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I Fell About 5 6 Years Ago I Had To Get 6 Stitches In My Head I Dont Think I Had A Concussion But I

Will my hair grow back after the head stitches?

Will my hair grow back after the head stitches?
I've 3 stitches on my hairline area after I've got a superficial cut there. and during the first few weeks of applying sticky ointment, strands of hair from my hairline came off 1 by 1 each day while combing. now whenever i pull back my hair, there's an ugly small bald patch on my hairline.

i've got that cut a month ago. so how long will it take for my hair to grow back? also my stiches had already dissolved into my skin, and the wound now is fairly sticky. idk if there's a scab forming.

I was just hit on the head by my brother's pull up bar.?

I was walking through a door and my brothers pull up bar feel and the side of the bar hit the right side of my head. I don't feel any different at all but I read some articles saying I should not go to sleep because I might not wake up. My brother won't drive me to the hospital. When I got hit, it just hurt...I did not black out or see anything weird. I just kept walking and cussed.
My brother won't drive me to the hospital because his excuse is that I got hit in the head with a golf club (his fault) and I only had to get stitches.

Cut my finger, had stitches, and it feels so weird!!!!?

yeah it sux, i went thru almost the same experience... let's see the hard tingly way it feels when u press on it will more than likely stay there for a while i cut the top of my thumb n that was 6 years ago n it still feels like that.. =(

Please help. My sister hit her head, what should i do?

My 6 year old daughter just fell off some bleachers at my son's baseball game last night and landed on her head on cement! Luckily there was a nurse there and they had her ice her head.

*Ask her questions like, "What is your name?", "Where are you?", "Who am I?".

*Check to see if her pupils are dialated.

*Do NOT let her fall asleep before you take her to the doctor.

*If she's vomiting, IMMEDIATELY take her to the E.R.

*I would also recommend taking her to the doctor because you can never be too sure. They will check her over and give you more signs of a concussion to watch out for. We took our daughter just to be sure!!!

*Ice her head and give her some tylenol or motrin for pain.

Good Luck!! Poor girl!

Have you suffered a concussion before?

This may be more than you were seeking, but here goes. June 1972, I was in a motor vehicle accident which resulted in three skull fractures, a bruised brain, not being found for six hours, neurosurgery, an 8-day coma, dysarthria, paralysis and having to relearn to walk & talk. When I was discharged from the hospital, I was 6′ and 110 lbs.Recovery was slow. Incredible headaches, anxiety/depression. However, I have been fortunate. Was able to earn three college degrees, get married, have children and conduct workshops & seminars throughout the United States. I don’t look like one, who has ever been in an accident.So, do I have any after effects of my TBI? My short-term memory is still terrible. Am still taking medication for anxiety/depression and an anti-convulsant for seizure control.Many have said, Oh, that was years ago. It’s odd that if one looks to purchase a used car, he will also ask, Has it ever been wrecked? Once an automobile has been wrecked, it’s never the same. How can the human brain, which is the CEO of the entire body, be less sensitive than a pile of metal, rubber and iron?Should you care to read more about my issues with a traumatic brain injury (TBI), as well as the tools used to combat that and other adversities, read the inexpensive ebook on Amazon Kindle, Rise Above: Conquering Adversities.All my best…

18 month old hit head earlier today..?

Ohh... I'm sorry she woke up.

From what I understand, the bump is a good sign. It shows that the bruising is taking place and that she isn't bleeding internally. If she had/has been acting normal, not too lethargic given the different circumstances, and willing to eat, she should be fine.

If it makes you feel better, I hit Alex in the head with the foot rest of my gazelle ( ) when he was 9 months old. He had a huge goose egg and bruise, screamed any time I tried to touch it, and was otherwise fine.

Oh, I hope you were able to find the outfit for her that you wanted.

My 3 yr old fell today and hit the back of his head. Plz Help....

i was playing with my son today when he slipped and fell back on regular tiled floor, he cried for about 3 to 5 mins then just wanted to talk to daddy (his buddy). but now i noticed a bump on his head . a bit brused he had fallen before but now complains he has a headache i ask were and points to the spot he has the bump. i gave him a little bit of motrin for the pain and i finally let him sleep (this happen at 6pm and now is 1130) i feel so bad dont know if i should go to the hospital plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz help me..Thank you for your time Jessica

Do you have to shave your hair off if you have a concussion?

Yesterday I hit my head really hard in the pool. I have a huge bump on the back of my head. My mom looked at it and said to tell her if I feel dizzy or my vision get blurry so she can take me to the hospital because I might have a concussion. I did feel some dizziness and blurry vision last night but didn't think of it as anything serious. I looked up the symptoms of a concussion and I have 6 out of the 10. I don't know if I should tell my mom because I don't want them to shave my hair off. So do they shave your hair off if you have a concussion?