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I have a question? What would you do if you were in a space ship with aliens that were going to eat you?

The last time I found myself in a spaceship about to be eaten,I started singing row,row,row your boat.It seems to have distracted the aliens long enough to jump out the side door.I wasn't eaten but it created a whole new set of problems.I was saved by a different spaceship full of amazonian nymphomaniacs,but that was just luck and you can't count on that happening.They may have been attracted by the song.They dropped me off in New Hartford Ct,later on.

Chinese Question...what reasons....?

Lots of people find Chinese more interesting than Japanese because so much of Japan's culture originated in (or at least came through) China: the writing system, the pronunciations of many words, Buddhism, art, etc. So it's interesting to study the older and more culturally influential civilization.

I've lived in China, but not Japan. Chinese people are really friendly (too friendly sometimes - strangers coming up to you randomly just to have a chat), the food is pretty great and every area of the country has its own varieties; the country has literally thousands of completely different foods.

Also, since China's developing so fast, speaking Chinese and having experience in international business will make you rich enough to swim around in a pool full of money, so there's that, too.

Yes, Chinese TV is awful, but who cares? Do you go to a foreign country to watch TV all day?

Japanese sounds better to my ears just because it sounds closer to languages I'm used to. Mandarin sounds okay, I think, but Cantonese and most southern dialects sound like nails on a chalkboard.

EDIT: Don't mistake a cultural imperative to treat you with civility in public for "friendliness". Many Asian cultures are like this.

Also, literature written in kanji and kana has *everything* to do with China, since these writing systems came directly from there. No China, no kanji/kana. The writing system had been developing for about 2,500 years before it made it to Japan.

One language being more difficult than another is never a "fact", it depends entirely on how you learn language and what your first language is. I happen to agree with you that Japanese is more difficult, but it's not a "fact".

Look, I answered your question without attitude - twice. Is that more or less what you were looking for, or did you just want to have a circle-jerk about Japan?

Question: What is a meta-question?My thoughts:In broadest terms a meta-question is a question about another question. So, if you ask ‘What is a tiger?' I might reply with a question to clarify what sort of answer you're looking for.I might ask about the domain of your question. Are you interested in sports or biology? Are you concerned with the evolutionary differences between tigers and other animals? Or the difference between a tiger and a tree that are in the same environment? Or do you want to know about stuffed children's toys or a kind of strike force in the military?I also might ask and how much detail you want me to answer. Do you want the briefest possible statement or do you want a dissertation, or, probably, somewhere in between?Would you rather have a verbal explanation, a bunch of facts and figures, personal accounts and experiences, or photos and paintings?All of these examples of meta questions in that they ask about the domain, scope, detail, range or otherwise to clarify the nature of the question, and establish what sort of answer, if any, is called for.

I have a question: What am I?

That's amazing. I'm pretty speechless. If I were you, I'd write a book about yourself, and all the amazing things that have happened to you, and things you've done and your opinion on the world. I'd definitely read it.

If you're being serious, it sounds like you are extremely advanced. Almost like you've incarnated from the future. You know? The things you're talking about, most people would say "impossible" or "crazy" and it doesn't sound like anything that would happen in the world for another thousand years, or more.

When you know things are about to happen, that's your intuition or precognition.
When you can read other people's thoughts, that's extra sensory perception (ESP).
When you see visions, that's clairvoyance.
When you hear things, that's clairaudience.

Someone who talks about all this stuff is Kimberly Bunch. Her videos are here

Your abilities are incredible. Use them for something good. I'd write a freaking book! And if you can run that fast, why not contact the media and tell them about it? Everyone would be amazed.

��a doubt” is a feeling that something is not right: e.g. I used to think there was a Loch Ness Monster but I have my doubts. You might also say something along the lines of: I doubt if you will get many answers to your question.“a question” is a precise query like: which is correct: “I have a doubt” or “I have a question”. The latter sentence is not a doubt - it is a question.So I might say “I have a question for you: what is 2+2?” or I might say “I have a doubt as to whether 2+2” really does equal 4: perhaps you could prove it to me”.By the way, “explain me why” is also wrong: it should be “explain why” or “explain to me why”.

Here are 9 types of questions-from the most simple ones asking for factual data or information like_is it raining outside?is the sun shiningwith simple yes or no answers.Then we move on to questions that require insight and understanding,then questions that identify and reveal implicit assumptions, biases and fallacies,then questions concerning the making of judgmentsand finally those to do with evaluations.See this FREE download of my book on this here -PHILOSOPHY – Aims, Methods, RationaleIn this meta-philosophical study I commence with an investigation of Wisdom. I then continue with an exploration of the institutionalization of the subject and the professionalization of those involved in it. This I contrast with original and creative philosophizing. In then sows that philosophizing resembles and attempts to do theorizing. The 9 questions, etc of the Socratic Method and details of the Philosophical Toolkit occur throughout different stages of theorizing as one level and one dimension of it. Linked books are FREE for download.1 Seeking, development and realization of wisdom 42 Institutionalization, Professionalization of ‘philosophy’ 53 Original and Creative Thinking Philosophizing 374 Philosophizing resembles Theorizing 38(i) Socratic Method 41(ii) Philosophical Toolkit 145

Heres a question: What the %$#@ do I have to do to be able to reply to the answers of the questions I ask...?

reliable element raised by you. for sure, why no longer? All questions are no longer mathematical questions the place solutions would be comparable each time. lots of the time solutions given require better explanation and raise better questions. i think of Y! Q&A could heavily think of of incorpoarting such valuable properties the place we can better communicate on a particular subject.

I have a chemistry question, What is the pH of a 0.068 M aqueous solution of sodium cyanide (NaCN)?

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Thankyou for A2A..:)There are uncountable no. Of questions​ whose exact answers no one know. So lets start-Is the universal finite or infinite?Why does anything exist?Why does time exist?Why is future unknowable?What is the purpose of death?Can we live forever?Why we sleep?How can you hear yourself think?What would you use to dilute water?What is the speed of dark?Now some random unanswered question:What does 'OK' actually mean?Why do we say ‘bye bye' but not ‘hi hi'?If someone can't see, they're blind and if someone cant hear, they're deaf, so what do you call people who can't smell?If you stole a pen from a bank then would it still be considered a bank robbery?Who was the first person to look at a cow and say, "I think I'll squeeze these dangly things here, and drink what ever comes out"?Why is it called pineapple, when's there neither pine nor apple in it?Who are that ‘4 people' mom always talking about?If vegetarians eat vegetables, what do humanitarians eat?Why is it that rain drops but snow falls?If you have an open mind why don't your brains fall out?What came first the chicken or the egg?Why don't you ever see baby pigeons?Why is the alphabet in that order?Last but not the least, why are you thinking about the questions if you have no answers..;)

Shy girls, I have a question. What can I do here?

There's this girl who's been going to our church for the last year or so. She'll sing a solo during the service every now and she has an amazing voice. She's very pretty and she seems like a really nice person. However, she is very shy. I'm not sure how I can talk to her. I always compliment her whenever she sings.
She comes with her mom and her younger brother, so I always go over and say hi to them after the service ends. I'm the sound technician, so I rarely get to sit next to her, but I always say hi and ask her how her week went, or how classes are going. She went to a baseball game with our youth group a few weeks ago, but I wasn't sure what to talk about.

We're both 18.
(I mean she is extremely shy. We were actually in the same kindergarten class, and she NEVER talked back then)

Can anybody give me any advice?