I Had Diarrhea And Now I

Dog has had diarrhea for several days?

My dog has had diarrhea for several days now and I'm starting to worry. As soon as he comes in he is rubbing his butt on my floor. A few days ago stopped eating and refused to eat or drink, that lasted about a few hours and he now eats and drinks just fine. He is still having diarrhea not sure what to do. I also noticed his butt is a little red and bleeding. I read to just make sure to clean his butt up after he used the bathroom and to just make sure he eats and drinks. Is there anything I can do to help or must I go to the vet?

Diarrhea during period?

Hey, don't worry, yeah it sucks and it's embarrassing, but I've had my period for 6 years now and I always get diarrhea with my period every day and a day before it starts with headaches all the time. It's actually normal to have diarrhea with your period because there's a chemical going on with it. I read about it in cosmo once and I felt relieved because I wasn't the only one. If you take a Motrin with it, it'll help and with the water, just keep drinking as much water as possible. If you don't like drinking plain water, make a big pitcher of Crystal Light any flavor that you prefer and that will actually help you keep drinking water. As they say in the commercials: "Women who drink Crystal Light, drink 20% more water than recommended." So then that way you're getting enough. Try steering clear from pop and caffeinated beverages which may suck if you usually drink a lot of coffee or pop but trust me it helps. I don't know what to help you with the nausea. That's a little something I don't know about personally have you tried eating Saltine Crackers? Annoying and bland I know but it might help. You might have also gotten a stomach virus with it which really bites, I've had that happen to me before. Just take it easy, it'll go away after four days or so. The best thing to do is ride it out and if you're still having problems afterwards I suggest seeing a doctor because there might be something more serious going on. I hope this helped!

Got diarrhea from eating McDonald's food?

9 times out of 10 diarrhea has a viral or environmental cause, not something you've eaten. If it's something wrong with what you've eaten odds are more likely that you'll be vomiting instead. I wouldn't recommend that you assume it was the McD's food that upset your stomach. Give 'em another shot. If you have troubles three or four time from the same place then you can be sure that they're to blame, otherwise you could have picked it up from anywhere.

I had diarrhea and now I'm constipated?

Gross I know but bear with me, I'm starting to get scared?!?! Earlier I had a burrito from chipotle and I guess it didn't agree with my stomach and was going back and fourth to the toilet. Now it's 5 in the morning ( US time ) and I can't sleep because Im constipated. My stomach hurts a little and im tired. Please any advice? What are some good foods to eat to help with constipation?

I've had diarrhea for four days straight. What should I do?

You have survived the diarrhoea for four days; I don’t think it will kill you any time soon. Still, drink plenty of Rice-Based Oral Rehydration Salts (ORS) or normal ORS to replenish the electrolytes. It will also relieve you of muscle and joint ache.If you have flatulence and stinky farts, you are probably suffering from an intestinal infection by E. coli or S. dysenteriae or some kind of amoeba. See the doctor and get necessary antibiotic therapy as soon as possible.DO NOT try to constipate the stool. Diarrhoea is a defensive mechanism. When you have something bad (an infectious agent or exotoxin) in your intestine, your body tries to flush it all out through diarrhoeal discharge. Diarrhoea will stop automatically when the intestine is cleansed. If you constipate the stool before the toxins or infectious bacteria is cleared, those things will impart their very damaging effects on your system, that your body is trying to prevent from happening. All you have to do is STAY ALIVE until it stops.Hope it helps.

Diarrhea after having sex please help?

omg! this happened to me to, don't worry! it's just because your vagina walls are right next to your anus walls, and his dick.just kinda shoved your poop back up the tube, and kind of clogged it, and that results in diarrhea... as awkward ad it sounds, it happened to me to, and that's what the doctor told me, but he said it in a more sophisticated way. I got that ony two more times after having sex