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I Have No Friends Help

I have no friends, online or in real life. Help?

Alright, from the title, it should be obvious that what I'm really looking for here is some kind of friend. How pathetic. :| I just... don't know what do to.

In real life, the only people that talk to me are the people that have to. Like when teachers put us in groups, and they rely on me to have all the answers. Even then, I'm not as included. The other group members talk amongst themselves, forgetting I'm there. When I try to contribute to their conversation, it goes unacknowledged most of the time - spare a few disapproving stares.

The circle of people that engage in pleasantries with me is regretfully small. I know they only do it because I happen to sit beside them, or because they're a social butterfly who doesn't really want my input; they only want another person to add to their vast list of acquaintances. But hey, that's fine with me... :/

When I attempt to establish friendships online, such as on a forum or game, my posts/messages are never replied to. I've made over 300 posts on one particular forum, but I've stopped since the majority of them were ignored or harshly taken.

If it's worth mentioning, I've never been a relationship with a boy either. Never held hands, never hugged, never kissed... Fist bumps and high fives are common occurences though. My politically incorrect/dark/sarcastic jokes earn me those. Suppose a lot of teenage guys find that brand of humor amusing. But that doesn't help much at all.

Is anyone out there facing similar problems? Or has anyone been in the same situation? I need to learn how to make friends from something other than WikiHow. :c 'Cause that whole be-direct-and-confident sh-t is scaring people off more than anything.

I trust nobody and I have no friends? Help?

I'm very paranoid about people's intentions. I have had many, MANY fake friends in the past who ended up just stabbing me in the back. I trust no one. I am very observant and suspicious of people and keep to myself. Even when people try to befriend me I watch my back. I think everyone is fake. Do I need help?

Im homeschooled and I have NO friends. :( Help?

Your first step is to get off the computer. Its a tool- nothing more. That being said, you can join lots of groups open to all teens;
Check church or community youth groups
Join classes. Museums and colleges offer classes to kids
Ask your parents if you can take lessons such as horseback riding, music, etc. Its important to get out into the world.
If nothing is around, then consider creating your own group. There's also That allows people to form groups of all types of topics. You could find some things locally.

First day at new school and no friends,help?

Today was the first day at my new high school. It's really huge and there's a lot of people. Problem is, I have no friends. I am so lonely and it basically made the first day the worst for me. I felt like crying. I even lied to my mother and told her I had a great day and met some new friends. I didn't. I hate it. I miss my old friends and my old school. And you know what sucks? Today was only the first day.
im going into 10th grade...

How do I deal with depression when I have no friends to help?

Depression is a state of mind that sometimes requires more than just ourselves. If you do not have friends then you must seek out relatives, teachers, mentors, your doctor, dentist, anyone that you are at least acquainted. Asking for help is the first step. If you are shy or reluctant to ask for help write a letter, send a text, call a helpline. DO NOT BE afraid to ask for help. Start by admitting to someone that you are depressed.Depression requires professional medical attention which sometimes includes medication, behavior therapy, or both. The duration of treatment can be short or long term. Each individual is different. Depression is nothing to be ashamed of and completely manageable.While you are working toward getting help for depression by seeking out medical, spiritual, or clinical try some of the following suggestions. Walking, running, playing your favorite sport, will help you feel better. Exercise increases our feel good hormones. Even if you have never exercised, get moving. Walking in 10 minutes increments is better than not moving at all. Find sunshine or light in general. Open the blinds, stand in bright light. Light makes us feel better too. Get a pet if possible and only if you can responsibly care for a pet. If you can not have a pet due to living arrangements, costs, or health reasons. Try local pet stores or shelters to volunteer which leads me to the next suggestion. Volunteer. Helping others makes us feel good and you may meet people that way.You have to remember you are not alone. You may have friends that you have isolated because you were not feeling well. Reach out and explain that you are not feeling like yourself and that you need help. If there is truly no one in your immediate reach. Try joining a club, social group, attend sporting events or concerts. Moving out of our comfort zone sounds scary and overwhelming; I’m sure but sometime we are our own hindrance. Whatever the case may be the first and most important step is asking for help. Good Luck!

I have no friends and I feel very sad and lonely. What can I do?

It appears that you think you're sad and lonely because you don't have any friends. That's probably not true, though.What's probably true is that you don't have any friends because you're sad and lonely.It's also possible that there's something else about you that is pushing people away. I don't know. I know that, in my case, I have very few friends and spend a lot of time alone, but I'm not at all sad or lonely.How does it happen? No one can know for certain except you and the people you hang around. Would it be possible to contact some people who used to hang with you and no longer do? Just ask them. Tell them they have nothing to lose by being honest with you. And be grateful for their feedback.Maybe you'll have another question to ask Quora soon.

I have no friends in high school...?

and I have really good grades. I'm not a nerd, I just do well with the academic aspect of school. Unfortunately I don't fit in.

Does life improve after high school? I always hear about how it is supposedly the best part of life.

Is there anybody out there who was an outcast in high school but went on to have a good life?