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I Have 5 Contracts With Orange Have Had One Complaint And The Way Customer Services Talk To Is

Is orange juice good when having flu and cold?

Very good.
The flu or cold depletes you body of fluids and vitamin C.
Oranges are a good source of Vit C and juice is a good way to rehydrate yourself. So if you mix the oranges to the juice you are kind of hitting 2 birds with one stone. So as to say..
It also helps replace other lost electrolytes.

Among SFR, Free, Orange and Bouygues, which one is the best for a foreign student moving to Paris, France?

As soon as you have a bank account (checked here yet? Avec Compte-Nickel, passez au compte sans banque ) and a valid (postal) address, open an account by Free Mobile and check whether you need the 19.90 € all inclusive subscription, or the 2.00 € basic subscription with 2 hrs talks and unlimited SMS…

Need Help! :*( PLEASE!Choose the item that is a complete sentence.?

Complete sentences:
1. Throughout the long night.....etc. is a complete sentence because after the long introductory phrase, it has a main clause: the debate will begin.
2 Wait. It has a verb wait, the You is understood. It is an order. You wait.
3 The sentence fragment is six pots of paint on the table. There is no verb, Hence it is only a fragment.
4. The subject is star
5. The complete subject is Waves of long green grass.
6. The simple subject is friends. Several and Larry's are modifiers
7. Should have asked for is the complete predicate.
8. Has already been done is the complete predicate
9. The simple predicate is would have been completed.
10 Subjects are Dan and one.
11. Verbs are went, bought and wrapped.
12 Standing guard by the door were three plastic pink flamingos is the sentence in inverted order.
13. On top of the television sat an alabaster fish
14. Fragment: He understanding for the first time the power of discipline.
15. Fragment: Although they had never visited the old fort before...
16 dock, Riki. The comma is incorrect. There should either be a period or a semi colon since there are two complete sentences. The period would probably be the best choice in this case.
17 blew the. This should either be The damp, chilly wind blew. The first cold front of fall had finally arrived. or The damp, chilly wind blew and the first cold front of fall had finally arrived.

OK so I did your homework. I hope you just don't copy it all down but that you really understand it.

I can't send text messages in my globe roaming sim card. Please can anybody help me.?

I bought this OFW sim Card at Globe Telecom office. Before i depart in the philippines i manage to activate my roaming sim card and it work in qatar where i had my connecting flight. It also work here in United Kingdom for a couple of days ( T-Mobile company) then what i notice after 5 days it change to O2 company where the probblem arise because i cannot send text messages but i can only receive. caan anybody help me with my problem? thank you very much.

How to get Lowe's to cancel a contract for renovations?

Is there a good way to get Lowe's to voluntarily terminate a contract that I signed for renovations, and refund most of my money?

I signed a contract for Lowe's to renovate my bathroom, and the contract provided for both materials and labor. I paid $20k. Immediately, Lowe's started becoming pretty unresponsive.

It turned out that more work needed to be done (as a requirement of the apartment building where I live), and so Lowe's told me that the price would be more.

It took 2 months (!) and multiple requests by me to get Lowe's to send me a one-paragraph email describing the additional work and cost.

I'm a lawyer and I know that I can terminate the contract on various grounds, but unfortunately the contract has a one-sided arbitration provision- meaning that if I terminate the contract, I'll get screwed by Lowes. So I need to find a way for Lowe's to be the one to offer to terminate it.

If I refuse to pay the additional amount for the additional work; if I hire another contractor to perform the additional work; or if I try to renegotiate the original contract, will Lowe's offer to terminate it and refund my money? If I let Lowe's know that they can terminate it and refund most of my money, will Lowe's agree?

Lowe's has just been slow and unresponsive and is trying to gouge me with this additional work, and so I have no hope that the work will be done in a reasonable time or done well; I'd like to just call it a day and part company, and use someone else.


How to get out of buy here pay here contract?

I was in a bad time where I had no other option but to sign to a Buy here pay here dealership no credit car was broke down no money to buy another so the dealer ship helped me out and took my broken down car as collateral and I payed the first loan of 1000 bucks to began my payments but they gave me a car that's worth 2400 retail and private party was only 3500 but I'm paying 400 a month till the end of 2017 to a total of 16000 dollars yes 1600 dollars I feel like I'm getting screwed up down left and right and if I'm even late one time they'll shut the car off tow it cash sell it add the towing to my payments and make me pay the remaining value is there any way to get out of this Madison Square Garden screw job??? Please help me I'm 21 and I pay more on the car then I do my rent

I lost my cellphone and SIM card. How can I active the same number on a new phone?

Go to the nearest RELATIONSHIP CENTRE of your carrier (AIRTEL, VODAFONE, etc.).Make sure you are visiting a relationship centre and not the retailer.Steps:Visit relationship centreTell them the issue (in written with the copy of FIR of lost phone). Lost phone police complaints can be made online these days.They will verify your old sim card details on their servers. If the details are found to be matching with your ID Proof then they would provide you a clone sim card within no time with the same number as that of your lost sim card.You will have to wait anywhere from 30 minutes to 48 hours in order to get networks on your new sim card.That’s it. Your visit would not be any longer than 30 minutes.FIR is optional too, you just need to do it in order to safely block the sim card so that your identity is not misused.Find my phone app and other services could also track your phone and police could even catch the culprit if you do the FIR. Keep hopes high, more phones than you can think are recovered by police everyday.

Is this National Youth Leadership Forum on Medicine (NYLF/MED) a scam?

They have a website:

And they are not a BBB (Better Business Bureau) accredited business. But the BBB did give them the grade of A. Check out this website:

Number of complaints processed by the BBB
in the last 36 months: 88
in the last 12 months: 56

Complaints Concerned:
Selling Practices (5 complaints)
5 Resolved
Advertising Issues (13 complaints)
13 Resolved
Service Issues (20 complaints)
18 Resolved
1 Delayed Resolution
1 Company made every reasonable effort to resolve
Customer Service Issues (1 complaints)
1 Resolved
Credit or Billing Disputes (1 complaints)
1 Resolved
Delivery Issues (12 complaints)
12 Resolved
Refund Practices (13 complaints)
8 Resolved
1 Delayed Resolution
4 Company made every reasonable effort to resolve
Product Quality (15 complaints)
14 Resolved
1 Company made every reasonable effort to resolve
Contract Disputes (8 complaints)
8 Resolved