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I Have A Swollen Eye Help

How to treat a swollen eye, help?

My eye is badly swollen lump from a hit. Don't worry, no fight or violence, an accidental headbutt. I'd like to know whats the best way to nurse the lump, and also, if it will blacken. Shiner is the last thing I'd need atm

Swollen Eyelid Help !!?

could be a allergy beings its spring, anyway putting a hot pack on it may help it its a clogged eyelash pore. make one by putting a wet hand towel in a plastic bag, dont seal completly and microwaving it till it's hot. once you pull it out seal it and wrap it in another thin towel and put iton your eye while lying down. use some common sense, if its too hot use another layer of towel.

Parakeet has a swollen eye, help?

I have a parakeet, roughly about nine years old now.

Just recently I noticed that its left eye has become swollen. It's puffy and pinkish. Its right eye is fine, it's just the left one.

I keep her on the same brand of food and occasionally give her some fruit.

Does anyone know what the problem could be?

Can i cut my swollen eye?

no no no no no no no no no no.

ask a doctor man? do you want to lose your eye with infection ???? are you a qualified surgeon??
for godsake i hope you are joking

I have a swollen eye lid. What do I do?

Check for an area redder than the rest. Look for a "head" where there's a little white spot on top of a sore raised area. If none is present, look underneath the eyelid. In either case, wash the area with soap and water (not inside the eyelid fer cryin' the hell out loud, just the outside!). Keep it clean until a "head" develops. Try to get the "head" to erupt with a little pressure, and then clean with soap and warm water again. If the "head" won't erupt with mild pressure, cease and try again the next day.If there is no "head" or specific red area, place a cold, wet compress (damp cloth with an ice cube inside will do fine) on the eyelid until it's uncomfortable. Repeat as often as possible until the swelling goes down. If there's pain under the eyelid, then, while standing in front of a mirror, grab the eyelashes of the lid that hurts (top or bottom) and lift looking underneath for foreign matter, specks or eyelashes that may be irritating the mucous lining of the eyelid and/or scoring or irritating the conjunctiva of the eye itself.If there's excessive or uncontrollable itching along with the swelling, you should probably see your doctor for examination and treatment as that's a sign of an allergic reaction as well as other things!If the swelling doesn't reduce or decline after a day or so of treating with a cold compress. See your doctor. If the "head" keeps growing. See your doctor.

What to do about my cat having a swollen eye?

It seems like your cat may have scratched its eye or was in a fight. The bleeding concerns me if it is coming from the eyeball and not the skin surrounding it. Do you have any eyedrops for yourself from pink eye?? polysporin or optrext that you can use. A used warm tea bag after it has been squeezed, lay it over the eye will also help draw out infection, but this is a cat and may not be cooperative. You need to keep the pus cleaned out of the eye by using either saline or sterile room temp water. You can boil water and let it cool before you use it. Check with a pharmacy to see if there are any over the counter eye drops for conjuntivitis (infection in eye) and use those drops. If it doesnt get better in a few days you may need to call a vet, but let them know your circumstances, some of them will lessen the bill.

Just make sure you keep the eye clean all the time.
You should really look into health care for your animal. It is important that as a pet owner, you have the means to take care of the animal. Just think of it like a child.
Good luck.

Swollen eye turtle?

It's caused by a vitamin defeciency(sp?) of Vitamin A. If you go to the vet they will give you some antibiotics. You can look up good sources of Vitamin A (leafy things,orange and yellow things.)

My RES is doing this too. I bought some eye drops at PetsMart and i hope they help.

Help! i have woken up with a swollen eye and i could barley open it help!?

put vicks vapor rub around the eye it will melt the cold

What can cause a swollen lower eyelid?

Swollen eyelids can be caused due to several reasons and below are some of the major reasons you can find. These below causes will help you know what causes swollen eyelids. They are as follows:Cause #1: CryingCrying can rupture tiny blood vessels in the eyes and the eyelids, most probably if crying is forceful or long-lived. This eyelid issue causes after a person has been crying can be the result of the fluid retention, which is generally causes by increasing in the blood flow to the area around the eyes.Cause #2: AllergiesIf you have watery, red or itchy eyes and they accompany a swollen eyelid then the cause could be an eye allergy. Pollen, dust and other common allergies can irritate the eyes and they can trigger an allergic reaction. These eye allergies are very dangerous but they are not so annoying.Cause #3: Blocked Tear DuctWhen a tear duct is blocked and the eye cannot fully drain tears and this can result in pain and redness on the eyelid. Those who have blocked eyelids may sometimes notice crusty drainage. Infants and newborns are most probably vulnerable to blocked tear ducts. The symptoms may also often improve by the time they are 1 year old. In some cases, a blocked tear duct is actually annoying but they are not harmful.Cause #4: CosmeticsWhen skincare and makeup products get into the eyes then it can irritate the eyes and other surrounding tissue that creates red, swollen and painful mess. Allergic reactions to these products can also trigger swollen eyelids. If people experience swollen and burning eyes then you should use artificial tears that are available online and at the drugstore to help soothe the discomfort.Cause #5: ExhaustionFatigue or exhaustion can actually make your eyelids look swollen and puffy. Sometimes, water retention overnight can also affect the eyelid s. It can also make them look puffy and swollen in the morning time. This happens generally when a person did not sleep well. You can apply a cold compress while lying with the head elevated on a pillow may help. If you drink a glass of water then it may help reduce swelling and fluid retention.These are some of the major causes of swollen eyelids. All these reasons may cause to have swollen eyelids. However, you can try some other natural home remedies for swollen eyelids treatments. These treatments are very easy to treat swollen eyelids.

What remedies can help me treat my dog's red and swollen eyes due to conjunctivitis?

Im assuming that you mean other than prescription medication from the vet? Because thats what you should be using and anything other than that will result in horrible pain and suffering for your dog and possible permanent blindness. Conjunctivitis is a horrible, painful, itchy infection and the longer your dog tries to scratch, the greater their chances of damaging their eyes…you know, because they don’t have fingers.