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I Have Written A Conversation Can Someone Check If There Is Any Type Of Mistake

Is it possible that even after leaving a group conversation, a user can read the rest of the conversation that happened between the other members of the group chat?

Everyone got it wrong.The answer is, unfortunately, YES. The person who has left or has been removed from a Facebook group chat can STILL read the whole conversation (ALL conversation prior to leaving the group).This recently happened to us and it’s frustrating that Facebook doesn’t have any answer/resolution to this.Even if ALL the members of the group chat leave the conversation, the conversation history is still visible to EVERYONE. A member who has been removed or left the group can still find that particular group chat by searching for it on Messenger (both mobile app/desktop) using the group name or by simply searching the name of one of its previous members (it will show up as a suggestion). The only way to make it completely disappear from being searched is to "Delete" the conversation aside from "Leaving" only. However, this will only delete the group chat from the end of the person who has deleted it and NOT from the other person who hasn't deleted it yet. Even the if original group chat creator delete it, it’s still visible to other members.We accidentally added a person in a group chat and removed him afterwards. However, we found out that that person can still read all the past conversions from that group even he didn't engage at all! When you're talking "bad" about someone on a group chat and accidentally added him, removing him won't keep him from seeing all the conversations. It looks like the group conversation is saved permanently. Blocking the person doesn’t make any difference either!

On a check, I put $110 in the box. Can someone else alter the written sum line to match the box?Is this fraud?

Basically, I bought a car for (let's say) $1558. So I put $1558 in the little box. But accidentally wrote out only "One thousand fifty eight dollars"...and forgot to put "five hundred". The finance person didn't check...and I didn't notice. Later, the auto company reneged on the trade b/c they said I didn't intial a typo on the check. They said they faxed the check to the bank and the bank said they would reject it b/c I didn't initial the cross out. They won't let me initial it now b/c they don't want to go through with the trade anymore.

That being said, when they gave me back the check they faxed to the bank...they had written in the "five hundred" mentioned above before sending it to the bank. Does this constitute as fraud? Is the car company allowed to write in information and submit it (via fax) to the bank to see if it will be approved?

What can I do if someone owes me $35,000 and I don't have anything in writing. I do have a copy of the check

IF he wrote on the check that acceptance of this check constitutes a loan, or something to the extent that it was a loan and/or you expect to be payed back, then he could go after them. Without that, it is assumed a gift.

IF this is not the case, at least report that person to the IRS, there are limits to gifts before they are taxable - you may not get any of the money back directly, but you could at least get revenge by sicking the IRS on them. Part of the taxes and interest and penalties woud come back to you if you get a refund, so think of it that way.

Lawsuits will not help without a paper trail, especially if it is a family member. You could always roll the dice and make it painful for them by dragging them into court and make them pay for an attorney. Again, another way to get them to cough up some of the money you threw away. Depending on where you lived at the time of the loan, that state takes precedence, so maybe they will have to travel and pay for a hotel for the precedings, unless you are also willing to put them up while you are suing them.

Good luck.

Is there any free app to check your grammar in writing?

I’m not sure about the apps for smartphones, but you can definitely use this Grammar Sentence Structure Checker on PC or use the mobile version of this site to get your writing fully checked. It is free and instantly gives you report on every type of mistake you’ve managed to do:Grammar (Subject-Verb Agreement, Sentence Fragments…);Punctuation (Missing Comma After Introductory Element, No Comma In A Compound Sentence…);Bad spelling;Enhancement (Word Choice and so on);Style (e.g. Inappropriate Colloquialisms);Sentence structure.What you will need to do is simply paste your text into online editor and click submit: all the work will be done by tool. However, I still recommend you to pay attention to mistakes and proofread your text after all as tools also make mistakes sometimes.

When I try to speak English, words don't come out right. How can I speak fluent English?

Most likely you are afraid of making a mistake.I suffered the same in learning Spanish, and I see it as one of the greatest obstacles for my English students. One of my students recently told me he was in a store and wanted to ask in English, "What is the price of this item?" He planned it out perfectly in his mind, walked up to the attendent, and said "wutprsths?" When the attendent (obviously) did not understand, so my student just said "price," and got the answer he needed.Often we may say "I don't mind making mistakes, I know no one is going to throw tomatoes at me" but deep inside we feel that it is something terrible to speak poorly, and so are terrified of saying something wrong. As a result we overthink what we are trying to say, analyzing the grammar and syntax instead of just pouring forth concepts. This makes speaking very awkward. This can even happen when you are alone, speaking to yourself, because you constantly doubt if what you said is correct (I speak from experience)!Polygot Sid Efromovich points out that we are trained from youth to shun the feeling of having done something wrong, but in learning languages we must seek it, because that means we are crossing into new territory and learning. (See the video below, 29:00)When you are writing you can take time to think about how words should be organized - you cannot while speaking. So you just have to go for it. Spit the words out, and if they are wrong, that's OK. One successful English learner told me that making mistakes was the best learning tool, because he was so embarrased he remembered the correction!From my own experience and research and watching others, I believe the only solution to your problem is to listen to and speak a lot of English. It has to be a natural process that you don't think about, which will only come with lots of practice - as with any skill, from baseball to piano playing to speaking.

What are some cool WhatsApp tricks?

You need a spare SIM Card for this.If you think you are addicted or wish to go off WhatsApp for sometime without deleting your account or using the 'Change number' option available on WhatsApp (because this notifies all groups that you are a member of) or uninstalling , follow the steps below -1. Go to Settings >> Applications >> WhatsApp >> Clear dataNow you are logged out of WhatsApp without uninstalling the application and nobody is notified about this. Also, you stop getting any new notification messages.2. Now sign in using your new SIM number. Insert the spare SIM card you have in another phone for sometime (to receive one time verification code).WhatsApp will first try to auto verify your number. Since that will fail, as you are signing in with a different SIM number, it will ask you to enter the verification code. Enter the code you receive on the new number (you will receive a text message or call)Once the verification and initialization is done - You have a new WhatsApp account on the same phone You have all your contacts  No groups (:D) without being rude Nobody has been notified about this. You didn't have to uninstall WhatsApp. And you still have your old account with all the groups too. You still get to use your other number for everything else except WhatsAppSo you can now carefully choose whom you want to share this number with and keep your notifications limited. You can also recharge this new SIM  and keep it as spare for emergencies. Most importantly - You can now switch between these two WhatsApp accounts on this device anytime you want without verification code (WhatsApp asks for it only once for a new device)This trick is particularly useful if you think you are addicted and want to limit your usage or you have exams or something important coming up. Now you can keep WhatsApp communication open to few people without being rude to others.

Whose your favorite late night talk show host?

It has to come down between Jon, Stephen, and Conan.

Jon is a classic in my mind, he can really take what people have written for him and with like one sarcastic face, make me laugh.

Stephen started out doing improv, so he's amazing beyond the script. Every facial expression, mistake, or reaction is amazingly received by his audience.

Conan is THE man on late night I feel. I think this guy is probably one of the funniest men in the media. He went to Harvard, so you know he's always on his toes thinking up new ways to make his audence fall on the floor with laughter. I think he's def. at his best when he goes off on a tangent with his guests - he know how to be humble while throwing his quick witt out so everyone can join into the conversation.

That said, I still MUST have to give it to Stephen, he's just such an amazing comedian/actor/improviser/journalist(?)/... I luve the guy. ^_^