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I Found Newborn Kittens . What Should I Do Update

What can I give a two day old newborn kitten? My friend found it in the middle of a road, and there are no vets/etc nearby.

Wet the outside of the nipple with milk formula to give it flavor. Then, gently insert the nipple into the kitten's mouth using a prying motion while you apply pressure to the sides of the bottle to release a drop or two of milk. From then on your kitten should suck on its own. Powdered kitten milk replacement formula is better for kittens than the canned liquid formula. You can also purchase economical KMR powder on line, at veterinary offices and pet stores.You would need a feeding bottle.Very important note: Neonatal kittens (under four weeks of age) cannot eat solid food (not canned, not dry) and cannot urinate or defecate on their own, so you must bottle-feed them around-the-clock and stimulate their genitals after every feeding so they can eliminate. For example, if you have kittens less than one week old, they will need to be fed and stimulated every three hours. That means you will be caring for them eight times a day — for example, at midnight, 3:00 a.m, 6:00 a.m, etc. If the kittens are unusually small or sickly, they might need to be fed every two hours.

Should I bathe newborn kittens?

No, there’s no reason to bathe them; it might even be dangerous. Newborn kittens can’t control their own body temperature and catch a chill very, very easily. They need to be with their mom, or in a kitten pile with their siblings, to stay warm.It’s normal for there to be a bit of blood. When mom eats the placentas and chews off the umbilical cord, there’ll naturally be blood from those organs. Birth isn’t a neat, clean process for cats any more than it is for humans.She’ll lick the kittens clean and dry herself. If she doesn’t, take a soft, clean towel, pick up the kittens, and gently dry them off. Sometimes, when Mom is exhausted from the birth, she won’t have enough energy to clean off all her kittens properly, so you can help her. It doesn’t matter in the least if they’re still a bit gunky—they just have to have their faces clean and their coats dry. Mom will do the detail work later when she’s recovered from birthing.When Mom gets a chance to rest and eat, she’ll get her energy back (you should be feeding her a high-calorie kitten food; she’s nursing and she needs the calories). She’ll go about cleaning her kittens thoroughly, licking them all over, and then lick herself clean.When things have calmed down a bit from the birth, you can swap out the towels or blankets in her nest for clean ones. Hopefully she’ll let you do it. If she won’t let you close enough to put in some clean towels, that’s okay—she’ll probably move her kittens when they get a little bit older, to get them away from the old grime of the nest; you can provide an alternate, clean nest and hope that that’s where she moves them, but cats are picky and it’s a toss-up whether she chooses your prepared nest or not. Mom cats have the instinct to keep the nest clean and keep it from smelling, because predators could find it that way; if the nest isn’t clean enough, they’ll move their kittens.By the way: Get Mom spayed as soon as she stops nursing. Cats can go into heat very soon after birth, and you do NOT want her to have another litter, especially not right away. It’s amazing how fast a cat can get pregnant again, trust me; get her spayed before it happens, or you’ll end up with another batch of kittens to care for.

Should i leave my newborn kittens outside?

Bring the newborns in - they need to stay extra warm or they can "chill" or "fade" (become so cold their hearts stop beating). Also, being exposed to the elements isn't a good idea for newborns, they need to be in a sanitary environment.

Perhaps set up a kitten home for mom and kittens in a spare room or bathroom. Make sure mom is feeding them and keeping them warm.

If not, e-mail me!

But definitely bring them in. They'll become infested with fleas, become anemic, get diarrhea, become dehydrated (all from fleas which are outdoor little bugers (boogers?).

Ah, I read someone above wrote letting them out at 6 weeks was okay. Keeping them indoors is always best, they will live a longer, healthier life. As kittens, they shouldn't be going out at all as they are completely at the mercy of their mother and you, their guardian. There eyes won't even open for 10 days, they have no defense mechanism right now.

Yeah, bring them in, please. Precious little babies. :o)

Congrats on the new extended family! :-D

Found newborn kitten in garage. how do we take care of it?

Well, we have 4 4-week old kittens, so we know what we're talking about. Kittens can't regulate their body tempature, so don't put it in the garage - the cold will kill it. I suggest you keep it with you AT ALL TIMES, take it to a vet to see if anything is wrong with it, to tell the gender, if you can't do that, the gender will become apparent when he/she is older. I suggest getting cat formula from the local Pet store, and tell someone at the store your situation, ask them which syringe/bottle is best, ect. ^_^
If you have another question, you can email me.

I found a separated newborn kitten today, it won't eat. Advice?

I found a newborn kitten outside in pouring rain this morning. Close to the sidewalk, drenched, covered in dirt/mud, etc. I couldn't just leave the poor thing there. It meowed for it's mother as it struggled to get out of it's predicament. There was no mother or kittens around that I could see. If I had left it, no doubt it would have died there.
I gently cleaned it up as best as I could and have been keeping it warm. I went out to buy it kitty formula, warmed it just enough, and tried to feed it to my new little companion. But, therein lies the problem, and my fear. It refuses to eat... with vigor, might I add. Just won't take it. It had been through a lot, I imagined, so I let it sleep. And that is all it's really done all day. And all it's wanted to do all day.
I've asked and searched for advice and tips, and have tried to take care of it accordingly without veterinary help, which, at the moment, I can't afford. I've stimulated it every once in a while as it's mother would. Just a little while ago it took a little tinkle... a small victory for me, since I've been thinking must not have been doing anything right, and let it go back to sleep. Eating, though, right now, not going so well.
My little companion doesn't seem to be weak for it's age. It's eyes are still shut, but he/she moves around fine and puts up a good fight NOT to eat, so, I take that as it being a hell of a trooper... only, it can't be a hell of a trooper for long without eating. It's been all day that it hasn't eaten. I'm worried for my new son/daughter, I've already grown attached. I think it'll grow up with an attitude, that little one, if it wants to live.
How can I go about this in my situation? I have tried wetting it's little mouth, putting the bottle's nipple in it's mouth, etc, and it has, once or twice, actually, momentarily stopped to taste it. Then it's like it's reminded that "Oh, right, I'm trying to be a pain in the ***."
I'm genuinely worried for the babe.

Are newborn kittens meant to do this?

What are you feeding it. Make sure it's a kitten formula. Are you keeping it warm? Put a heating pad under a blanket for it to sleep on, and give it a stuffed animal or another blanket to curl up next to. The clicking sound and shaking are not normal. You really should take it to a vet and have them help, because it is very difficult to keep a kitten alive without it's mother at this age. At least call a local vet and ask their advice. You could also take it to a shelter and they can help, but you'd probably have to give it up.

My newborn kittens are dyeing?! HELP?

I found a stray she was here for about a week then gave birth this was my first litter ever.
I was there the whole time she gave birth to 4 healthy kittens. She wouldn't let me leave her side.
Well there about a week and 2 days now and, one died yesterday... It was weak, and it slept ALOT and, it could barly hold it's self up...
I came home to it dead after my son's softball game Mama does feed them and, she's in there every 2hrs or less. the other 3 are eating good but i relized now my only boy kitten hes all black is doing what the other one did.
And, the diffrence is hes eating a little more but he was the biggest and, fattest out of them. But, now hes lossing weight it feels like. He can hold himself up and, hes constantley crying and, when i lay by him he falls asleep.
Mama, cleans him and looks at me if she don't know what to do. This had to be her first litter because I have to help her ALOT .
Please what is wrong with my cat's babies. I want them to all grow up and, watch them grow. Please help.


Can my cat be a surrogate to 2 abandoned newborn kittens? She already has 4 of her own.

Yes. First, you take a soft towel and rub her kittens and then rub the two orphans before putting them together. Then the mother cat will think she has all of her kittens. Second, you make sure the mother cat gets enough to eat. Kitten food will help the mother cat keep up her energy and produce enough milk for all six kittens. Once all six kittens are old enough to get fixed, you take them to the nearest vet to be fixed along with their mother. If you can keep all seven, do so. If not, try to find loving forever homes for them.