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I Have A Silly Question Or Maybe Not

Why do some people ask silly questions?

I attribute this to a number of reasons.There are some people who see Quora as some sort of competition and think that asking hundreds of questions will somehow win them a prize. They just ask questions to add to their list of questions no matter how ludicrous those questions are. They are not really seeking answers.There are many children who populate the Quora universe who ask questions they think are intelligent when they are not. They too are not seeking genuine answers.There are far too many people who post questions to get emotional responses from others. They especially like to post questions that elicit anger, fear, pain and frustration. They enjoy this and feed on the negative emotions they inspire. They are not seeking answers, only emotions. I call these people emotional vampires or trolls.Then there are the right wing political and social agenda questioners who post questions they think will promote their conservative agenda somehow. Some of these people are paid to do this on all social media sites. Some are Americans, Russians and people from other countries who are paid to spread chaos and propaganda. Some are true believers who really believe that posting these, obviously, ludicrous questions will turn Liberals into conservatives. Some are emotional vampires who get off on getting a rise out of others. They think that they are intelligent enough to make Liberals look stupid. Not likely. These are also trolls.There are also religious folks who think that they are supposed to save atheists from themselves. They think that they have the perfect argument to prove the reality of their particular mythology. I consider these trolls as well.My policy is to very seldom answer any of these questions. Once in awhile I will do so if I have some spare time. Usually I just downvote the question and if it is offensive I will report the question. If the OP is a troll I will report them.It is almost impossible to filter out the troll and insincere questions on Quora. But if we each help a little we can clean up some of it.Take careJon

Silly? question about implantation...?

I had never thought about this till I was 6 dpo & went to mow the yard on a riding mower...can you "knock down" the egg that is trying to implant (ie jumping on a trampoline, can it "unhold it's grip?)?.
I know it's silly... I haven't looked it up or asked anyone but on here!!

This may be a silly question but uh.. vampires?

Okay.. so I might sound delusional and silly to ask this, but for some reason lately.. I was thinking there is truly no reason not to believe certain things. Is there such thing as vampires? Maybe not exactly like the ones in movies and stuff? But do you think they really exist?

There is a saying that says, "There are no stupid questions, only stupid answers". Is this true, because I think there are stupid questions, depending on the situation?

Sayings like this are not about truth, but about a certain idea, a certain principle. The idea here is something like it's not a shame not to know something and express that, with the goal the get knowledge. Questions (testifying your 'ignorance') will make your smarter, and show you want to get so. They are the way to knowledge and show you think about that. That doesn't mean every question shows you do. It's no garantuee. And there are cultures in which asking questions is socially incorrect. So the saying is a encouragement in a society that puts knowledge and improvement in high regard, and everybody is allowed to do so. As a general principle.

Silly? Maybe so, but is it unproveble?

your argument is flawed. a simple counter argument would is someone who is brain dead. he or she can't experience sensations. since your consequent or 'then' statement is unmet , then the 'if' is disqualified.
dreams aren't real. since this is true then you;re not real. as you say we could be dreaming.
moreover, as a religious person don't assume ny knowledge of God isn't real. You have no possible way of knowing that. It's very presumptuous of you to "educate" me on what i hold to be true. I could tell you that your knowledge of God's "non-existence" is a fact but belief. You have no way of proving the non-existence of God. this what an atheist's whole argument is predicated on. Furthermore, a cardinal rule of rational thought is to never make a claim or assertion without evidence to back it up. so, give your evidence of the non-existence of God. and by the way, an argument isn't and never will be evidence. so what i;m saying to you sir don't try to dissuade from what they believe, it's rude and obnoxious. and you atheists seem to have no problem being just that.

Is there such thing as a dumb question?

Yeah! Well, i guess the questions are not really dumb. The point of a question is to find out or to know about something more. But at times some questions are just so predictable or abovious. For instance:

Waking up a sleeping person and asking " Were you asleep"


When a person is in the loo - " What are you doing there"


When you meet a person in a shop " So, what brings you here"


When a person is laughing at a joke " So did you think that joke was funny"

I mean, i can think of plenty!!!

I have a kind of weird, maybe stupid question about Teen Mom?

ohk, so they can be very confusing.
but Catelynn & Tyler , i think are a very good couple. They gave up their baby, so their baby could have a better life, because they knew that giving her up for adoption would give their baby a chance to have better parents & they could give the baby a better life than Catelynn & Tyler ever could. I think that is very un-selfish and brave for them to do that out of love for their baby. Also, yes, Tyler's dad and Catelynn's mom are married. Catelynn and Tyler are technically step-brother and sister. No, Tyler and Catelynn had their baby after their parents got married.

Why do some religious people ask such silly questions about atheists? I just had 5 requests that were both trivial and stupid!

This lack of understanding about atheism is a result of poor teaching about atheism and a lack of exposure to it.There is a lot of disconnect between Christians and atheists, mostly Christians misunderstanding what atheists really think about God and religion. A lot of this comes from limited contact with atheists. They don’t understand what atheists think because they’ve probably never had a real discussion with one. Their ideas about atheists come from their pastor and maybe online atheists.This is obviously not true for every Christian, but it is a trend I’ve noticed among Christians who ask “silly” questions about atheists.Pastors sometimes preach about atheists’ challenges to Scripture and Christian teaching in such a way that they can easily refute these challenges and make atheists look like they’re childishly ignorant about God and the Bible. A lot of what my pastors have taught about atheists centered on atheists not knowing what they really believed, and not knowing what Christianity really is.After growing up in fundamentalist churches, my image of an atheist was a caricature, a ridiculous stereotype based on what I’d heard. I thought that atheists had just never really gotten the Bible. They hadn’t studied it like I did. They didn’t know how awesome it was to be Christian.But I could show them. They were stuck in the darkness, but I could bring them to the light.(Spoiler alert: That didn’t work.)I disagree that “trivial and stupid” questions are intended to patronize atheists. Questions like But isn’t atheism actually a kind of religion? and How do you not feel hopeless and sad about the future? come from a lack of understanding about what atheism is and what atheists believe. Many people, including me at one point, ask these questions in earnest. They couldn’t imagine living without God or living without a belief in something, so how could someone else?Unfortunately, as long as Christians don’t interact with atheists, and pastors continue to preach stereotypes of atheists, this gulf of misunderstanding will widen, resulting in silly questions like the ones you’ve received.I don’t want to rail on “evil” pastors who are deceiving their congregations. That isn’t my intention. Pastors aren’t inherently evil or ignorant. In many cases, it’s just easier to rely on a stereotype than to put the work into truly understanding, a problem that is definitely not limited to pastors.