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I Had A Huge Fight With My Family How Do I Get Things Back To Normal

Why do families fight?

It's normal for families to fight. Every family has their own rules, which remain unspoken. Families operate as a system and fight to regain homeostasis in the event of a rift. If something bad happens, for example, one member may shout and another may pacify, etc. This behavior will continue until homeostasis is achieved, that is, until everything goes back to normal and the household calms down.Other family patterns include triangulation. When one family member is distressed, he or she looks to another to help resolve the conflict. For example, a newly married female may turn to her mother when distressed with her husband, creating a triangle. If the mother meddles too much, it creates more conflict between the husband and wife’s relationship or at the very least, freezes their conflict in place, as they’re not working on resolving theit issues together. It doesn't occur to anyone to articulate what’s going on and they may not be objectively aware of the conflict. This is why people should avoid triangulation and other unhelpful stances, once they recognize the patterns.It’s normal for families to have conflicts; how they resolve them is key. This is why it's helpful to understand the underlying dynamics.

Please help me! My whole family just got in a huge fight?

I'm so sorry! That's terrible I think that all u can do is be a support to your little brother. Be careful around your dad. When my parents fight I go to my room and call my best friend or my boyfriend. Maybe you should have anpeivate talk with just you and your mom. You need to tell her that you know about his addiction. If she doesn't know, she should. Your dad may need some professional help with his gambling addiction. Just remember that it's a family problem so you shouldn't tell everyone.
Good Luck ;)
Kaylee <3

16 years old and had a huge fight with my mum.?

Aw, I'm so sorry sweety. My mom has those days. It's days when she's SO stressed out, and any little thing I do spills her cup. She did wrong in cussing so much and talking to you in such a way. You might've wanted to keep your anger down and say something like, "Mom, what's going on? I love you, I don't like seeing you like this. It hurts me, you make me feel so small." That's what I do :) Then my mom says, "You know what honey, I'm sorry. I've had a bad day." But, I comprehend. It's hard when someone hits your guts. Say sorry to her and slightly demand her to explain. Give her a note when you leave to school with something like this:
'Mom, I'm sorry. I don't know why you treated me like you did, I don't know what I did wrong. We all have problems but, I'm still your daughter, and you're still my mother. It's my duty to love you, and forgive you. Please, let me know what's going on. I came from your womb, I have a right to love you. Forgive me if I did something you didn't like."

It'll melt her heart, and make her think about what SHE did wrong. trust me, it works! Good luck! Always remember to forgive :) Or you'll live a Fu*ked up life :D (isolated and lonely)

Help! My parents had a HUGE fight!?

Hi, Today my parents had a HUGE fight, In a car, that my dad was driving, right in front of me (12) and my brother (4) Yeah. My mom was just telling my dad to stay away from certain people at work because they're up to no good but my dad starts yelling BLAH BLAH BLAH, then he starts getting the wrong idea! my mom was layed off and is staying home now, and he's yelling about how all my mom wants is money and stuff but thats not true! and he's saying how my mom's always asking him if he's working overtime and stuff and both me and my mom know that she's just asking so she knows what time to make dinner! and he made me and my mom cry, like WTF! and i couldn't stop crying for HOURS it stops, then comes back, then stops, then comes back, same with my mom, and so im really scared because in the car my mom got so angry (and probably her harmones were acting up) she said "THEN WE'LL KEEP OUT MONEY SEPERATE, WHOEVER GOT LIFE, LIVES FOR THEMSELF" and that was the worst thing in the whole fight. and my dad agreed. and i couldn't stop crying, after that one quote. Then when we got home my dad saw me crying and he yelled at me " CRY YOUR BUTT, I'LL DIE FOR YOU TO SEE AND SHE CAN HAVE ALL THE F***** MONEY SHE WANTS" and btw, they just got back together from ANOTHER minor fight they had... :\ and, my dad is really violent... when he's mad he does all kind of mad *** things like drive really fast, or slams doors, windows, ect, once he even slamed the light switch off and broke the outside of it. stupid much... And i know my mom still loves him, but they now he calls my mom "HER" and my mom calls my dad "HIM" i havn't talked to my dad since the fight, because i blame him for like 75% of the fight, he probably has anger problems... and then i started thinking about it again and cried, and my mom said Why are you crying? You crazy? and then she said When you grow up you'll work and take care of me right? and i started crying even more and she's like, ITS TRUE! i dont think me and "HIM" can pull it along for too long. and i ran out the door and jumped on my trampoline and started crying. I have no clue what to do, please help!

I had a huge fight with my wife?

Sounds like your wife and sister need to go to counselling and get that part of the issue worked out.

My mom wont give me back my phone (cell), Who is right in this fight?

Your mother always knows the best for you, and I think you should trust her. It's good that you have someone to talk to, but she may be right about the trust wall thing. You should try to talk to your family more about that kind of stuff. You shouldn't be up that late anyways, sleep can really improve your grades, believe me! If you really feel like talking on the phone to her really help you with problems and stuff, then just tell her that you can limit your talking time, and that you really try hard in school and that she needs to trust you. If she wants to build a wall of trust, then she needs to trust you as well, not just you trust her. Just try to limit your time, cos it'll help with your grades, and hopefully it'll keep your mother happy.