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I Have A Iphone 4s And Its Locked To Telstra What Does That Mean

What does "SIM Not Provisioned" mean on an iPhone?

Provisioning is an old Telecom industry term. It means that a given hardware set-up has been provided service. Taking this to the mobile phone space, a line of service uses a SIM (subscriber identity module) card to identify a device on the provider’s network. Your phone or tablet or car doesn’t have the account, the SIM card does. Moving that SIM to another device transfers the identity of the account to that device.Therefore, a SIM (subscriber identity module) that is Not Provisioned, does not have a line of service attached to it.

How do I unlock my iPhone without a SIM card?

You don't need an active SIM card to activate an iPhone; any SIM card that matches the carrier that an iPhone is locked to will work, or if the iPhone is unlocked, any SIM card should do. You will need to activate the iPhone via a USB connection to iTunes in this case which will processes the activation via your computer over the Internet, and in this case neither iTunes nor iOS cares about whether the SIM card is active.So, knowing this, if you can find an old SIM card laying around, or borrow somebody else's old SIM card, try sticking it in your iPhone and going through the activation process. It will either work or it won't (usually if the iPhone is locked and the SIM doesn't match), but you won't damage your iPhone or hurt anything by trying.Even if you find an old full-sized SIM card, you can cut it down to micro-SIM size to insert into your iPhone. If it's a dead SIM card anyway, you've got nothing to lose by trying this either, and instructions and templates for doing this can be easily found online.If you really can't get your hands on any SIM card whatsoever, your only other option is to resort to jailbreaking tools that will effectively bypass the activation process, colloquially known as "hactivating" an iPhone. A wide variety of information and tutorials for doing this can be found online, particularly if you search for "hactivate iPhone" so there's not much point in going into them in detail here.

What does a crescent moon symbol next to the time on an iPhone mean?

The crescent symbol means that 'Do not disturb' mode is turned on. This means that the ring tone and text tone will not sound if you get a call or text. It may apply to other notifications as well. Banners will appear as per their usual settings.I use 'Do not disturb' if I am in a meeting, at an appointment or otherwise unavailable. Some people might use it when they are in bed (hence a 'night time' symbol like the Moon)and don't want to be disturbed. Some might use it for a work phone when they are off duty.Check Settings → Do not disturb for more info. You can adjust settings to exempt certain numbers or to allow repeat calls (from the same number) to sound. You can also set it from the 'swipe up' screen. Google 'iPhone swipe' if you you aren't familiar with it.Missed calls and texts will still be received. They will appear in recent calls and texts so that you can attend to them at a more convenient time.I have found that it is possible to accidentally turn on 'Do not disturb' from the swipe screen. You might bring up the swipe screen unintentionally while scrolling and inadvertently touch to 'do not disturb' icon (crescent Moon) when trying to get rid of it. If you don't recall setting 'Do not disturb' this might have happened to you. I've done it once or twice. Just swipe up and turn it off again or turn it off via settings. Then attend to any missed calls.

My phone says "Enter PUK Code". What do I do?

A PUK Code is used when a SIM card blocks itself after a pin or password is entered wrongly 3 times. PUK stands for 'PIN Unlock Key'. It's a unique code that is linked to your specific SIM card and is usually 8 digits long. Some phones may ask for a PUC code instead. This stands for 'PIN Unlock Code' and is exactly the same thing as a PUK Code.Once the SIM card is blocked you will need to enter the PUK code given with the SIM card. The PUK code is unique to your SIM card, so you can only get this from your mobile network. Sometimes they will give you this when you first get the SIM card, but not all networks do this. If you cannot find it, give your mobile network a call and they will be able to give you the PUK code after you have answered some security questions.

No network coverage, emergency calls only." What does it even mean? How can calls be made if there is no network at all?

It means that there are signals of same technology (GSM) there from other network providers, and you are camped to it in limited mode on it, so that you can make that emergency call.This feature was commanded by the GSM technical group since its creation, so that you can make a special call even if you are in area where your service provider dose not have coverage.Of course this happens after phone fails to camp to its Home network (the carrier SIM that's inside) or Roaming network (your carrier has tie ups with other carriers around the world).In Short any mobile (mainly GSM) works this way.. First     : -- Home Network , if not available then,Second : -- Roaming Network, if not available then, Third     : -- Camp to network with best signal in Emergency Mode, if not then,Fourth   : -- ' No signal'. Meaning at a place where there is no signal at all.

Will iPhone 6 SIM cards work on other phones?

Hope you are talking about Apple iPhone 6s :)It supported network technology: GSM / CDMA / HSPA / EVDO / LTEApple Iphone 6S support Nano SIM card. And Most advance modern smartphone supports NANO SIM. ex. Nexus 6(verified by apple: Find out which SIM card your iPhone or iPad uses )So if you have SIM card holding tray/frame (cut through standard SIM) you can use Nano SIM virtually and practically any other supported (network band) device.Blissfully Some SIM provider like Airtel, Vodafone etc providing with all form of size ready-made. You can use them without any hassle.And if you want to create by your won then follow:Here's how to trim your SIM card down for use with the iPhone 6sThank you.Best of luck.Hope this will help you. :)

Will an iPhone bought in Australia work in Europe (particularly in the UK)?

All Apple iPhones sold in Australia are compatible with UK and European mobile networks, however your phone must be unlocked.If you bought your phone outright directly from Apple (that is you didn’t sign up for a contract when you bought your phone) then it will be unlocked. Your phone will also be unlocked if it is an iPhone 5 or newer bought on contract from Optus or Telstra.Older iPhones and iPhones purchased on contract (or as part of a prepaid package) from other networks may be locked and in these cases you will have to contact your network to get your phone unlocked.Don’t forget to take your SIM card removal tool (or a small paper clip) to swap SIM cards when get to the UK.

I just put my old SIM card in my new iPhone and it works fine, but AT&T is telling me that I need to use the new one that came with the new iPhone, why?

I believe that your IPhone 5 works well on 3 G networks and your new IPhone 6 works best on 4 G networks.So the old SIM card may work fine in the new phone but is unable to communicate or detect WiFi or to activate Bluetooth .Do you use these functions or services? WiFi is very useful to you when you need to access the internet. Some places provide free access to the internet, mainly in Malls, or food and beverage providers.The new SIM card that came with the new phone, has been configured, such that you will be able to utilize the full functions of your phone. Your phone number is attached to your new phone through the New SIM card. You can Google IPhone 6 for details of the phone.So, do worry about charges or the government spying on you, unless you are a Person of Interest, being seek by the CIA, FBI, NSA or the Homeland Security.Phone charges were agreed by yourself when you sign up or when you bought the IPhone 6.That being said, charges incurred by your usage of your IPhone for downloading of data or making Long Distance calls are chargeable by the Service provider or phone companies.Hope the above explanation has been useful to you.

I'm not sure what phone to buy ?

i was thinking of the samsung ace but stopped after seeing the specs for the
htc explorer a310e better 35% cheaper phone has hsdpa 14.4mbits (iphone 4s)
speed 850/2100mhz vs 7mbits, ARMV7 cortex processor (around 2X faster
than samsung) not armv6 which means armv7/android 2.3 OS and up runs
adobe flash, sim free/unlocked versions no contracts to sign/use other gsm sims
(amazing price for this phone it should be on a contract/locked but it's not).
and quad band phone should work everywhere for phone calls and even the internet
hsdpa 850/2100 frequency 850 is used in north america, 2100 in europe/australia
internet should work in most places. drawbacks: smaller screen 3.2inch vs 3.5 , less
internal storage 90mb vs 158mb, little less resolution camera 3.15MP auto focus vs
5MP but they say it still does take good pics. you say the galaxy ace 1 is out of your
price range i think you haven't shopped around at other internet shops they sell them
cheaper and without a contract same with htc explorer. the only thing that is
comparably better to the htc explorer they say the galaxy ace 2 is coming out soon
that should be even better than the htc explorer (dual core processor) no release date
and price yet (they're probably waiting for the chipset prices to drop to offer it affordably).