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I Have An Interview Tommorow At Brookstone And I

I have a job interview tomorrow, how can I do good so I get the job?

Congratulations on landing an interview!Here is how you can prepare:Be ready to talk about who you are, why you’re interested in the company and how your past experiences make you qualified (these are standard opening questions)Look up interview questions from that company on if applicableConduct some research on the company and your interviewer (if you know who they are beforehand)Prepare questions for your interviewer to help you assess whether the role will be a good fit for youPractice speaking without “uhs” and “ums”Have a copy of your resume handy in case the interviewer refers to it.Dress appropriately for the role.Ask a friend to conduct mock interviews with you to help you prepare.Get a good night’s sleep the day before.Follow up with thank you notes to each of your interviewers.Overall, just remember to try to stay calm and treat it as a get to know each other conversation. That is all an interview is - a chance for you and the employer to assess whether you could work well together. If you aren’t a good fit, then it’s probably better that it does not work out. Hope this helps and good luck!

Which sentence is grammatically correct, "I have an interview schedule tomorrow" or “I am scheduled for an interview tomorrow”?

Which sentence is grammatically correct, "I have an interview schedule tomorrow" or “I am scheduled for an interview tomorrow”?The second sentence is correct. You could also say “I have an interview scheduled for tomorrow.”

I have a job interview tomorrow. I know they are going to ask why I'm leaving my current job. How do I answer without sounding petty?

Don’t talk about how badly managed the current company is.In an interview, if you say something bad about anyone it tends to just muddy the image you are trying to give them about you. In other words, you can’t sling mud without getting some on you. And since the only thing they are considering is you then that helps no one.They also don’t want to hire someone who is negative. So you have to sound positive. You can talk about how in your previous company you’ve learned a lot and you think you are ready to learn more at a new company.Talk about the exciting opportunity they are considering.And before you walk out the door assure them that you are interested in the job. You’d be surprised at how few people use that trick and how often the potential employer isn’t clear on whether the candidate wants the job or not.I’ve walked away from jobs that I didn’t want without saying that, because I didn’t want them.

I have a phone interview with a startup that I'm hugely excited about tomorrow. However, I'm horrible at phone interviews. What are some tips on preparation?

Relax. It depends a lot on the company, but the phone interview is mostly to make sure that:Your resume isn't a complete lie, and that you did in fact do all those things you said you did. You show this by speaking comfortably about them. If you're nervous, it may give the impression that you don't actually understand the projects you said you worked on.You're not an idiot. The unfortunate thing about resumes is that someone who is impressive on paper actually turns out to be an idiot, and is just really good at making resumes look impressive. It's hard to make distinctions between good and great in a phone interview, but blatant idiocy is pretty easy to sniff out.You actually want to work here, and I'm not the 10th on your list of companies to call you, from the list of 400 companies you spammed your resume to. So be aware of what our company actually does.You are worth the cost of a plane ticket plus interviewer's time to bring you here in person.