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I Got My Ears Pierced 8 Weeks Ago And Whenever I Take Out The Earrings And Put Them Back In It

I have had my ears pierced for about 8 weeks now. Can I take my earrings out, wear earrings during the day and sleep without them?

You could try, but I would advize against doing so :Initial healing is normally done after 6-8 weeks (if there was no infection, …) but the hole can still be ‘fragile’. Waiting a few weeks more (for instance another 8) should be a safety level up, if that would be possible.Each time you put the earrings in for the day, you could hurt or irritate the piercing canal, certainly if it was pierced at a rather small standard size (16 or 14 G for instance). Its because you are doing it too rapidly (possibly) but also because the jewelry put in can ‘cut, in the tissue because it too is ‘small’. One solution would be to get the ears mildly stretched (to at least 12G but even better 10G or 8G). This will be a more ‘solid hole’ (after healing) and jewelry adapted to these sizes does not ‘cut’ anymore.In case of doubt, go and see your piecer and ask for advize based on the actual state of you ears. I suppose you went to a real piercing studio and not just some shop or booth at the mall.

Can I take my earrings out when I sleep? I just got my ears pierced today and wanted to know if its safe to take them out when I go to sleep.

No. Your lobes take 6–8 weeks to heal, your cartilage takes 12 weeks, and the earrings should not be removed until your holes are healed.Your holes can heal partiially or fully overnight. Even if your piercings stay open, you should not be taking out the earrings and replacing them; it introduces bacteria into the piercings.You should be washing your piercings with unscented soap (I like Ivory) and water, or the wash they gave you. Apply triple antibiotic ointment with a Q-Tip the first three days, then Vaseline. Your hands need to be clean before you treat your piercings.Unfortunately, piercings can be uncomfortable to sleep on. I get it; I sleep with 18 earrings and three other piercings. You can try putting bandaids or soft medical/bandadge tape over the piercing, so you're not poked by the earrings' stems. If you were pierced with the gun, you have extra-long stems, which is one of many reasons not to get pierced by the gun.. If it's the soreness from the act of piercing, there's not much you can do, but it passes. Try sliding down your pillow, so your ears are hanging off your pillow. I've done that. Sometimes after your head has been on the pillow for a few minutes, the pain chills. You can also try sleeping with no pillow, or a flat one, which helps keep a different part of your head resting on the bed. You can take Tylenol, ibuprofen, or other OTC pain meds to help manage the pain as well.Your piercings will heal. It's going to take some time, and there will be pain, but it passes. Good luck!

Can I go a day without wearing earrings? I’ve had a piercing for a month and a half. Will it close up if I don’t wear them?

New piercings have to be kept open. As far as your body is concerned it is a wound, and your flesh will attempt to heal it.Get yourself a tiny pair of gold or sterling posts that you can just leave in 24/7, changing them out whenever you want to wear something more dramatic.

I pierced my ears five days ago and I have to take my earrings out for five hours. Will they close?

I got my left ear pierced while I was in the army. The army didn’t appreciate it, and I was ordered to remove the stud by some NCO.But I didn’t want to give up the piercing, so I took a paper clip, and removed a length long enough to keep it open but not be seen. I was sure to sanitize my hands and the length of metal before inserting it. Occasionally I would move the piece of metal around a bit to keep the ends of the piercing open. After a few days the piercing set and I was able to wear an earring while not in uniform.

How long should you keep earrings in after piercing a child's ear?

It's sad that they made the "No Jewerly Rule" for the kids and their sporting events. Normally, after you pierce ears, you shouldn't take them out before 6 weeks. So she should be ok to take them out for a 2hour game. As long as they do not hurt when you start to take them out, she should be fine. Just make sure you really clean them before putting them back in. There was an 11 year old girl at a volleyball game that I recently went to that had to take her new earrings out. She took them out for about an hour and a 1/2 and was fine putting them back in afterwards.

Can I change my earrings 4 weeks after piercing?

There is a reason the standard is six weeks. That reason is, that nearly all earlobes have the tissue density and type to heal properly in that amount of time, and nearly all bodies have the correct healing response to do likewise. That said, I have seen people for whom 6 weeks is not enough. It stands to reason that there are certainly people for whom less than six weeks is adequate. But, there's no way to know into which group you fall, unless you've tried before with a piercing, and it didn't work out.While you might be fine after 4 weeks, it is far more advisable you wait the whole six.

Lump in my ear after getting it pierced and taking the earring out for the first time.?

So i had my left ear pierced a while back at Claires because it closed up. and decided that it would be okay to take it out now after about 7 weeks. and stupid me did clean it nearly as often as i should have. When i took it out i had a huge lump in my ear and it was bleeding ,i cleaned it out with the disinfectant, and then I tried to put an earring in and i couldn't get it through. please tell me what the heck the lump is and that my ear didn't just seal up all over again, cause i do not want to of wasted 30 dollars on 1 ear, because my other is still pierced and i'll look like an idiot with one earring in.