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I Got My Dad Really Mad What Can I Do

My dad is mad at me, what should i do?

Well i hate to put it this way..But approach him at the right time..Everyone has a time in the day when they're in a good mood rite whether its eating or goin for a walk Or something.. Just come up and approach him and tell him what you told us. make sure you sincerly apologize and explain the misunderstanding it will be ok..xoxo goodluck

When my dad gets mad he says really mean things to me. Is this normal?

It’s not because we are older and a parent that we become mature and considerate. There are plenty of adult bodies with emotional intelligence that froze in childhood.Your father is pushing you away from him. He is alienating you with his behavior. You are being forced to withdraw from the affection you may have had for him.Is this his intention? To what extent are you responsible for this anger? I screwed up plenty as a teenager and my parents would get angry at me, but not to the extreme that you mention. I resented their anger even though I had to admit that i had failed.The advantage of a creative mind is that it’s easy to think outside the box. Instead of being hurt by his comments you could go on the offensive. Two ways stand out. When you see the conflict brewing, you pull out pencil and paper. You mark the time and date at the top. When he says something mean you say, Stop. And you write it down. You get him to repeat it so you are sure to get it right. Second approach is with a smartphone. The verbal abuse starts and you turn on your video recording to capture your dad in full blown anger. Store the clip on your computer and keep them all.Another approach: you ask, “Dad, do you love me?” And every time he says another mean thing you ask him again and again, DO YOU LOVE ME?If he gets even worse, then you know that his problem is Serious. Definitely seek other family members or the school counselor as a way to deescalate the situation. Is your mother subjected to the same treatment when they disagree?Are you old enough to consider leaving home and getting your own place to stay? Grandparents or family members might let you stay with them for a time?Time heals (but not always in the way we might like. You and your dad may remain alienated and without contact until he dies. He lost a son and you lost a father.)

I got my dad really mad what can i do:?

Ok well my dad was yelling at me and i got really mad and kicked a door now there is a hole in it and it needs to be fixed. My dad is really pissed about it i told him i fell so he wasnt as pissed can someone help me please !

How do I get my dad to not be mad at me?

It’s important to understand that people aren’t mad at you. They are mad with themselves.People respond differently to different situations. If it was you that made your Dad mad, then you would make everybody mad and that just isn’t so. Not everyone is mad at you.It’s up to your Dad to make himself happy. He may not be a happy person, but it is never your fault.It’s up to you to make you happy. Your Dad doesn’t have to be happy for you to feel good.Home - 6 Dimensions of Healing

My dad gets angry really easily?

My dad is a good person, he nice and funny around everyone. All the kids in my class know him, and they all tell me he's funny and cool. My dad isn't a bad person.

But when we're at home he can completely explode over the smallest things. Like a month ago he got mad at me because I didn't want to go to the store. I never know what will set my dad off though. He'll be fine one minute and then the next he'll be calling my sisters and I 'ungrateful little f****' or 'dumba****' and it's awful. Whenever I talk to him it always turns into a lecture on something, and if I interrupt him or contradict him during his lecture he just gets mad. If I'm in a bad mood he thinks it's directed at him, whenever I don something he thinks it has something to do with him. I stay in my room a lot so I can avoid his yelling and he thinks it's 'cause I wish he would go away.

He's been like this my whole life and I'm scared of him. When he yells at me I just get really quiet, and then he yells at me for not saying anything. But if I say something he just gets madder. my dad has never hit me though, so that's a plus I guess.

My parents are getting divorced soon (no that's not why he's like this) and it's only made him worse. How can I deal with him until the divorce happens? How can I deal with him after it?
I don't know what else to do. None of my friends would understand because they don't know what he's like.

My dad keeps yelling at my mom and it makes me really upset. How can I help her?

If your father is so angry that you get scared that he will hurt your mother or someone else, you can call the police. Call 911. Tell them your father is yelling at your mother and that you are scared. Be sure that you are in a safe spot to make the call, such as in your room or in a closet where your father does not see or hear you.If nobody is going to get hurt but you feel upset by the yelling, you can talk to your school counsellor for advice on how to deal with it. It is not your job to protect your mother from your dad’s yelling. I know it is upsetting to you. It would be very upsetting to me, too, but this is adult problems and it takes adults to solve them. Get an adult’s help to protect you.

Why does my dad get mad easily when he is drunk?

Lately, my dad just comes home and drinks beer like there's no tomorrow. Then, he passes out and snores loud as hell. My mom only shushed him, and he got so mad! He started slamming things around, and then she asked him why he has to slam things around. He also broke the light switch, now it is in the wall. I am nervous because that is a fire hazard. Then my mom and him started arguing, then he threatened to hit her. That's when I started shaking. Then he went out and drank smoked a lot of cigarettes. I am really scared.

My dad is really angry at me, and I'm kinda scared?

when he gets home, apologize. & do it like you mean it. all you can do is say sorry.

sounds to me you might have been treating him not so good lately? hes Just snapped.. & you say you couldn't because your fingers were numb.. that doesn't even really make sense so no wonder he lost it.

When my father gets really mad he slaps me and screams at me, is this abuse?

Pretty much. That is physical and verbal abuse. It depends now on your culture and country's Laws, whether or not anything can be done about it. In some places that's just old fashioned education.