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I Hate It When Fat People Take My Frosty.

Why do so many old people drive Buicks?

Value for money, good quality and reliable - Buick was chosen to be the main model GM sells in ChinaVery low key - as a result, I only have one speeding ticket in 10 years.Many old people buy Buicks because they don't want to be seen as rich, which is the reaction that a Cadillac or high end Germany car can produce.Many buy Buicks because they can't afford a Cadillac of Lincoln.Notice how that works....Very comfortable and quiet for long drives - this makes a huge difference in how you feel, if you have to drive 400 miles. Buick spent a lot of effort making the seats comfortableWe have a Buick Regal GS (4th Generation)  - that's Supercharged, and with a more competent and less marshmallow suspension system, and pretty good brakes.  Monsoon sound system has good fidelity, and can be loud, and the car itself is quiet.Wiikipedia article on the Buick Regal4th generation...Fast off the line....0 to 60 times of about 7.3 to 7.7 secondsSome of the car buff magazines got aggressive (and abusive) and got 0 to 60 in about 6.8 or 6.5 seconds.That's for the Supercharged (GS version, LS is conventional) version.LS version is about 1.5 to 2 seconds slower.If you need to pass someone, or go up a steep hill, you can do it with confidence.Is is a sports car ? No, but has the power when you need it - at the same time has a huge trunk.At a steady 65 mph, it will get up to about 27-28 miles per gallon.At 75-80 mph, that comes down to the low 20 miles per gallon.There is a enough to carry four big adults in comfort.Would I buy another one just like this ?  Yes...The newer generation Regals are a little smaller, but also get better gas mileage, and some versions have better handling and brakes.5th generation -based on the Opel insignia -*****If you are young, single person, consider looking at the 4th generation Regals, Centuries, and Park Avenues, the bigger Buicks.Go sit in the back seat. Comfortable and a LOT of room.For some people, savings on a hotel room may compensate for having to buy a little more gasoline.

Self conscious about scar on my wrist. . . . past suicide attempt?

when i was 6 i lived with my mom who was a meth addict (i wont go into detail about what happened) but i hpnestly wanted to die and one night after my cousins told me that you could die from cutting your wrist i decided i was going to do that right after i ran to my sisters room screaming and had to get 6 stiches

now im 14 and im super self conscious about the scar on my wrist even though its hardly noticable even to people who i point it out to but to me it always sticks out and im forced to always wear long sleeve shirts because im always afraid people will see it

how do i get over this or lessen it?

Would a narcissist ruin your happiness if something good happened to you?

Of course. This is what they do anything good that happens for you they take great delight in ruining it. Its wonderful supply for them to feed off your emotional responses. The more they can sting you the more you get wounded and depressed the better they feel. Their aim is to ruin your life by belittling you, your job, your promotion (you only got the promotion because no one else applied or you were will to work for far less money than the others in the same role ) , your exam results (you only passed because they were very lenient this year) , your new hair cut( well I wouldn't say its nice but it's better than it was - back handed compliment ) , your weight loss (did you loose weight I didn't notice or should you be eating that I'm only saying it because I know you want to loose weight and you did tell me that time when you were crying that you hate the way you look and feel so fat - I'm just looking out for you (covert narcissism)Every grain of happiness you have they will take it away in an instant either with a sly facial expression, rolling eyes, a sigh, a frosty snappy comment or ignoring your good news or comparing you to someone else or their own good news

If cats can't taste sweetness, why does my cat love ice cream?

Cats, being obligate carnivores, don't need to be able to taste sweet things, so their taste buds which detect sweetness are turned down to the point of being non-functional. They will therefore not deliberately seek out sweet things - and neither will they avoid them.Ice cream, cheese, and other dairy products contain high quantities of fat, however, and as carnivores cats adore fats. So your cat is likely seeking the fat content of the ice cream more than the sugar, lol. Just be very very careful giving dairy products to cats, as it can mess with their tummies and give them nasty diarrhea (which, as the cat's personal staff, will be YOUR responsibility to clean up). Plus, some artificial sweeteners are very dangerous to cats.There are frozen desserts specially made for our pets (one brand in the US is called Frosty Paws, and I'm sure there are others) that are lactose-free and are made just for them. If you can find them in your area, your cat's reaction to a little tub of creamy frozen goodness will be YouTube worthy, lol.The other concern besides health is habits - namely, allowing your cat to eat "people food" because it's cute will likely lead to the cat becoming rather picky and demanding in its dietary habits, and any cat owner can tell you that once this habit starts, it's a booger to break. Cats are willful, stubborn, independent critters and a battle of wills can take months or even years to remedy - during which neither of you will be particularly happy with the other. Set boundaries, stick to them consistently, and try not to let your cat nibble your foodies no matter how funny or cute it is. It stops being cute when they scatter their kibble and go after your chicken boobs on the counter.

I feel very insecure about my nationality?

Don't worry about Japanese people who will hate you because that's something you're going to experience in any country. Get along with people who like you the way you are, but it is not surprising that Japan invaded Korea and they have never recognized their atrocities against Koreans. Don't forget that you are a guest in Japan, but integrate and at the same time, be proud of your country and the values Korea can offer. South Korea is advanced, it is a free country, it has fundamental values. Be proud of your country and don't be ashamed of it. I live in Denmark, and many Danes use the word Neger to me, which is the N-word in English and at the same time, there are lots of Danes and other Scandinavians who don't like French people and other foreigners as well, but I do what I can to adapt, not forgetting that I' am proud to be both French and Congolese, that is something no one can take away from me. If you don't feel comfortable in Japan, just try to put your insecurities aside and focus on your studies, until you will feel ready to leave the country and go anywhere else where people will be more acceptable of you. Even in your country, you will find foreigners who deal with similar insecurities because some people don't like them for who they are. You are a great person and find value in the things you do with your life. At the end of the day, we all have this only life here on this planet. Don't let it pass you by.

Anyone else get bloated up after Taco Bell?

It's probably the beans. I usually feel bloated and very full after eating at any mexican food place. But it's worth it.

I'll tell you something funny that happened to my daughter almost 3 years ago. I was out in North Carolina waiting for her to have her second baby. We went to Taco Bell one day with her husband and her 1 1/2 year old.

About 20, maybe 30 minutes after we ate, my daughter went into labor. Honest to goodness. Ever since then, when we want to go to Taco Bell, I tease her about going into labor after having food from there.

Have a good day. :)