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I Have Delete Repeat Event Birthday On Yahoo Group Calendar But It Still Repeat

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Owner cannot permanently edit or delete calendar event.?

-The group name where you are having the issue in your calendar:

-An example of an event that you have tried to edit/delete without success:
January 12, 2013 - Low Income Burning Man 2013 Ticket Application Begins

-The exact steps you are taking leading up to the issue and the exact text of any error message you receive:

Scenario #1
Click the event.
"Edit Event" screen pops up.
You're editing a recurring event. Apply changes to: "This Event Only"
Click "Delete"
"Are you sure you want to delete this event?" pops up.
Click "Delete"
The event on the calendar disappears.
Close out of the calendar.
Then, when I go back to the calendar, the event is BACK AGAIN!

Scenario #2
Click the event.
"Edit Event" screen pops up.
You're editing a recurring event. Apply changes to: "All Events"
Click "Delete"
"Are you sure you want to delete these even

If your child was grounded on their birthday would you still celebrate?

Well honey, you did something you knew you werent supposed to, so I wouldnt be surprised if they didnt celebrate it... I was grounded on my birthday once but they still bought me a cake and sang happy birthday, I just had to go back to my room after we ate the cake and opened presents. If I had a child that got themself grounded before their birthday, Id basically do the same thing my parents did. Cancel any party that was previously planned, buy them a little cake, celebrate with presents, and send them back to their room without them. Itll teach them that Im serious about punishment, be it their "special day" or not.

How can I cancel a recurring event in Yahoo Calendar?

I somehow scheduled a recurring event in Yahoo calendar, and I cannot see how to cancel it. I can cancel the event on a given day, but not all of them. Help please..

Group event reminders not working?

I have set up several group events on our calendar and the email reminders are not going out. I have tried to recreate the reminders and still no emails are being sent. Please help.

How do I change my Google Calendar time zone without changing the time zone of each individual event on the calendar?

Per: Use Google Calendar in different time zonesNote: You won't be able to change the time zone of a calendar if you aren't the owner.Change the time zone for all your calendarsOn your computer, open Google Calendar.In the top right corner, click Settings > Settings.In the Your current time zone section, choose your time zone from the drop-down menu.If you don't see the time zone you want, check the box next to "Display all time zones."Scroll to the bottom of the page and click Save.Change the time zone for a single calendarOn your computer, open Google Calendar.On the left side of the page, click My calendars.Hover over the calendar you want to update and click the drop-down menu .Click Calendar Settings.In the Calendar time zone section, choose your time zone from the drop-down menu.If you don't see the time zone you want, check the box next to "Display all time zones."At the bottom of the page, click Save.Change the time zone for an existing eventOn your computer, open Google Calendar.Click the event you want to edit > Edit event.Next to the time of the event, click Time zone.Pick the time zone for the event.Click Done.

This may sound stupid, but "who" makes the Calendar?

Early calendars were LUNAR calendar -- each month had about 30 days.

30 * 12 = 360

But our Seasonl Cycles are based on the SUN, so you can see that every 6 years (365 - 360 = 5 ; 30 / 5 = 6) our seasonal cycles would be off by one month. in 36 years it would be snowing in July and hot in December, and we would be gathering our gardnesa in March.

So people learned that we needed to make a SOLAR calendar, and that required adjustment to the lunar calendar. Some months have 30 days, some hav 31`, and some have 28. In all, there were365 dys in a SOLAR YEAR.

but this is SATILL wrong! There are ACTUALLY 365.25 days in a Solar Year. So every 4 years we GAIN a day, and every 120 years we gain a full month!

Julius Ceasar was the main one to realize this, and defined the JULIAN CALENDAR in about 45 BC. The Julian Calendar has 12 months of 28, 30, or 31 days, plus a leap years every 4 years. This was used for many hundreds of years, and is the calendar on which most Christian Dates are determined.

In 1582 is was found out that the timing of the Julian Calendar was not quite right (being off by about 11 minutes each year), so in 1582 Pope Gregory Xiii signed a declaration that the GREGORIAN CALENDAR should be ued. Pope Gregory simply "removed" several days from that year, and the substituted hsi new, much better aligned calendar.

It was soon after that that things like the Solstice Day (march 2, June 21, September 21, December 21) could be accurately predicited, as could future calendadays -- like your birthday. The Gregorian Calendar is the most accurate calendar today.

The Gregorian Calendar is the one that is the "World Standrad" of today, although some countries still use the Jewish Calendar (which dates back to Adam and Eve) or the Chinese calendar.

Why do the planets have years of different lengths?

they don't
a year is an amount of time defined by man equal to about 365.25 days, comprised of 24 hours each. a year could have just as easily been defined as a round rubber object you put on your vehicle to make it roll
a year on saturn or mars or mercury is a year.

Nobody said happy birthday to me?

That's a downer all right. My sympathies.....and a belated Happy Birthday. I know it feels the best if people remember you without any prompting by you, but sometimes people get so busy and stressed out in this fast-paced life that they do forget....have you ever forgotten something important? Same thing. Your mom probably feels pretty bad about it, too, if that is any consolation. Next time, to avoid a repeat of your ignored birthday, try a gentle reminder a week or so before your birthday, or even the night before, by mentioning your birthday casually in conversation. It can be something as simple as, "What day is it? (Check a calendar). Oh, tomorrow is (supply the date).....hey, that's my birthday!" Or if that is too phony for you, then simply start singing, "Happy birthday to me......" as you walk into the kitchen (or wherever you first meet your family in the morning). You'll probably get a chuckle at the surprised looks on their faces and watching them scramble to make up for their "forgetfulness." You can do the same or similar with your friends. They care, believe me.

And the other thing you can do is be twice as prompt in remembering the birthdays of your friends and that you know how bad it feels, you'll want to make sure that doesn't happen to them. And the nice thing is that people usually respond in kind.