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I Got 55 Marks In Mtcet In Which College Of Pune I Can Get Addmission For Engineering By Management

What Engineering colleges can I get after scoring 90 Marks in MH CET?

Well, if you really 90 let me be honest it is not a very good score.Now regarding the colleges, with a score of 90 a government engineering college admission is not possible.But you can always try in a private engineering college.An individual can get a Government engineering college if the score is around 150 -170. Medical aspirants need a very high score of 185+.So you can definitely get admission in a good private college.If you belong to any reserved category the you have a chance of getting an admission in a Government college

I got 50% in 12th. Can I get into an engineering college?

I can answer this from personal experience. I scored a measly 54.83% in my 12th. Got through a really good engineering college in Pune (top 40 nationally) through NRI quota (go search it up, it exists in most univs, private or government), did my engineering with distinction and then did my MBA from a top 20 institute nationally (merit, was among the top 2–3% across many national tests).Did I face any trouble along the way for my 12th score? Yes. During my MBA placements (I did not sit for engineering placements). I was rejected at screening stage by a multitude of companies who judged me by my score of 6 years ago. However, I eventually got into the stream of my choice purely basis my drive and caliber and am doing pretty well today compared to those who scored 80 and 90% in my batch.Long story short, don’t worry about your marks so much. If you want to take a drop, take one. But make sure you make the year count. If you want to go ahead and take admission in an engineering college, go ahead. But make sure you ace what you do.Life is too long and far too exciting to be bogged down by one score. Give yourself a kick and make sure you never repeat your 12th standard score in your life :-)

Can I get into a engineering college after scoring 40% in PCM and scoring 60% overall?

Yeah, you can get admission in any engineering college by giving huge amount of money, but i don't think that's kinda a good idea. And most of the colleges are having eligibility criteria as 60% in PCM. There are many options other than engineering which you can go for, or if you are determined for engineering basically having a degree then go to some state college,work very hard and get good grades in semesters. Or you can take drop and prepare damn well.

Is mh CET important? and can I get admission without it ? In any college for bsc Computer science.

MHCET is entrance test for engineering. BSc does not requires any entrance exam. You just need to score well in your class 12 to get into BSc. If you are passionate about computers and want to make career in IT related areas then please try to get into computer science or IT engineering. BSc is not a bad option. You will learn a lot. But unfortunately, even if a BSc graduate has the same skills and knowledge as of engineers, engineers get high package.So, just don't skip MHCET. Keep BSc as the second option.All the best!

How do I apply for admission to PICT in Pune?

PICT has admissions through the following streams-1)MHT-CET (85% of the seats are reserved for admission through this medium)You should've appeared for MHT-CET 2017, and should've scored a minimum of 45% in 12th and a non negative score in MHT-CET. You'll need to apply through the DTE’s Common Admission Procedural rounds. For more info visit : Directorate of Technical Education, Maharashtra State2) JEE Mains (15% of the seats are reserved for admission through this medium)You should've appeared for JEE Main 2017. You need to apply through DTE’s CAP rounds.3) Institute Level RoundsYou have to take admission through institute seats, which have higher fees and a certain donation amount. You'll need to contact the institute for the same.75% PCM aggregate and 120 CET score is the minimum requirement for the same.

I don't have 45% marks in (PCM) HSC but got good enough marks in MHT-CET and Jee Mains. Will I get the admissions?

The answer to your question is already there in the question u have asked. If the Admissions authority has stated clearly that u are not eligible for admission, then that’s it. Period.You will certainly not make it to any govt. college (aided or autonomous, irrespective of your score in any exam). You could probably try for a private college who may consider your case. Again, unless u have got a really good score in the other exams, I don’t think they will oblige.The other option is to go to Deemed universities like MIT, Pune, BV, NMIMS etc. who have their own rules and are not strictly governed by other univ. or govt. rules. You will have to do this thru the management quota where the figures are likely to be much higher than the usual ones.

I secured 75% marks in 12th & have a score of 89 in Maharashtra CET exam 2016. Will I get admission for mechanical engineering course in Navi Mumbai?

12th marks hardly matter while getting admissions in Engineering colleges. Mechanical Engineering being the top priority among students + due to limited no. of colleges offering Mechanical Engineering in Navi Mumbai, getting admission with 89 marks in CET is very difficult. You may get admission in the third round (you will have to go to Aurangabad for the 3rd round) depending on your luck.P.S.: I scored 80 marks in CET. Got Mechanical Engineering in Pillai, Panvel on management quota. I am currently in my final year.P.P.S.: The syllabus for engineering is very outdated & theory-oriented in Mumbai. You will get minimum practical knowledge in 4 years of degree.