I Have Fear Of Confrontation. Confronting Angry Guys And Bigger Guys.fighting Back Verbally And

Which zodiac sign fears confrontation the most?

Libra. Libra is the opposite sign of Aries, and will avoid conflict like the plague. This is because of their need to achieve balance or harmony. Conflict would cause the scales to go out of whack.

How do I handle a situation where a complete stranger is trying to pick a fight?

If you were to walk down the street and saw some random piece of dog shit on the sidewalk from a strange dog you’ve never seen or met, wouldn’t you try to avoid stepping on the piece of dog shit?If that piece of dog shit on the street, magically grew some feet, and started to follow you around and block your path, wouldn’t you still do everything you could to avoid stepping on that piece of shit?Now lets say you were in a bar… or in a night club…If you would do everything you can to avoid the piece of shit on the sidewalk, why wouldn’t you avoid the piece of shit inside the bar or night club?You wouldn’t grab the piece of shit off the sidewalk with your bare hands, right? So why would you use your hands and touch the piece of shit inside the club or bar?If you knew how to defend yourself, you would have enough confidence to understand that backing down away from that piece of shit only means you don’t want to get your hands and clothes dirty.Now on a more serious note… this piece of shit could also be carrying a knife, could be with some friends who are also carrying knives, or this guy could be a professional MMA fighter, who happens to also be a scumbag out and about looking for fights.My suggestion is to avoid a fight at all costs… Remove yourself from the situation as quickly as possible. If you cannot remove yourself, talk down the situation… If you cannot talk down the situation, fighting is the absolute last resort.In that case, you’d better be prepared to get dirty… and you’d better be prepared to deal with an opponent who is bigger stronger and heavier than you, which means very well that you could end up on your back, so you’d better be prepared to fight off your back.Don’t fight on the street if you can help it…

I cried in front of my best GUY friend!?

I was at his house after school to study for a Math Test and I sat on his hat by accident because he threw it on the couch right before i was going to sit down and he got mad and I said "who cares about your hat?" and then we got into this fight, verbal and physical and he was so mad he finally brought up my older brother's dead and said he wanted to die to get away from me and he doesn't blame him (my older brother committed suicide and idk why) I started crying after that and he said "F*CK HOLY CRAP I"M SO SORRY" and he got all sad that he said that and tried to hug me, but i just pushed him off and went home
I sit right next to him in school in first period, wth do i do?? (we're juniors in high school and i have known him for years and I know he loved me but I don't know if he still does but I kinda not really but I kinda love him HELP!!)

Is it a sin for christians to get into a fist fight?

Well, I'm a christian in seventh grade and when I get to high school and someone tries to mess with me i want to know if it's wrong to fight back, and get into an actual fight. Do you think It'd be wrong for a black, christian girl to get into a fight at school in ninth grade?

Well okay you guys make a lot of sense, but what if I'm trying to defend myself?

How to deal with (Sagittarius) man when he is angry/upset?

We are in a one month old relationship/friendship.he likes me a lot.He is out of town and yesterday night he called me up and was in a cranky mood and got upset over everything(normal things we generally speak of) said.he kept the phone wishing me good night but i knew there was something wrong.so i texted him and called him but he kept his phone off.I got angry and texted him telling i will never come in his way again cos i realize how much he hates me.he didn't reply.today morning i texted him again telling i missed him-which he wanted to hear me say for a long time-but still he hasn't replied.Why some men behave like this?Whenever there is a misunderstanding he only keeps silent how much ever i text him and next time when we talk he pretends as if nothing happened.How to deal with this type of behavior?How can i get him attached to me emotionally so that he opens up to me to tell me his feelings?

This girl wants to fight me? I'm SO scared? What do I do?

I graduated HS a year early in May. I'm starting college in a week.
Look, high school sucks. It's your last year. I had zero friends in school. I had acquaintances. I talked to the freshman in my yearbook class, talked to the stoners about Trent Reznor, became good friends with a teacher. She was my only friend. Nothing is as glamorous as it seems. No one likes high school. The preppy girls seem perfect but they aren't -- I sat with the most popular girl in my art class and she came to school miserable every day. I ate lunch in a bathroom stall to avoid a boy who was violent towards me and shoved me around. I was bulimic until a few months in when I just stopped caring about others and my body and just focused on the future. You make your own HS experience. Have fun on your own terms. You don't necessarily need friends. All my friendships I had in highschool don't exist anymore if they even could be called friendships. People knew me as "the Tumblr girl" because I dress like the girls on there apparently. Form your own identity. Roll with the punches. Academics is more important than socializing. College is a must. Get that 3.7 GPA or whatever for that scholarship. it's what matters.
Now. As for this crazy girl. She's insecure. Stop talking to the boy. Any boy who would date a girl like that isn't worth your time even talking to or being harassed. If she comes up to you just say "He's yours as it is". It's vague and therefore powerful. If you want friends, make them. Be more outgoing and be extremely kind to everyone. People will want to know the nice friendly girl.
High school looks like such a joke once you get to college. I got hardly any attention in high school and at my college intro session, I made a million friends whom I still talk to. College is so easy to make a new identity in. Bide your time in high school. it is temporary. it will be over soon. I'm probably younger than you since I graduated early but hear me out. Work with college in mind. All else doesn't matter. And this girl will soon stop when you don't give her the satisfaction of getting upset.