly dont wanna be here anymore.

I am tired of being a failure; suicidal?

Oh just stop. You don't want to die, you just want the pain to end and you want something to work. It sounds like all you think about is yourself, well take off the self-pity hat. Right now, today, there are millions of people struggling just like you are - I'm one of them. If one thing doesn't work try another. And I can't believe that your original teaching diploma won't work somewhere in the world. You gave up too easily. Life sometimes sucks, that's just the truth. But to be honest, I'd hate to think that the one thing you would be successful at would be killing yourself. That's just plain stupid, but if that's the only thing you can see, then you need to open your eyes and look harder. I don't know what you think is going to be handed to you but you have to step out and you have to do what you can instead of moaning about what you can't get.

I would just like to add this, many of us have things we dream of that just dont' work out. I wanted to be a writer, and I'd love to have a beautiful singing voice. Neither worked out. we don't stop living because things don't work out, we find a different direction, and again and again as we need to.

If you made a mistake and left your keys in the house and couldn't open the door, you'd ring the doorbell and knock to see who was home. If no answer you'd go look around the house for another door or window that was open. You might even get a ladder to go up to the second story and check those windows. Then you'd check with the neighbors to see if they had a key. Then you might try fiddling with the doors to see if you could force the door. Then you'd try and reach someone by phone who could help. You might then go sit on the steps and wait for someone to come home. Or, Then you'd go sit in the car, sit back and relax, knowing someone would be home later. And then if you got tired, you'd call a locksmith to come open the door. You wouldn't stop, you'd find a way, you'd adapt to the circumstances. You wouldn't continue standing at the door knocking and you wouldn't sit down and cry and moan about how your life isn't working and talk about suicide. You'd find another way.

How is it possible to fail a suicide attempt?

There's lots of reasons, for one the decision to attempt suicide isn't something people take lightly. The planning is part of a way of someone trying to deal with their emotions, the simple act of planning to kill yourself can make you feel like an escape and help you see an end to how you're feeling. Just stabbing yourself with a knife isn't that easy, it hurts and it's scary.

There are also different types of attempted suicide, active and passive. Passive attempts tend to be by people trying to deal with their emotions but not actually wanting to die. They may take an overdose but call them self an ambulance, it may be that they need someone to know just how bad they're feeling but just saying the words is too difficult for them, it could be the fear of death really didn't kick in until they've actually done it.

Active attempts involve things like jumping off a building, shooting yourself or even hanging yourself. Most of the time the desire to die is completely real. Men tend to "succeed" in suicide attempts more because they're more likely to take an active approach, thus being more likely to succeed.

Lastly it can be a misunderstanding of what can kill you. Paracetamol is a very common overdose drug, but overdosing on it won't necessarily kill you. At best it'll make your liver fail and that'll kill you over the period of a few weeks, most of the time though you'll do some damage to yourself but you won't die.

Lastly I want to add, attempting suicide is a desperate move when a person can't see any other options (it doesn't matter if other options are there at the time, they just can't see them). Failing doesn't make them stupid or an attention seeker, it just means that either they've been, to them, unlucky or they're just not ready to give up yet.

Sister makes me suicidal?

My older sister 31 (im 27) is just horrible to me I have done nothing but be there for her and help her out but she has this hatred for me. For years has been spreading lies trying to and been suucessful a few times in turning others against me. Now we have a new sister who has popped up on our dads side she is 23 and after I treated her sooo good while with me she treated me badly so I stopped talking to her and now the two sisters are ganging up on me.
Im worried for my mums health too as my older sister is constantly stressing her out causing aruguments etc I honestly feel like if I die she can stop targeting me and peace will be restored.

I dont understand why I have to go through all this im a good person, I ignore those horrible to me and get on with life but its like I cannot win I just really want to die and be gone. Im planning to move overseas in 2yrs but cant wait that long

What is the meaning of the song like suicide by seether can someone please explain?

Well the song in general was written about Shaun Morgan's brother Eugene (Shaun is the lead singer of Seether) his brother committed suicide. but the lyrics are basically saying that Suicide is a BIG thing and that it's going to take over you quickly if you give in to it.
I also believe the "She" he is referring to is suicide in itself, meaning that she is suicide. she may not be an actual person. and when it says "you set me up to f'ing fail this time" that means someone in your life has like made everything so hard on you, and no matter how hard you try, you're going to fail, you can't overcome it.

Sorry for getting so deep!
Hope that I helped you!