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I Have My Masters In Special Education But Where I Live Is Saturated With Teachers. More

How do school teachers identify gifted children?

The following in my experienceStudents ability to transform knowledge into creative solutionsTheir way of questioning things, like “why am I here” “who am I” “whats my purpose or mission in life”Their speed of learning, finishing 50 minutes task in 10 minutesTheir ability to get bored, boredom will frustrate highly gifted studentsAbnormalities in other area; your child might be gifted but may lack in social skills, people skills or simple task daily skills. Its usually a spectrum of imbalance within abnormalities.Laziness and finding quickest solutions to solve complex problemsHighly gifted children are often diagnosed with ADHD or extreme hyper activity, they cannot sit still.They are self developers, often come up with better ideas than the teacher, as an instructor I must fulfill the missing gap in their thinking and doing things.They perform better working independently and alone, highly gifted students often struggle with friendship and they have difficulties being understood due to their mysteriousness and unique thinkingThey are better as leaders versus collaboraters, cooperators, and team matesThey are far too creative than average mindsI have been privileged teaching highly gifted children.Peace,

Which country is better for a job, Australia or Dubai? Is it a good choice to move to Australia on a student visa, or should I keep working in Dubai?

Hi,I think you should actually ask which option is viable for you. It really depends on what type of job you do. Your occupation is going to determine whether you can move to Australia in the long term.I can give you some advice on obtaining a work/PR visa from a student visa in Australia, since most of the discussion regarding this question seems to indicate that it is your best option.Australia regulates its immigration based on skills shortages. If you have skills based on the needs of the government then it becomes easier to migrate. Also, my experience is that employers over in Australia value local experience and qualifications. It might mean that you need to complete a masters degree in some field just to get into the job market if you are coming from overseas. I completed two post graduate degrees in Australia, but if I did not receive a partial scholarship then it would have been impossible for me to move over here.I have been struggling for a very long time to get a decent job in metropolitan Melbourne. I am a teacher and semi-professional musician by trade. However, recently I have found a school which is willing to sponsor me out in the countryside.It is very difficult to get a job in the urban centers like Melbourne and Sydney. If you are looking for a 457 visa you are more likely to get it if you look for jobs in the regional and rural areas where they have massive skills shortages. I know that doctors, teachers and tradesmen are in demand in the country towns. The government is trying to attract foreigners to work in those areas, since locals are reluctant to leave the urban centers and to adopt a simpler lifestyle.To make a long story short:See if Australia needs your skills.Educate yourself to the highest degree possible. You might need to obtain a degree from an Australian university and that is going to cost an arm and a leg!Do research about which jobs are available in the country. It is unlikely that you will get a job in an urban center on your first few tries.A word of caution: If you are making good money in Dubai and living a decent life then you should really take a deep look at moving to Australia. Remember that when you emigrate, you are effectively hitting the reset button on your life and starting from scratch. Don’t do it unless you don’t have to!Good luck with the move (or not)!

Is going to graduate school a waste of time for some fields of study as the field is already saturated with PhD and Postdocs?

Oh, boy. Gio Wiederhold states, “If you think you will become excellent, don’t worry”, but this is a measure of confidence, not ability. Wes Winn say that few will complain, “oh no! All the good 5th Century History of Philosophy jobs are gone!”, but of course they will (although not at that level of specificity); intellectual interest is a wonderful thing, but a PhD is job training, not satisfying an itch. Realistically, how many people can afford to live hand-to-mouth for five years, often with mounting undergraduate student debt, with no hope of special employment after?Sadly, what we’re discovering is that most students are Wiederholdian self-styled wunderkind, but aren’t as special as they think (it’s tough, since many PhD students are used to being the smartest around by far, only to find that the question, “around whom?). Many have no clear career plans, and we’re being trained (for better or worse) to get the jobs our advisors have, as tenure-track faculty at research universities, and there are few of those. Most schools offer no career resources for PhD students, despite the fact that at most 10% of PhD grads will get these kinds of jobs.Oddly enough, Gio is precisely wrong for the current market: jobs at less-prestigious, less research-oriented colleges and universities predominate, so you’re better off if you know you’re not going to be an exceptional researcher and don’t care. I have near-complete intellectual freedom in my research because I’m not expected to produce large amounts of extramural funding.What’s key is to have a career path that accounts for different levels of success, and know how to adjust your sights. Organizations like Cheeky Scientist | Industry Training For Post-Academia PhDs and Beyond the Professoriate help those who finish and can’t get the careers they want, but much of what they do is help these people understand the alternatives. Also, if you start and come to the conclusion that you don’t want a PhD, you should leave, but some peoples’ egos won’t let them.Finally, if you accept that this is a material event, not a spiritual enlightenment, you’ll more quickly accept that you must be at least a bit mercenary to succeed in higher ed and/or research. Choose the things that you love, are fundable, and lead to employment. If you can’t find a balance of all three, it’s probably a mistake. One important lesson to start the process is to realize that no one will pay you to think deep thoughts.

What advice would you give to a Computer Science major student that you wish you were given when you started learning Computer Science?

Never rely on your education only. Classes are can sometimes be too bland or too theoretical. A lot of CS programs don't even teach what you will do working in the industry.Take Math and problem solving seriously. You use the same skills in programming every day.Focus on the big picture generally - learn the big concepts of computer science, don't get caught up in language specific details.Polish your communication skills. Never excuse yourself to not be social and outgoing because you are a 'computer science nerd'.Work on a balanced healthy lifestyle in eating and exercising. Do not give the excuse again of 'I'm a computer science nerd'.Work on side projects/other interests. The best programmers don't only program. They learn about other topics they are interested in. Programming/Computer science is only a tool like writing or speaking; it must be applied to some area. Forget GPA. Keep above a 3.0 or 3.5 if you must. Work on programming Go to hackathons. Two points for this - socializing, networking, working on projects.Always try and apply for things you don't think you are qualified for. Do not skip out on the career fair, especially if you are a freshman. Be informed of programs like Google Engineering Practicum and Google Summer of Code.Talent is overrated as always. Think of the best programmer you know. A year of hard work can put you on their level.Start competitive programming as early as possible. Master one programming language for interviews.Concepts in computer science aren't mastered in one go. Repetition is important. Consider being a TA for a class. Patience is key to intuition.Have an online presence and blog.Work on hot area topics. Make some apps in data science, machine learning, computer vision, or map reduce just for experience.Work on a fast breadth-first search rather than a fast depth-first search. Do research. Then work for a big company. Then work for a startup. Then work on nonprofits/open source.

How many people live in fez this year?

Fes or Fez (Arabic فـاس [Fās], French Fès) (located at 34°3′10″N, 4°58′58″W) is the third largest city in Morocco, after Casablanca and Rabat, with a population of 946,815 (2004 census). It is the capital of the Fès-Boulemane Region.

Who did you think is the more cruel nation?during ww2.. Japan,USA,Germany?

Of the ones you named Japan was by far the worst. One statistic alone is enough 17,530,000 civilians killed by the Japanese military. check out

BUT you forget the second worst.
Soviet atrocities were committed against various groups.
After the initial revolution, the Soviet Union under Lenin denied peasants food; forcing millions onto collective farms to provide it for industrial workers. During World War II, to boost war production and resist the Nazi invasion of the USSR, the Soviets also worked many of Russia's peasants to death in factories, gulags, and other work camps. The Soviet government also denied food to non-military personnel to keep up the war effort, leaving thousands of civilians to starve. Estimates put the death toll in the millions. The USSR committed numerous atrocities against the citizens of Poland, Hungary, the Ukraine, and other Eastern Bloc countries whom the Soviet Union wanted as territory. For example, most of the Polish population was sent to camps in the Soviet Union. The Ukrainian populaiton was culled by artificial famine.
German sources listed below estimate that at the end of World War II, Red Army soldiers raped more than 2,000,000 German women, an estimated 200,000 of whom later died from injuries sustained, committed suicide, or were murdered outright. After June 1945 the Soviet high command imposed punishments for rape ranging from arrest to execution. Estimations of rape victims are distributed as follows: Eastern Provinces: 1,400,000; zone of Soviet occupation excluding Berlin: 500,000; Berlin: 100,000. The 2,000,000 rape victims estimate is also supported by the research of historian Norman Naimark. In addition, many of these victims were raped repeatedly, some as many as 60 to 70 times. During the occupation of Budapest (Hungary) it is estimated that 50,000 women were raped. Fleeing from the advancing Soviet forces, possibly more than two million people in the eastern provinces of Germany (East Prussia, Silesia, Pomerania) died, many of cold and starvation, but many were murdered by Soviet forces, or killed while being caught up in combat operations.


How do Indians feel when they go back to live in India after living in US for 5+ years?

Here is a word of advice for all NRI's who are looking to move back to India."If you are looking to move to India because you are bored of your job in the US or feel there are more opportunities here, then DON'T move back"I moved to Gurgaon 6 months back and its been a mix of pleasure and pain :)Its dusty, dirty, noisy, crowded, humid with crappy roads, even more crappier condos etc get the drift.If you want to live in a condo like you lived in the US, it will cost you atleast a lakh per month :)Most service providers and handymen will not be on time and will even be very blase about it.Shopping for good quality veggies and fruits is a pain.The fine line between a weekday and the weekend usually blurs.Maids and cooks are supposed to be a convenience but they are usually a pain in the neck because you gotta supervise them and keep an eye on them.Options for weekend breaks are very limited.If Google Maps says you will reach a place in 6 hours, it will take anywhere between 10-16hours.Sports facilities are pretty limited and the ones that are available are pretty expensive.The gyms here are crappy and are usually in the basement of some house nearby. There are good ones but usually very far from where you live and the commute is just not worth it.5kms of travel is like 25 miles of travel here.If you have been out of India for more than 3+ years, and have not been here in the last 3 years, you will get THE STICKER SHOCK of your life when you get back.Stuff has become frightfully expensive...some examples include petrol, wine, fine dining, movie tickets etc etc.Basically, everything is available here but at a price. You can almost duplicate your US lifestyle but the cost will be directly similar to what it was in the US. The only difference will be a drop in your salary (And this is if you were living in NYC or SFO. If you are living in Dallas or somewhere in the midwest in a $800/2BR apartment, the fun will be even more)Well, that's the bad part.Now to the good parts even though they may seem a bit vague :)Its home and I feel more 'alive' here.The food somehow tastes better.There is a notional sense of freedom (like zipping on the expressway at midnight without worrying about a cop car on your back)

Why are most Jehovah's Witnesses uneducated and simple minded?

I suppose it could be said that because these people are uneducated and simple minded that is why they have been taken in by such a ridiculous cult/religion. The Jehovahs Witness organisation seems to appear scientifically accepting but only as far as it does not contradict their beliefs.

For example, Jehovah’s Witnesses completely deny any evidence for the theory of evolution and thus completely reject that evolution is a fact. In place of the overwhelming and persuasive evidences for evolution, the organisation subjects their readers to misleading, delusory, illogical and blatant fallacious reasoning and misinformation.

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