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I Get Extremely Angry At Nothing

My girlfriend gets very angry over nothing.?

Matt, and PB. You are both right in your answers. I am going to do both, starting with PB's suggestion. Then if that fails, I will do Matt's. No other choice. Techno Alien, everything makes her angry.... I never seem to say anything right when she is in her moods. I have spoken to her just now, and we will try to get her help. She is calm enough to speak to right now. Lets hope it will last long enough to get her some help.

Why do people get so angry over nothing?

Your question pertains to perception and what you perceive as nothing could be a very big deal to someone else. For example, we had domestic shooting in the area recently. I did not know the family, the son, the mother, the neighbors, the friends or family. To my life, this was nothing (sounds cold, I know). However, go talk to the father who now has to bury his wife and has a son in prison (possibly for life) and its a pretty big deal!*Clarification: I am empathetic to the situation, just not personally involved as this had no impact on my personal life.Now that this extreme has been set, you can scale the scenario down to any event you might consider “nothing” but could be a pretty big deal to something else.So that empty box you ran over on the highway, no big deal right? To the person who had valuables (or puppies) in the that box, but the box fell out the back of a truck…pretty big deal.Lady in the checkout line whose dollar coupon was expired was nothing to you or me, everything to her starving family.That coke you dropped and put back on the shelf, no big deal. Me having to go home and change clothes and detail my car seat on my way to a meeting…well, besides funny, pretty big deal!

Been feeling irritated and angry for no reason?

Some people get moody during seasonal changes, it has something to do with barometric pressure. try napping.

I get angry on small things and make so many mistakes. I feel like I'm good for nothing. What should I do?

Because you have yourself considered that you are good to nothing that's why your confidence level has been decreased and this kinds of thoughts generates frustration which leads to commit lots of mistakes.Don't consider that you are good to nothing, don't compare yourself with others, admire the people getting success and be happy, don't think that you're lagging behind.To reduce your anger you need to keep patience, don't worry to much about results, even if the result is bad try once again don't lose your temper by comparing with others' success.Always try to be cheerful, appreciate people and keep patience and keep on trying without frustration, you'll definitely get success with peace of mind and happiness.Try to reduce your ego, by tolerating others praise and appreciating others, this will make you happy and one day your anger will disappear like anything.Don't try to argue for everything sometimes its better to avoid arguments to retain good relationships.

Call of Duty makes me extremely angry, but I don't want to stop playing, what do I do?

Here is my opinion.. K/D ratio means NOTHING. What matters is you have fun. I could personally give two shakes of a snakes tooth what some kid online thinks about me based on my K/D ratio. I rock about a .7/.8 and it doesn't bother me one bit. As long as im having fun I dont even care if I win or lose. I suggest not worrying about it, just relax and get into the action and play to enjoy. You might have a really bad match at 7/20 but the next game you could be 18/5. Just relax and enjoy.

I have extreme anger and aggression problems?

I'm 21 and I've had problems with anger and rage for many years but they're only getting worse. It's to the point where my anger runs my life, and my days are far from being as productive as they need to be. I'm in college and my grades suffer because of it, as does my social life which really doesn't exist. I've seen several therapists since I was 15 but it hasn't helped at all. I don't know if its my fault or theirs but no good has come from it. The worst part is that nearly every little thing that goes wrong or not how I want it to sets me off. I get a very intense feeling throughout my body and my legs and arms essentially go numb. I feel a very strong urge to hit someone or something (I usually end up punching a wall) and it will not go away until I release my frustration physically. I try riding it out but the feeling only intensifies until I start to feel a sense of panic and usually have to curl up in a ball until the feeling subsides (don't know why but it helps dull the feelings). I also live with a dog and although I don't hit him or yell at him I feel bad that he has to live around such a stressed and frustrated person since I know he must pick up on those feelings. My life has come to a standstill because of these feelings that won't go away. Any suggestions? I'm sure I've tried everything from medication to counting to yoga but maybe there's something I haven't tried.

Why am I getting frustrated for nothing?

It's bottled up stress. Some call it the steam pipe effect. You bottle stress and bottle stress, until your metaphorical steam pipe is filled. Eventually you ‘blow up' or breakdown. It's not healthy to keep it all inside.It could also be hidden anger.Do you grind your teeth or clinch your fists when you get irritated?Do you tap or find yourself pumping your leg when you are idle?Are you a very impatient or highly irritable person?Are you afraid to express your opinion because, you feel that you will blow up instead?If you agreed to any of those you need to cope with your anger. It's nothing to be ashamed of because, we all get angry. Try breathing through your nose when you feel the frustration run through your body. Close your eyes and breathe deep breaths. Keep your eyes closed and slowly count to ten. Open your eyes and you should feel that it has recessed a little bit at least. Keep repeating that.Get in touch with calming your anger. Don't steam pipe. I hope this helped.