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I Got 4 Tires By A Brand I Never Heard Of Details In Description Did I Get Ripped Off

When you buy tires / tyres, do you do much research or just take it to the shop and let them fit whatever they want?

I've been using the same mechanic for years. Why? Because he's what I call a business friend and part of my extended family, if you will. When I say it's a small personal shop, I mean it's just the owner Bob, and his mechanic Daniel. They know me, and they know my vehicle. I actually look forward to going there if for no other reason just to shoot the shit with the guys.On my last visit it was for the annual state inspection. He called me into the shop as he always does when the family grocery getter needs something. This time it was tires.He pointed out that the front two tires were starting to dry rot. Honest Bob went on to explain that technically they would pass inspection, but knowing that my wife does most of the driving, he didn't want to forsee her getting stranded somewhere on a dark and stormy night. I told him go ahead.About an hour later he called back to explain that those tires were no longer available. He went on,“At this point I'd recommend replacing all four. I took the liberty of shopping around. I found you a good deal on a set of Yokohama's. I really like the tread pattern and it would be perfect for the type of city driving your wife does.”Impressive. I'm home for maybe a day and a half every two weeks. I don't have time to shop around for tires so I really appreciated that he did that for me, and had my wife's best interest at heart. I readily agreed.How much do I trust this guy? I would be perfectly comfortable sending my wife in there naked.

Does Firestone rip people off?

I suggest you take it to the dealership. Yeah, I know.... Big Bucks... but look at it this way... you will probably need a new window regulator, the part with the cables in it. They may or may not have it it stock, but they will have access to it with a lesser delay than Firestone.

The mechanics at the dealership only work on your brand of car, so they have the expertise to fix it right the first time.

Time is money... Where do you think Firestone is going to get the part? They will call the dealer, order the part, and when it arrives, they will mark it up to make their profit on it and you will end up paying more for the part than at the dealer.

I balk at the word Firestone... regardless what it's attached to. (Remember the old Firestone jingle??? "Where the rubber meets the road".... ? I have blown more Firestone tires on a truck than any other brand. I think that's where the jingle came from ... all that rubber laying on the road.) :-}

I Got 4 Tires By A Brand I Never Heard Of (details in description) Did I get Ripped Off?

I went to a recommended tire place and I asked for 4 new tires. My tire size is 195/70 r14 for a Honda civic ex 2002. The brand is Deruibo. I've never heard of it and when I look it up it seems to be some kind of Chinese brand. I payed a total of $310 for the tires and an alignment. Did I get ripped off?

New tires, car shakes! I just got these new tires and when my car goes over 70, the car shakes?

It sounds like they forgot or botched balancing the tires.

If you look at your tires...right along the'll find these small rectangular weights. That is what they use to "balance" the tire to it doesn't shake like that at high speeds.

If they forgot to do even one'll feel like your whole car is going to shake apart.

Take it back, explain the situation, and they should remedy it quickly (not a time consuming or difficult thing to do). It is also likely one of those weights fell off if it worked for awhile with no problems.

Why do people buy used tires?

I have owned several Ford Crown Victoria's, police interceptor models. The cars mostly come equipped with Goodyear RSA pursuit tires. Retail these tires are over $200 new. When a law enforcement agency has a flat tire on a police vehicle the tires are never repaired and are thrown away. The reason why the policy is that if a vehicle is involved in a pursuit or has a blowout that causes injuries or death to the officer or the public that opens up a bag of worms. Even if the thread remaining is 99 %. I have purchased these tires and have never have had an issue.

I want to sell my car within 3 months. It'll need new tires before next winter. Would buyers find it more attractive if it had new tires on it? Or if I left the existing tires and was willing to be more flexible on the price?

Personally, I’m picky about my tires. However, in circumstances where I’ve been supplied off-brand new tires on a used vehicle I’m purchasing, I’ve been pleasantly surprised. That’s OPTION 1: buy a new set for the next buyer. Here are two brands that are aimed at dealerships looking to put (decent quality) new tires on used cars without breaking the bank:Fuzion (owned by Bridgestone)Kelly Tire (owned by Goodyear)Both Kelly & Fuzion tires are decent choices. However, beware that potential buyers may say: “I never heard of these brands - they must suck. Therefore, I don’t see any extra value in your asking price for your used car”. In that case, just extoll the brand’s trickle-down tire technology and peace of mind. I’m in marketing. Part of the role of marketers and their marketing budgets is to build brands - lower brand awareness doesn’t necessarily mean lower product quality. A brand is simply an implied promise that gives prospective buyers peace of mind about a particular product or service - nothing else.OPTION 2: Keep the existing tires that are on your car. If the buyer is picky, let them knock down the price of the vehicle a bit to reflect the need for tires. Lots of buyers are aware it’s an easy purchase with only minor inconvenience to select, buy and install. They could also be thinking of buying used tires somewhere (everyone thinks they know how to save a few bucks).OPTION 3: Buy & install branded tires on your vehicle. By branded, I mean tires made by the big 4 manufacturers (Goodyear, Michelin, Bridgestone, Continental). This is your worst option because you’re paying premium money for tires that won’t retain their resale value on the vehicle. Let’s say you put $1000 in new tires onto a used car - even if you sell it within the next 3 months, you won’t get $1000 extra for your car. Yup, that money is gone out of your pocket, indirectly into the buyer’s hands as extra value in the form of peace-of-mind. Sure you might get a couple hundred buck for the car when haggling over its price, but, that $1000 is gone. This is your worst option.Go with OPTION 2. It reflects your honesty and gives an opportunity for the buyer to save some money on the purchase price. It won’t cost you anything either.

Trucking: What happens when a semi-trailer tire blows out?

It can cause a lot of damage underneath the trailer. A blowout is usually very loud and I have had them rip airlines and wiring harnesses from under the trailer. I've seen them destroy the metal floor braces. Tear off mud flaps and the lights and brackets. If you can see it, chances are a blowout can tear it up. A flat tire, from a nail or bolt. Is not likely to do much damage unless you are too lazy to repair it and drive it until it catches fire. I owned one truck and had a 28′ dump trailer and a 48′ dry van. I insisted on new tires, never recaps. Recaps are what you see all over the highways, especially in the hot summer heat. I ran my tires down to about 10–15% tread left, and sold them to a guy with 20 dump trailers. He would run them until it was time to recap them. I drove for almost 40 years and have never had luck with recaps. They are junk in my opinion. The two trailers I owned came with recaps and I replaced them as soon as I could afford to. I still had one come apart on the dump trailer tearing up the light bracket and mudflat brackets. I had one tire I bought new that had a weak sidewall and blew when it had maybe 50% of the tread left. I may have hit something with it and hurt it. But I never had much problems once I got away from the recaps. I've had them come apart and tear the underneath plastic junk from under a mini van that was tailgating me. He called a state cop and the first thing the cop asked was. “Just HOW close were you to the truck when the tire blew out?” It was funny watching the idiot in the mini van create an answer. Oh, it's considered a road hazard so no, I did not get a ticket. Most small fleets and guys like my buddy with dump trailers prefer recaps as they are cheaper to replace. Some driver who pays no attention can tear up tires quickly. A guy like me is more likely to avoid places that can cost me money. Company drivers don't care. That's why you see a set of skid marks on the highway for miles at a time. Especially in freezing weather. They get a little ice in the line and have a brake not release. But they are not paying attention and drag the tires until a cop stops them or the tires carch on fire. They claim they can't tell but if feels like, well like a brake is dragging. Once again they are not paying attention. It's really wise not to tailgate a truck as you can have a windshield knocked out by a tire and other debris if brings with it.

Is paying $600 for new tires over priced?

I drive a 2009 Honda civic which I use constantly to get me to school and work. I found out I desperately needed new tires so I brought my car to a Honda dealer to get a price. They said it would be about $350 for all 4 tires, $100 for the alignment (which I also desperately need) and an additional charge to mount and balance the tires. This totals up to about $600 before tax. Is this a reasonable price? Ii think that it is considering I depend on this car and I will be getting brand new tires. Just wondering what others think of this price