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I Have No One To Go Out With For My 18th Birthday

Can i move out a month before my 18th birthday?

i want to move out of my mothers home. im a month away from my 18th birthday and i want to leave. she does drugs and is always drunk and hits me. i was taken away from her when i was 12 for the samething. ive only been with her for a year. if someone helps me run away can they get into trouble? plz i really need help!

None of my "friends" showed up for my 18th birthday party. What should I do to them?

Nothing. How well are these people friends? If it was myself i would slowly separate yourself from them. Why didn't they come? I would also not go to any of their parties. Sounds like they aren't interested in being a friend. Don't worry about it's not a perfect world. You will make real friends in the future.I made a friend in a part job we each had, she was working full time plus this job. We have been friends for 38 years. Every time we moved my husband sent her a plane ticket to visit. Every birthday and every Christmas we each sent gifts to each other. I never cared for a bunch of friends. I have been very happy with just one friend. I have family and my dog. I am very happy this way.I learned growing up a similar thing. In high school I said I would work on a float with 2 other girls. I was supposed to go to one girls house, so after school I went there. Her mother said they weren't coming but I would help design something, can't remember much. The next day I said nothing and never looked at them again. I have learned who I want in my life and negative people have no place.When my son was in grade school he took invitations to his birthday party and gave to “friends", maybe they forgot to give to their parents. You know it was so sad for my son. Not one person showed up. One parent called me afterwards, said she was sorry but also knew that no one else went. Sounds like they talked it over. And decided not to come. But when he went to high school he really didn't see anyone from grade school. He made different friends!So life is short, make the best of it, and be happy with people you want in your life!

How did you celebrate your 18th birthday?

Thanks Samuel Turpin!!!It went well honestly!Woke up super early which i hated cause i wanted more sleepThen I took a shower n dried my hair n my mum spray dyed it. I can wash it out easily so ya but it makes my hair feel really weird.I then went to meet my grandpa for lunch with my older sister n my mum n i was really nervous cause he doesn’t like it when i look like a guy so ya but he honestly really liked it n the color went nice with it ^^I went to chili’s but i wanted to go to Logan’s but my sister won rock-paper-scissors so ya. I got a buffalo chicken ranch sandwich. n so did my grandpa but he finished his n I didn’t so ya XD I got full with the appetizers (Buffalo chicken wings!) Well sorta…he gave me a card with $100 in it so im using that to buy myself accessories!Then after my mum surprised me by taking me to Barnes n Noble but my sister ruined the surprise part by telling me n my mum got pissed.I got a unicorn shirt my mum found there n 2 My Hero Academia volumes! Volumes 3 and 4Then i just chilled at home n all thata couple hours later they sang me happy birthday n i ate an oreo cake YUUUUUUMMMMM!!!!!N I unexpectedly got a present! Here is a pic of that lolLol im wearing that now XDTomorrow is when we are all going to go out to eat cause we couldnt do it today. We’re probably going to casa de taco for a botana!!!!!!!!!!! FAJITA!!!!!n me n my sister are going to the movies the next day to see a double feature of Dragon ball.N my mum will let me spend some of my cash ^^I think it went well!I had fun.Thanks!~Pet of Quora~

Bored on my 18th birthday?

Today is my 18th birthday. It's 9pm and I'm so bored.

I only got a teddy from my parents with '18' on it. Then I had college where no-one wished me a happy bday. Only 8 people have written happy birthday on my facebook, 5 of them being my family.

My Dad had a go at me. There was a huge argument so my Dad didn't come out for a meal with us, I cried. We went for a meal which was okay.

I'm so bored. I feel like I should be doing something but I'm just in my room on the computer. I went and sat downstairs with my family but they all ignore me and just sit there on their laptops.

Dumb question: what do I want for my 18th birthday?

~Gift Card
~Flip Flops
~Cellphone or I-pod case
~T-Shirt or Sweater
~Pair of Jeans
~Favorite Movie (Twilight?)
~Favorite Book
~Nail Polish

Thats what your friends could give you ^^

~Blackberry / I-phone
~Latest version of the I-Pod
~Ticket to your favorite concert ? Or to a destination ? (Disneyland , Paris)
~Expensive stereo
~Digital Camera
~Flat Screen T.v
~Brand name clothing , shades , shoes and purses

^^ Things your parents could get you

Didn't get anything for my 18th birthday?

I feel very childish for being this way but I am very disappointed because it is my 18th birthday and I really expected it to be an amazing day but it wasn't, I thought I'd come home to a gift or atleast a cake but I got absolutely nothing, just a happy birthday. I went all out for everyone's birthday I even spent my last few dollars on a gift for my dad he loved! I just feel so unappreciated. Like all year I have been working hard to get people what they wanted for their birthday only to get nothing in return for mine?? I don't know if I'm just being selfish or what I just expected more for the big 18, but I am an "adult" after all..

Drinking at my 18th birthday party....?

ok i wanna drink at my 18th birthday party, but i don't want people to get too drunk and drive. and if i have a party there WILL be drinks at it. so....the thing is, i'm trying to figure out other things to do with friends on my b-day.

please don't tell me to have a theme party.
please don't tell me to go out to dinner cuz that's so boring to me.
please don't tell me to go mini-golfing.
oh, and i am a girl.