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I Have A Boyfriend But I Think Im Falling For My Best Friend. Trust Me Its Complex So Can You Help

I have a boyfriend, but i am completely in love with my best friend.?

well this is a really complicated situation
.....who do you love more
..who would you picture yourself with in years to come
....whose the one who gives you butterfly
.......whose the one you cant see yourself with out
But if you breakup with your bf you might not have him in your life but is that a risk you are willing to take.
But if you stay with him everyting might remain the same and you might wonder what if....
sooo what im really telling you is whichever one you pick just make sure he is the one and the person is right for you and dont pick somebody just cause you owe them something pick them cause you love them
but yea the choice is really up to you

Am I cheating on my boyfriend by talking to a guy friend a lot?

“Circumstances don't change people,people change circumstances”Maybe this would sound bitter but you are not just cheating,but also looking for validation.The fact that you need to ask this question makes it very clear that your conscience is already aware of the fact that you're no longer committed to your boyfriend.You know what you're doing is not right.But knowledge does not equal acceptance.Each one of us have our own definitions of love,commitment,trust and loyalty. And these definitions change as per our circumstances and convenience. They shouldn't.You go as far as to say that in some ways you prefer your friend over your boyfriend and you still need us to tell you that that's not how its supposed to be in a relationship.I have been the guy who was friends with someone who already had a boyfriend and I have lost someone I loved to a new found friend of hers.Trust me,it hurts to be both.Be honest with yourself and come clean.First step is to accept it yourself. Next is to honestly talk to your partner about this.This is in no way to criticise you.People can fall out of love.Its not a crime.But to hold on to something which no longer is worth holding on for you,now that's not the right thing to do.

My best friends boyfriend sexually assaulted me?

My best friends boyfriend sexually assaulted me?
So, I was at a sleepover with a bunch of my friends, but my best friend couldn't come, because she had to work until eleven. and knew she would be tired after work. So we mostly played video games all night, until about one AM. Then, we decided to go to bed. I got a guest room, since my friend basically lives in mansion, and was trying to fall asleep when he ( my friends boyfriend) came in.

He said he was having trouble sleeping, and he wanted a massage from me. This is not an unusual occurence for me; I worked at a spa part time for a year, so I know what I am doing when it comes to massage. I said i would only give him a back massage, and he said fine. After a few minutes of this, he suddenly flipped around and pinned me down. I asked him what he was doing, and he said he would do what he wanted. He said if I screamed, we would end up getting everyone else up and make this much bigger then it needed to be. This struck me very hard, because I have a inferiority complex. I didnt know what to do, and he said all these things like that it was my fault for flirting with him all night. While this is true, I flirt with everyone. It's just my personalty. I started crying, but I didnt scream.

He grinded against me, made me give him a *******, and made me give him a ********. I was crying and begging him to stop the entire time, but he didnt listen. Eventually, though, he did stop, because I told him I was still a virgin, and he said he didnt want to get blood on the sheets. Then he left. He kept texting me during the week, saying it was my fault, and if we told my best friend, it would destroy her. I told him that she deserved to know the truth, despite what she might think, and that I would tell her the next day at school.

The next day, I woke up to a barrage of texts calling me a traitor, ****, and a liar from my best friend. He told her that i had purposefully seduced him, and that he had not wanted what had happened.I've tried telling her the truth, but she thinks i am lying and is going to end our friendship. I don't know what to do. Please someone help.

I have fallen in love with a girl, but she has a boyfriend. What do I do?

Why did you fall in love with someone who already has a boyfriend? Okay! I understand. It happens. So, start thinking about “What ifs” first.Assume you have proposed her. She has rejected you coz she already has a boyfriend. Nice girl she is! What got wasted now? Your feelings got wasted. Time wasted. Most important thing is you are heart broken.Assume that she accepted your proposal. Congratulations man!! Finally you got a girlfriend. But she ditched her boyfriend for you. Someday she will ditch you for someone else too. What's the guarantee?Assume she loves you back and she has a boyfriend too. What is she doing? She is cheating on her boyfriend. Someday she will feel guilty for her act and might leave both the guys.Let's say her boyfriend is an idiot but still she loves him. Then you have taken a step and proposed her. One fine day she has realized and accepted your proposal. Then Your love story has just begun.Assume you have proposed her. She told her boyfriend about this. He got pissed off with this. Now you know what to do! Run for your life.What if she politely rejects your proposal and says she doesn't want to lose you as friend? Will you be able to take it? If so, be a good friend of her.Assume that you love her truly even after she rejected your proposal. Will you start crying for her daily and ruin your career? Nah, you shouldn't. Life is much more than that girl who rejected you.Conclusion: If not Anushka Sharma, you might end up with Deepika Padukone tomorrow :DNever lose hope.Mi Amor!

I fell in love with my girl best friend. Should I tell her? How? When?

Believe me falling in love with your best friend is the most ecstatic feeling if the world. I am in love with my best friend and in a commited relationship for a year now. It feels awesome. A very different relationship than other people around you have. Now coming to your questions. You should not tell her ASAP. Because it may create a distance between both of you. It may not ruin your friendship if both of you are best friends.Now coming to the question of "How"? Dont tell her directly. Give her some hints first. If you are in very deep frienship it may be easy for you.For example ask her "Do you think two best friends can eventually fall in love with each other?"Observe how she reacts. :precaution: Only ask this if you are bestest of friends and she shares each and every thing with you and trust you to the fullest. If not then give some time and grow your friendship to the bestest of all.Now coming to the question "When" Now this is a really tough question. And have an interesting answer.Actually there is no perfect time. In "best friend turned love" relationships you dont fall for each other. One day you just realise that you are in love. You realise that what you thought as the best friendship of your life is actually in its own turned love. You dont know when will she realise so wait and grow your friendship to the epitome.  Tell her when you feel that she had some feelings for you.. probably she will say(from the core of the heart) thatI trust you the most. You are the bestest friend i had or ever have in my life.Give her some time. If your friendship is "the best" then she will realise it surely one day or another. Best of luck. Hope she realise it soon. :) :) :) If you need any other help feel free to ask in comments i will be more than happy to help you.

My best guy friend wants to have sex?

Having sex with your best friend would be the wrong decision to make. First off all you don't want to have sex with him, because you even wrote it in the first sentence that you don't want to sleep with him and if you did want to sleep with him then you wouldn't be asking strangers on the internet for their opinions and for advice. My boyfriend and I are in a long distance relationship but we meet up often and I have never considered having sex with my best friends because it would be cheating and it would break my boyfriend's heart.

You are over your best friend and you don't like him. Just because your friends think you still like him doesn't mean that having sex would prove you are over him. If you have sex with him it would actually prove that you are still into him and that you LIKE him. People only have sex with people they love and care for, so if you were to have sex with him, people would think you like him and it would just prove their point. If your friends don't believe you then that's their problems and not yours, and you shouldn't care what other people and you should concentrate on yourself and as long as you know what your heart is telling you then that's all that matters. If you were to have sex with him you would be cheating on your boyfriend, and you would most likely end up regretting sleeping with your friend and hurting your boyfriend. Also it would get more complicated as you never know your friend could blackmail you or tell your boyfriend or you might be worried you are pregnant even if use protection. It's not worth it.

In my opinion, you should take some time out and have some time for yourself. If I were you I would stay away from your best friend for a bit, to clear your head and make sense of your emotions. Also, you haven't been with your boyfriend for long - only one month, you don't love each other and you are still in the dating stages, so maybe you should break up with him as, as you are asking this question it shows your feelings for him don't go that deep and this relationship is flawed. Your boyfriend is coming down int he summer so just be happy and excited that he is coming down.

Good luck xoxo

I am deeply in love with my best friend's girlfriend and she also has strong feelings for me. They've been in a relationship for two years but when I met her we became close friends and developed feelings for each other. She loves him very much and he loves her too. What should I do?

Watch the movie Love Actually. Mark played by Andrew Lincoln is deeply in love with his best friend Peter's (played by Chiwetel Ejiofor) wife, Juliet played by Keira Knightley. You hav to watch the movie to understand.There may be a proverb, "All's fair in Love and War", but hurting your best friend, breaking his trust and going behind his back, is not fair to Love itself.