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I Have A Boyfriend. And One Of His Friend Took His Phone And Said That Hunter Really Wanted To Kiss

My boyfriend is very affectionate with his MALE and GAY best friend! How do I break them apart?

Please do your boyfriend a favour and leave him. You should not even CONSIDER separating your boyfriend from somebody he obviously cares about. The fact that you DO want to do this marks you as a manipulative controlling person.

What you want to do is a HUGE red flag for future domestic abuse. Yes, sometimes women are the abusers, and you are on the path to becoming one. If you feel unable to change course, you need to protect your boyfriend from the person you are becoming before you seriously hurt him physically or emotionally.

My boyfriend took pictures up my dress!!!?

My boyfriend and I have been dating for over two years. We decided not to have sex until marriage. For the first year or so of our relationship, we were a little touchy feely - but never sex. Well, I became a pretty devoted christian the past several months, and decided that I don't want to engage in any sexual behavior. He tells me that he respects me, but I don't really think he does.

He can't even hug me without touching my butt.
He always trys to play with my underwear line.
He constantly wants to makeout rather than just kiss normally.

Additionally, anytime that I express this to him, he just says "FINE! I WON'T TOUCH YOU, HUG YOU, OR KISS YOU ANYMORE!" -even though it's not what I mean. I just want to hug normally and kiss with little, or no tongue. You know?

Well, we both go to the same college, and he came over to my dorm this morning. I was sitting at my computer desk, creating an advertisement, while he pulled up a seat next to me. I noticed that he was holding his phone, but not texting. The camera lens on his phone was facing directly to my legs (I am wearing a dress). He was acting like nothing was going on, but anytime I would change the position of my legs, he would point the thing again. I just acted like I didn't notice.

But then, I stood up, and we were getting ready to walk to class. While I was putting my books in my bag, he pretended to pick something up off the ground, with his phone directly underneath my dress!!! I went to the bathroom and started crying, but am too embarrassed to say anything!

WHAT DO I DO? I love him, but I can't believe he did this?!?! Does it sound to you like something was fishy, or should I not worry about it?

I am so embarrassed, hurt, and confused!

What would you do if your boyfriend/girlfriend kissed another girl/guy in truth ot dare?

he broke up with me. he said it was becasuse his mom didnt want to see us together..later at the same day he saidhe felt dum and wanted me back. he said that the true reason he broke up with me was that he didnt want to see me get hurt. he said him and his friends were playing truth or dare and they dared him to kiss another girl and he did. i was really hurt when he broke up with me and i am still confused. i said yes when he asked me back, but im not sure if i feel the same way for him since then. i do love him and alot but i dont know if hes worthy of my love....should i forgive him or break up with him.. what would you ppl do in this situation?

My brother's friend raped me twice. How do I cope with this?

Tbh, I don't believe you.

He treats me like his GF, but says he doesn't want a GF.?

This guy I've been living with for a year now, and who has subsequently become a best friend of mine treats me very much like I am his girlfriend.

Like, he takes me to dinner with both his parents (mom & step-dad / dad & step-mom). I've gone to his family's birthday's and been with them on holidays, etc...(They're all convinced we're a couple)

We go out on our own, movies, concerts, dinner, etc......
He compliments me tons and gives me random hugs and touches - the only thing he doesn't do is kiss me randomly*
We sleep together (both ways) every night - and he always, at least, has his legs/feet touching mine. If not, then we usually are sleeping holding each other face to face or spooning.

He also has a son who he even admits is "in love" with me. And has made arrangements to give me custody if anything were to happen to him.
On the family note* He's made such comments as how the 3 of us have "created a sort of nuclear family."

He has only once ever mentioned the idea of he & I having a "relationship" back when I was with my ex; saying: "If I were to actually try to steal anyone's girlfriend, you would be my first choice."

However, he will always also say how he hates relationships since his last one. And how he never wants a girlfriend, blah blah blah....then he retracts it saying it's just a bunch of "hot air" when he says that stuff. Then he goes right back into saying it....

Bottom line......he's confusing the heck out of me. I DO want him to like me and consider me for a relationship.
(Plus, he has his son to think about, and a constant coming & going of girls he could get attached to & then they leave him in the future wouldn't be good for him- and he recognizes this).

So, I guess my question is, does he probably like me and is probably just scared? Or does he just want me there to be a warm body?

Heh, actually, I have a lot of questions, but you can see where I'm going with this....I'd appreciate your insight. =)

Thanks in advance.

First Kiss Stories?

I waited 17 years to kiss someone. I wanted it to be perfect. I got made fun of all the time for just not 'going ahead' and kissing, but I didn't care. I wanted it to be a day I would never forget. Well, I finally met that guy in 10th grade, his name was Jeff. Well he never gave up trying to get me to kiss him, and I wanted to, but I was soooooo scared. One day I was about to leave his house to go home, and had to walk down his stairs to his basement, when get got in front of me and said 'I want to kiss you now and kiss you on every step down'. So that's when it happened. We kissed on every single step down the stairs. It was pretty amazing to say the least. I thought it was so romantic. Needless to say I kissed a few guys after that up until my senior year in high school. That's when I started dating my now husband, Joe, of 4.5 years. It was early 1999 when I started dating Joe. Our first date was to see 'The Other Sister', after our date, we talked for a long time. Then as he was about to drive me home, I asked him to stop at the library parking lot (the library was right before my house). There we talked more. I can't explain the feeling you get when you finally know you've found the 'the ONE' - it's unbelievable. Right there in the library parking lot, in his new Toyota Corrolla, we kissed. It was HIS first kiss ever. That was my FIRST kiss of true love. Nothing else compared. And I'm still kissing him to this day!
I regret my hubby not being my first actual kiss, I really wished I had waited those two extra years. But, as I said, that first kiss with my now hubby was my first REAL kiss anyway. Luckily all my other 'firsts' were with my hubby if you know what I mean! :)