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I Have Saved Up The Money To Buy A 3ds But I

How do you save up enough money to buy a phone at age 13?

As a youngster, money is hard to come by , especially if you want something with a bit more value like a new phone or game console.First off. You need to be a bit bold. Don’t be afraid to talk to neighbours. Since you’re young, everyone will think it’s both adorable and responsable of you to earn your keep. So let neighbours know you want to buy a phone, and you’re willing to take out their garbage, walk their dogs, fetch the newspaper, or do the shopping for the elders around you, in exchange for whatever little they can spare. I know , it doesn’t sound very encouraging, but the little something they give you stacks up faster than you’d think .Second, ask your parents. Since they’re the closest source of income, let them know that you want that specific phone and you would apreciate them if they pitched in with a little cash . That’s all the talking. Start helping out with household chores, like doing dishes , or cleaning around when your parents aren’t looking. They see your determination, and they will be more likely to transfer a few more bucks to your piggy-bank.Third (if available). If you have grandparents, you should also let them know. Grandparents are usually more attached to their grandchildren, so if you have grandparents around, let them know what you want, and help them out with whatever you can. Dust the shelves, broom the porches…anything they need and you can do, it’s a possible income that gets you closer to the phone.4th- Save up. If you get any money as gifts for easter/christmas, save them. Keep them in a safe place until you reach the goal. Also, if you go Trick’o’Treating for Haloween, you might consider sacrificing some of your candy, and trading it for cash with other kids.The base point is, you have many ways of earning a few coins, it’s not much, but the sum rises fast, little by little. The best way to get more is to let people know that you want your phone. Do not ask for money, or ask your parents for the phone straight up. Better if you make your intent known and ask for stuff to do in return for that money. That’s the fastest and safest way i can think of .

Should I buy new Nintendo 3DS XL?

Haha, I can understand the situation you're in. I'm 16 and just bought a new 3ds XL. I also bought it after saving money (could save only 30%, 70% shares are held by my elder sister :p). I love it <3. The 3d is awesome. Here's mine :)​​             (Phoenix Wright: Dual Destinies)​The people who say Nintendo stuff is kiddish are the same people who pass comments without thinking and trying. And there's a lot more to 3ds than just Pokémon games :)There are a lot of games to choose from. Some games are common to both 3DS and PS Vita (This blew my mind) like 999: Zero Escape and Metal Gear Solid Snake Eater (Of course it's in 3d in 3DS and 2D in Vita)In my opinion, Nintendo games are fun rather than kiddish. I hate it when my relatives say, "You're 16 and still playing video games?" Arghh...I mean, why not have a li'l fun?Coming back, both of them have their pros and cons, but I say go with 'new' 3ds XL. Man, that thing is portable! You can bring it with you anywhere! And yes, the streetpass feature is also cool. It also has that 'tilt your device' thingy (gyroscope) meaning that you can steer in racing games by tilting your 3ds! The resolution is a bit low but still it looks great, even on the XL.Be sure to pick the latest 'new' model as it has improved 3d. You'll suffer a lot if you pick the previous model. You can get it for around ₹16000-₹17,000. Since you'll be moving out soon, you'll need money so why not save that extra money? Or you can buy some 3ds games with it. :)And yeah, I've heard that Pokémon X and Y are pretty much the same game. There are other good games also.

How can I save money for a Nintendo 3DS?

Im 15 yrs. old and want to save money for the new 3DS. I get P300 a week. I can't ask my step dad for money cause he's really really strict as if he wants me to die from boredom. My mom's the one who gives me the allowance and I'm too shy to ask for more. Can someone please help me so I can save money for the 3DS really fast it costs around P13,000 and I only have P5,000. Can someone help me with this? A way how traditional Pinoys save money. Please don't tell me about selling lemonades cause it really doesn't work here in the Philippines.

My dad won't buy me a 3Ds...?

Before you think I'm some Whiney 8 year old, I'm not. Gaming has been a thing my whole life, you see. I'm 14. My parents used to buy me a DS, a wii u, I loved Pokemon and played stuff like that. But now they won't buy me anything. I see my friends playing on their DS at school, and I can't, and some who don't even know how to play my most favorite game has one. You see, it's not just something to move on from. Gaming makes me so happy, I don't care who calls me a nerd. Don't sayi need a life because well, we all live differently don't we? We do different stuff for fun.. Anyway I asked him today if he can buy me or if I get straight As. I begged him for a 3Ds ever since it came out and I see all the new Pokemon trailers and it gets me so sad.. Everyone is so hype and I'm just here.. It's not only the 3Ds it's the fact that my parents won't buy me anything, or let me o anything. They always tell me to get off my phone so I have to sit in bed all day.. I want o live my life as a gamer but my parents say it's for little kids, when it's not. (Btw I'm a girl) anyway they said they'll buy me one when they graduate and that's just so roUgh.. Yes I move on from not having one but when I see new trailers of my favorite video games it just leaves me so sad and it just really makes me wanna experience it rather than watching my friends have fun with it..

How do I get my boyfriend to stop spending money on expensive electronics and start saving?

My boyfriend has been buying gear that we don't need instead of saving to move.

Here is a list of stuff he decided to buy: Iphone, Ipad, new fancy car radio, extra computer screen, gaming mouse, nintendo 3DS, A laptop that flips over like an Ipad, A sensor that picks up the movement of your hands, Xbox 1 with 5 games, electronic cigarettes, New graphics card, new external, new ipod, A mete8er and it does not stop there he is still planing to buy more.

He has always had money and even if we do move out he wants to move into the most expensive places available to rent, with the best security.

He does not understand what it like to not have everything and I come from a poor family

When it came time for us to move out he told me that I do not earn enough for us to move in together and that I should find another job that pays more, even though I love my job.

I don't know if this is because he was overspending and we don't have enough money or if this is because he wants to live in luxury and I have saved about 3 times my salary.

I am willing to do anything to move in with him to start our life, but it is like his current life is to nice and convenient for him to want to change.

We have been in a relationship for 6 years and most of the time I'm pulling the weight driving to him and the one day I decide to spend time with my mom he gets jealous and makes comments about me spending time with my mother.

My question is what do I do?

If I have $120, should I invest in a 2DS, 3DS, or 3DS XL?

It depends on what you're gonna play. Games like Monster Hunter and Hyrule Warriors need the New 3DS or New 3DS XL to run. New 3DS or New 3DS XL also have some exclusive games on the eShop and is also very convient for games with amiibo support.Don't care about all that? Then I'd say it depends on how often you're gonna play it and take it with you. If not much then I'd get the 2DS. If you'll play it a bit, take it with you places, try to StreetPass other users and such then the 3DS and 3DS XL will do just fine.

Is pokemon black and white fun?

Yes yes and yes. I own White and i have to say the graphics look SO much better, and your pokemon actually MOVE throughout the enitire battle. The story plot is really nice too, its kinda like a mid-evil based plotline, cause the enemy team owns a castle and wears clothes set in that time period and yep spoiler alert, but you as the player ends up being the very trainer Zekrom/Reshiram's been waiting for and act as almost the equal to the main antagonist (whos misunderstood) as the TWO heros of legend. But yeah, the plot is very well written. You should totally try it out but theres like some frustration cause ya can't rebattle trainers. But yeah its fun. you should totally try it, its only like $34.98. and oh yeah! diference between thetwo is Black is more inot the futuristic city life and battles while White is more into nature and the abundance in pokemon

Why is Minecraft so expensive?

A long long time ago in a galaxy… oh wait nevermind, it was this galaxy and only a few years ago. Minecraft was still in Beta, and I got access to it for under $10. Back then, news of the game was out there, but it hadn’t reached the insane levels of popularity it has now until after its release. However, today, Minecraft is one of the most popular computer games out there, certainly the most popular computer game that isn’t an Esports title in the world.Like anything which is bought and sold, Minecraft is subject to demand curves—there is incredibly high demand, so they can up the price. Quite simply, “everybody” is playing Minecraft, so people are willing to pay a lot to get a part of the fun. Way back when it was in Beta and they had yet to fix the Minecart boosting glitch (those were the days), it was popular among casual gamers but its popularity was almost entirely based on word of mouth. Once they hit the news after the release, begun licensing and selling merchandise, it got extremely popular and they were able to sell even more at a higher price.Plus, Jesse Eck is right that when you compare to OTHER videogames, it simply is a great game at a pretty reasonable price versus the $60 a pop you’d expect to pay for console AAA titles, not to mention the fact that Minecraft will run on the 6 year old laptop your dad used to use for work whereas to play the next COD game you need to drop over $400 between the console and game, and even AAA PC titles often require the horsepower of a $500 PC to even launch.Beyond all of that too, it’s simply in a world unto itself. The game has millions of players flocking to online servers for all sorts of reasons. My friend plays on a server that is solely dedicated to constructing all of Westeros (Home - WesterosCraft). There are thousands of places anybody can join in and play, and Survival mode has tens of thousands of pages of Wiki information available to help you through it. The modding community is one of the biggest of any game franchise in existence if not the biggest too. All that means the game won’t just get old and out of style, it will keep evolving at the hands of players for years to come, even if Microsoft cans the whole team from Mojang and tables development from their end.I personally haven’t played it in a long time, since I played for far too long back in highschool, but I still recognize the greatness of what Notch and Mojang have built.