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I Had A Strange Nightmare.

Wellbutrin strange dreams and nightmares?

Have you had these (when you can finally sleep due to the insomnia) from taking Wellbutrin. Last night (more like this morning) I had a series of bizarre dreams. In one of them I was on a cliff when a couple I do artwork for came onto the cliff to tell me they liked the curtains I sewed them (I don't sew). But they were returning them to make me wrap them creatively, Then Barbara Walters walked into my dream, grabbed a glass of champagne and said she was off to the symphony! I am an artist and have an imagination but this sh*t is getting weird. Does it go away or will Donald Trump be making a cameo appearance tonite?

Can strep cause nightmares?

My daughter has strep and last night she had a strange nightmare. She looked awake but she was talking out of her head. She was walking around the house turning on the lights and talking about killing dinosaurs. After it was over she became very upset and was crying. Today she says she doesn't remember much about it. Was this because of her fever or from the strep? The same thing happened about 2yrs ago when she had strep and the doctor said it was just a bad dream. I'm very confused please help.

I have strange nightmares. What does it mean?

So, all of my nightmares have the same killer every time. It is always Ghostface from the Scream movies. I am a huge fan of the movies and have watched them uncountable times. They are my favorite. [I'm 16 by the way] I can't remember the last time I had a nightmare that didn't have Ghostface in it. I have been watching the Scream movies a lot lately, since I am getting revved up about Scream 4.[I check a Scream fansite a lot for updates on the filming, etc.] But anyway, so I have these dreams at least twice a week, always different, same killer. I am sooooooooo terrified by Ghostface, but I love it, which is why I allow myself to watch it. I can't do a lot of things [like step outside at night] because I am scared of Ghostface stabbing me. My fright of anything is always Ghostface. Ever since I was a little girl when I first saw the movies and grew up watching them. So what is with my always having these nightmares. Is it because I love the Scream movies? It scares me to death, and I don't know why I love them so much. Why do I love something that scares me so much and gives me so many nightmares?


I had a strange dream last night about a man who was obsessed with me. What does it mean?

This dream appears to be about lack of control more than anything else. And based on the severity of the dream, it tells us that you feel pretty strongly about the lack of control.In your real life, you are probably being forced into an action that you don't want to take. Either you are currently being forced to take that action, or you have a fear that you might be forced in the near future.Looks like you have been able to dodge the force (when you dodged the arrow) once or more, but don't believe that you will be able to dodge it for too long and will eventually have to give in to it. Sex/rape is about power more than it is about physical pleasure. The fact that you dreamt about it means two things:1. You believe that you lack the strength to resist the force.2. You believe that the only way you can live without the guilt of taking that action is to be forced into it.All the best.

Strange sexual dream or nightmare? (Long and descriptive)?

I'm 13 years old, and a girl. I'm a virgin. But, I had a strange dream last night, that I invited two guys to my house, and they were about 17 years old. We hung out for a while in my room, but then suddenly one of the guys picks me up by my shoulders, and the other picks me up by my feet, so I can't escape, and they're trying to sexually assault me or ehm, rape? I escape without them doing anything by running out of my room into the bathroom, and I had barley enough time to lock the door before they had a chance to come in. The door didn't lock correctly, and the two guys got in, so I ended up having to run all over the house, hiding from them. Finally, my parents got home from whatever they were doing, and I ran and hid behind them and told them the what the two guys were trying to do. They got after the guys and they went home, no police or any charges happened though in the dream. The next day, I called up one of the guys and told him he could come over and we could have sex if it was done naturally and not forcefully, so he ended up coming over and we had sex. Throughout my dream, I had sex with 2 or 3 more guys, just casually. There wasn't any romance or love involved with anything. In my dream, I remember thinking to myself that sex wasn't a big deal, just a game. I woke up really confused, because the dream really made me think.

Are there any good dream interpreters that could explain this dream? I wasn't sexually abused in my past, but when I was younger, I was curious and experimented things with my friend. It wasn't against my will or anything, but I do remember regretting it and feeling disgusted about it later.

Why do we have weird nightmares?

It's just the things we are feared of. Don't worry rumors tells that we have been contacted by spirits or blah blah blah . But science clears the concepts, Nightmares are the beliefs happened to you in your daily life or have been realized or dreamt of something that you never been through this activity comes directly from brain and makes you feared. So be safe take care.It is said that dreams are a movie of our desires, thoughts and wishes. Sometimes an incident which left a mark on our subconsious mind.If you stumble on a weird thought, porn or a story, chances are you’ll enjoy that experience again when you hit the bed.Ofcourse those dreams means little and lots of time are just a dreams not a future revealing clue provided by God because you are humanity’s last hope.When you wake uo from rollercoster ride in dreams, laugh and get on ith your schedule. No point on fretting over something that happen in realm lf dreams.If you like it upvote and If you dislike comment I will definitely reply and don't forget to follow Thanks:)

What is the craziest nightmare you have ever had?

I have had some dreams that some people would call nightmares, to me they are fun and I like having dreams where I am being chased by zombies. I only had one strange dream when I was young. They do not bother me because I am logical and rationalise all the time. I am the heroic type, I am a fighter. I do not run from my enemies, I fight or escape and then return to give them a beating. I have had some strange dreams, most people would wake up. I stay for the show, it is like a Virtual Reality show.Awesome.Robert.

I had A Horrible nightmare?

Its 5am in california USA and im awake bc of a dream. This often happens to me. I have nightmares frequently. This night i had a dream that everything in the world was strange. I lived in a huge house with windows as walls to where i could see everything outside but no one could see inside. Well im walking home and theres a carnival coming to town and i see a man abusing two women. I didnt stop to help bc he had a gun and for whatever reason the cops never even entered my mind. Anyways, i get home and my husband and i go to a gas staton, except i dont remember going there nor having the car with me. The abusive man is sitting in a chair with a girl next to him in the middle of the gas station. A mexican man then sits near him in another chair. Somehow my husband recognizes the abusive man as if he experienced seeing him earlier, not me. The mexican man is ready to start a fight with him but somehow we are the abusive mans target. He follows us to another area and begins to fight my husband. I get a glass bottle and hit him in the head repeatedly to no avail. Im always weak in my dreams. I can scream properly. I cant ever save anyone. Well anyways, the man begins to bite my husband and "eat" him in a way. He eats my husbands fingers and he begins to chew on his chest. My husband is in pain but everything i do doesnt even bother the man. I yell for someone to call 911 at a restaurant door but no one is helping and the mexican man is no where to be seen. I wake up after i decide to rip his balls off to get him off my husband (i didnt do it yet, it was only a thought). Why do i dream such disgusting strange things? It really scared me. I have dreams that are worse than this too. Do they have meaning? Sorry this is so long.

What are some weird nightmares you had?

Here’s one.So me, my brother and my cousins were crossing the road when suddenly a car appeared and almost killed us. We started running into the woods. After a while, we headed off in a cemetery. My siblings out-runned me and I got pushed into a coffin. A person, who was completely covered in black appeared and told me:It’s time.And I replied with: NO! Please, don’t do it Grim Reaper.My eyes started to close in the dream as if I was to die. A few moments later, I woke up.It was seriously one of the scariest dreams I’ve ever had. Still, to this day, I don’t know what this dream means…Here’s another one.So the dream started with me playing video games. It was normal. Until….I heard knocking on the door. Oh everything was dark, as well… So then I could see light come out of my door. Slowly, I walked closer and tried to open it.What could there be on the other side? - I asked.Suddenly, the door opened and somehow I got in Egypt. It was amazing and obviously very different than today. So.. There were the pyramids and I , YES ME, SAW how the pyramids were build! And it was just how scientists explained it. The whole process was basically wetting the sand to pull heavy objects and using rope to tie it! Sounds simple but, it wasn’t. They were tired, unhappy, sad. I could see it in their eyes.You might ask, what’s scary about this? Well, it was scary how I could look how they worked but, no. This wasn’t the actual scary part.This is,The pharaohs saw me and gave orders to kill me. Everyone started attacking me. You know those ropes Egyptians used to have and attack if slaves weren’t working? Well, they used those.. And something like this:Image Source: [Google Images]At the end, I had nowhere to go. They out- numbered me. One of the Egyptians waved his um sword at me and BOOM! I woke up.What could this mean, also? That is the question.