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I Have Both A F1 And B1 Visa Could I Enter Using B1 Visa

B1/B2 Visa change to F1 visa can re-enter in USA? on B1/B2 Visa?

I got B1/B2 for 10 years visa in 2006. I went to New York I got 3 months stay then I applied for 6 months extension and Granted. On my 1st visit to usa i stayed over there less than a 9 months.
came back to India went back to usa after 3 months Got 6 month stay while on 6 month permit applied for F1 Visa got approval APR 4 2008 valid for duration of status on my I-20 Form says that the normal length of study is 18 months (start date 02/04/2008 end date 08/03/2010.after going to school and paying every month school fees for 8 to 9 months i stop going to school coz money problem serious I had no money, but they never contact me meanwhile i got S.S on my S.S stated valid for work only with DHS Authorization, DL. on the basis of S.S i got job worked,Drive there unfortunately due to some reasons i left the country on july 2010 just before 08/03/2010 since then i did not travel now i want to re-enter in usa on B1/B2 visa is it possible if i do so then what Note according to Form I-797A Each applicant must surrender form I-94 when leaving the US which I did not. is that going to help me?
Please Help Thank you in advance.

Can I enter the USA on an ESTA visa, after my F1 Visa has ben granted?

Imagine this:-

I've had my visa interview and been approved. I've received my visa card in the mail, but i want to enter the states more than 30 days before the start of school as permitted with the Student visa.

Would i be legally allowed to enter the USA on an ESTA visa (I'm from England) even if i take my F1 visa, or would immigration know and stop be from entering all together? If i can enter on an ESTA visa after my F1 visa is approved, can i leave the US and go to the Caribbean, Mexico or Canada and then re-enter on my F1 Visa? Just wondering if there were anyway i could enter the USA more than 30 days before the start of classes? Any help will be appreciated!


I have both a F1 and B1 visa, could I enter using B1 visa?

if it's a B1 and not a B1/B2 you may have a problem, since the B1 is for business, not for pleasure. you could certainly do this on a B2 or a B1/B2. you would have to apply to change status after you enter though in order to attend school. they also tend to be very slow about doing those. it would be easier to leave and return under the F1.

Changing visa status b1 to cr1 or k3?

No, if she's currently in status on her tourist visa and you marry and file the forms with USCIS, she will not have to leave. It will take a long time for USCIS to do the paperwork and actually get her a green card, years perhaps, but she can legally stay. Check out for lots of information on what's involved.

Change of Visa Status B2 to F1?

Since you are Family Based 2B Preference you have about 8-9 years of wait until your Priority Date become before the cut off date according to Visa Bulletin, which you can check every month.

First, you must file I-539 with approved I-20 SEVIS form from university before your I-94 expires. I-539 is Form for Extend/Change Non immigration Status. If that gets approved, your status will change to Student status, which let you attend to university legally. Status and Visa is 2 different thing. Legal Status let you stay in US legally, Valid Visa let you enter to US.

So if you travel outside of US, you must go to your home country to apply F1 Student visa so that you can re enter to US with valid visa.

Visa status change F1 to B1?

Student visas are issued on the condition that you leave within 30 days of completing or terminating your studies. If you graduated recently, you must return home within 30 days of graduation date. You do not have "2 months grace period." You may not change status within the country. I should think your family would be eager to see you and celebrate your graduation. Time to go.

F1 Visa Interview on a Watered Passport?

My Indian passport got a little wet sometime back, all the text are clear but the lamination over my printed photo is coming out making it somewhat unclear. But Last year I got B1 Visa on the same state of passport..though I could'nt use it.

Now I am going for an F1 Visa Interview next week and will certainly be using it in fall this year. Since I already have a B1 and that also has my photo which is very clear, I dont think I should have a problem in getting I correct?

Can immigration cause a problem? I have already travelled multiple countries apart from US so that shouldnt be an issue...any takes??

Can I visit the US 30 days before my school starts, having both B1/B2 and F1 visa?

You may enter in F-1 status up to 30 days prior to the start of your academic program, as set forth in your I-20 certification.While you may be able to enter more than 30 days prior to the start of your program in B-1/B-2 status, if you have a B-1/B-2 visa, you will have to depart and reenter (or formally change status without leaving the US) in order to actually start your program. This is because you will be in B-1/B-2 status, which does not permit you to study. It is more likely that you will simply be denied entry to the United States if you attempt to do this. If you are admitted in B-1/B-2 status, and do not depart and reenter (or formally change status using Form I-539) before commencing your studies, you will be in violation of status. This will be detected when your institution sends its I-20 certification that you have commenced your studies (because you will have no corresponding F-1 entry) and will result in both of your visas being cancelled and in you being ordered to depart the United States.

My wife has a B1 visa till 2021. She will be filling for a H4 dependent visa soon. Will her B1 visa be cancelled once the H4 gets stamped?

I feel that there are a lot of mis-understanding about Visa and Authorization to Stay. Though these are being used synonymously (?) by many they have dual purposes.Visa - Granted by the Department of State - A U.S. visa in the passport gives a foreign citizen permission to apply to enter (travel to) the United States. A visa by itself doesn’t authorize entry to the U.SAuthorization to stay - At the port-of-entry, a U.S. immigration officer of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) decides whether to allow you to enter and how long you can stay for any particular visit, as part of the Admission process. Here the USCIS officer is guided by the type of Work Permit you have (H1, H4, J1, F1, B1 etc)Since Visa is just a travel document you could “potentially” have two different Visas under different categories.When you go for stamping your Visa at the Consulate Office, the Consular will see what Visas you have and which type of Visas override other Visas. So if you have H1 from 2 different companies or an earlier Valid H1 Visa stamp they will cancel the older H1 Visa stamping “without Prejudice”.If you are going for H1/H4 Visa stamping and you have a B1/B2 Visa in your passport the Consular officer will ask you if intend to keep the B1 Visa (as it is usually valid for 10 years) and might allow you to keep both the Visas.So yes, you can potentially have both H1 and B1 valid Visa stamps but not H1 and F1 or H1 and J1.At the Port of Entry you need to tell the USCIS officer which category you have chosen to enter and based on the category your length of stay will be authorized.I have had all of the above happen to me!