I Hate My Roomate And I Feel Inferior To Him

I hate my roommate, what should I do?

So my roommate is kind of annoying. First of all he snores, and some nights he wakes me up 3 or 4 times. I tried earplugs but they're uncomfortable and they don't help if he's snoring loudly. So I would start making noise until he wakes up and stops snoring.. I feel like that's kinda mean. Second, he uses his iphone as an alarm clock and keeps it right next to his pillow, but sometimes it would ring for like a minute before he wakes up, and it's pretty goddamn loud, and it wakes me up before it wakes him up. I mean it's right next to his ear! How can he not hear it? This happens even the second or third time it rings, after he snoozes it.
There's this special tape that's like a putty that I use to tape my posters to the wall, but it's not very strong and they fall from time to time. Every time they fall, he tries to make fun of me like, Oh, you still using that tape? I'm like, mind your own f*cking business. Why the f*ck does he care if my posters fall? I've already told him several times that the posters would get damaged if I used any other kind of tape, but he still keeps commenting on it.
Before, every time I left the room he would ask me where I'm going, and he would also tell me where he's going, like I care. He seems unable to have lunch or dinner alone, and I think he calls everyone on his contact list (including me), until someone agrees to have dinner with him. I could go on.. You know how when you start to hate someone you hate every single detail about them? I'm not gonna get into the things that probably wouldn't bother me otherwise, like the fact that he plays some game on his iphone for hours on end (I would understand if it's Call of Duty or WoW or something, but what iphone game could possibly be that fun?), but the least he can do is let me sleep in peace at night. So, what should I do? He's Chinese btw. And he's not even good at math. FML

I hate my roommate .. i feel guilty?

Blah.... Whatever. People suck, annoying, competitive, lie, jealous, not smart. You found on of those people - right? They don't seem to care about you. You can try to figure out why. Ask more questions here I guess. You must have liked them for a while even if they always treated you poorly. "Bite the bullet" (Man/Woman up/Grow up).... One more semester they are gone for good. Why feel bad/guilty. Ignore them.... Drink a shot of tequila if you have to deal with them or smoke (Really). If something is available to take off a bit of stress.... Listen to music, ignore them

Kicking them out will make for a horrible 1-2 months, right? The next 1-2 months will be bad/worse. Just deal with it and happily remove them from your life on good terms forever. If you need them ever again, you did ok, you left on ok terms. You do this knowing you are the better/best person. Is it tough? Yes.... Is it "fair" (for you?) probably not. life is not always fair......

I hate my roomates, what should I do?

I feel like I'm being gossiped about and teamed up against. I'm the only black guy in a dorm of all white students so I don't know if that's part of the problem. I know that when I do try to speak to them, it's like everyone takes up sides against me should a debate ensue. Yesterday, when I greeted them, no one even greeted back, yet they seem to greet themselves. What should I do? silent treatment?

I read Tips to Get Along with Your Roommate and use this information successfully.

I HATE my boyfriend's roommate?

My boyfriend and I have been together for almost a year. When we first stared dating he lived with his parents and we saw each other on the weekends, then about a month or two after we started dating he got his own place, and he lived alone. We still saw each other on the weekends and sometimes through the week. When he got his own place his friends started coming over a lot! especially his one friend drake. Whom I have also been friends with for a long time, i didnt really mind except for the fact that he was there all the time. Drake does not have his license nor a car, and still lives with his mom (at the time) but does have a job. One night we were all hanging out as usual, me, my boyfriend, and Drake who was always there now that my boyfriend had his own place. Then Drake gets drunk and tells me and my boyfriend this sap story about how him and his mother dont get along and he feel's that he supports her (because he pays the phone bill for him and his mothers cell phones) and he just wants to get out of there. So my boyfriend (without even discussing it with me) tell's Drake he can move in. So he does. & about a month after moving in with my boyfriend Drake quit his job! So now here's the problem, Drake lives rent free with my boyfriend, my boyfriend pays all the bills and pays for food, & totally supports Drake. Drake still doesnt have his license and and has people over every night partying and my boyfriend cant get to sleep and is late for work the next day. Drake also brings his girlfriend over and they have sex every where in the house, my boyfriends bed, the shower! & he leaves his dirty condom rappers laying around! He's a slob and won't clean for anything! It make's me so unconfortable because I hate filth so I clean! Im the maid pretty much! My boyfriend has no back bone and will not say anything to him, he just complains to me about his roommate, but gets defensive when i confront Drake in any way! My boyfriend and I plan to move in together this summer! My boyfriend told Drake he could move in until I decide to move in, this summer. But I hate his roommate so much, the only time me and my boyfriend fight is over Drake! So i feel like by the time summer come's our relationship wont be at that level. What should I do? because the fighting over Drake is pulling us apart!

It's better if you dump this idea from your mind because searching for ideas will fill you with negative thoughts and energy,and they will harm you ultimately.I guess if you hate him/her,he/she also hates you so what you can do is be productive,make yourself better than him/her, hard work and leave her/him to jealous from your achievements.P.S.- All the best.

You need to reflect why did you date him on the first place? Was it purely because you assumed you boyfriend is a superior alpha male? Or because you liked something about him, or maybe you love him.The definition of inferior and superior is unclear to me on many levels. Your quality sets can be entirely different from your boyfriend’s. His can be different from yours. There are things he might not know. Your responsibility as a partner is not to pick out his inferiority but contribute in his growth to overcome that inferiority. If there is. A relationship is not a competition. It's a contribution. It's perfectly okay to have a partner who is inferior to you.This is the problem with us today. We make so much feminist noise, and yet there comes a man, less dominant, and we think he is a vegetable. We have an idea about what feminism is, but we have still not overcome the subjective belief of a male dominant society.A man doesnt have to captain the ship. Men have every right to look up to their partners to be the leading one. They can very well stay in her shadows.But importantly, a man and woman's existence is incomplete without each other, so is true for every other living organism. We can not exist without each other. And we can't all be good at everything. Everyone comes with a different package.We need to accept and give love to every diverse being we come across, in order for life to thrive. Because beyond relationships and people, life is the binding thread.If we could see the larger picture of human existence, there will be lesser breakups and even lesser murders or suicides.This is not meant to be a spiritual advice. But I never met a person who is flawless. Hence I don't think branding someone as inferior would be right because then we would be assuming ourselves as superior, which would imply we are flawless, but which we are not. :)

Why do I hate my roommate so much?

hi coox, shame sounds like you really have a dilemma on your hands. sounds like to me, this roommate seems too good to be true, all the things you say about him are good, he has done nothing wrong, easy to live with etc...there just are some people who seem like they have everything perfect, all under control, no hassles, don't do anything wrong, bla bla bla, people like that make people like us feel, bad just because they look so good... i dont really think you hate him, if you hated him you would not feel bad for hating him...the very essence of the fact that you are bothered about the way you feel about him, means that you don't hate him...silly child....he might just make you feel inadequate or weaker or useless which will obviously make you feel bad.....don't stress lovey....try and get to know him, and i am sure that once you learn that he does have problems, and that there are things that bother him, you will find that he becomes less of a problem for you..in the meantime just enjoy your school...and chill...!!!!

I hate my roommates boyfriend, What should I do?

This is a tough one. If your roommate is also your best friend, then your loyalty should be to her, but at the same time, continuing as roommates puts you in the position of deciding whether to talk to your roommate about her bf's attitude and how he treats her.

I think I would act in the best interests of your best friend/roommate by taking advantage of a quiet moment to sit her down and tell her how you feel. Give her specific examples of what you have witnessed and what you classify as behavior that is disrespectful to her, or situations where he uses her. After all, if you have correctly assessed this relationship, most likely she doesn't see it that way and could do with a cold dose of reality. Secondly, this is one of those budding partnerships that can turn into an abusive relationship and lead to serious injury both physically and emotionally for your roommate. So making her aware of what she may be letting herself in for could possibly be saving her life.

On the other hand, if she takes the news badly and refuses to believe you or to acknowledge the obvious, then you can tell her with a clear conscience that you cannot stand by and watch that happen, and that you are going to move in with another roommate next year.

She will either understand and approve of that, or she will take the information you offer to heart and make the bf tow the line or move on.

I know that sounds pretty simple when you reduce it to words on paper, but I also know how difficult this will be for you no matter what you decide to do. If I can be of any help in the future, please feel free to email me.