I Just Bough A Used Dryer

I just bought a dryer that has a 4 prong plus but my outlet in the wall is a three prong. How do i fix this?

Do not listen to the people who tell you you have 110v. I know they meant well. I know they probably thought you meant an apartment style dryer that just plugs into a regular wall socket. Also DO NOT just cut off one of the prongs. Geez!!!

All dryers prior to a couple of years ago came with 3-prong cords. It used to be that you needed to change to a 4 prong if you lived in a manufactured home. Now the NEC has acknowledged this is a superior grounding system so all new construction now uses 4 prong outlets and the dryers come with 4 prong chords.

Just go down to your favorite hardware store and buy a 3 prong cord. When you take the cover off of the back of the dryer, NOTE how the existing chord is connected then connect your new 3 prong to the same posts as you saw the existing chord come with. Red=110v Black=110V and White goes to neutral. Be sure that the power is off when you go to plug into the receptacle. The blades (prongs) of the cord are long and it is possible that you could get a nasty shock if you ground yourself out while plugging the cord into the receptacle.

I just bought a used commercial washer and dryer, coin opperated?

Really and truly, no one can answer this question properly for you. Locksmith prices vary regionally. The best thing to do is to call around to a few locksmiths and tell them that you have a washer lock with no key and you would like to know what it would cost for them to open and make a key, re-key the lock or just to open it. It may be cheaper to purchase a new locking mechanism than to have them re-key it for you but it is best to get at least three estimates. You would certainly get your moneys worth from the people using the washer.

About my washer & dryer. I just bought a used washer & dryer; it was VERY cheap and works great.?

since its used check to make sure there isn't a left over wash cloth or other item that got stuck under the washer or that there is a small leak somewhere. also check the lint basket, some washers have them just like dryers do and make sure you check up under the rim above the washing barrel, sometimes lints and debris can get stuck up under there. it takes very little to get that mildewy smell. also try running either baking soda through it, 1 small box in the regular cycle, no clothes though, then make sure you run a rinse or oxyclean detergent. hope this helps

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Should I buy a used washer and dryer set?

I can tell you from experience that there's very little to go wrong with a dryer. The heating element can go out, but it seldom does and it's not hard to replace. Washers are a little trickier, but if you're buying from an individual I'd trust them. Most people who have washer-dryer sets to sell just wanted to upgrade.

I bought a dryer when my daughter was an infant, then I moved to an apartment that had no room for laundry things. So my mom took it. She had it until about 3 years ago when she moved into a home that it wouldn't fit. And my daughter celebrated her 43d birthday this year! That dryer had a long, gray beard I'm sure.

I just bought a used bosch washing machine only to find out the prongs go the wrong way. Is there an adapter?

Same thing happened to me with a new Bosch washing machine. It is 110 but the washer and dryer are meant to go together … the washer plugs into the dryer with that weird horizontal plug. But we don't have the same brand dryer so it doesn't work. We need to call an electrician to figure it out. The installer said it is 110v though but i can't find a plug adapter

Dryer plug?

You have 2 options, you can either change the dryer cord for a newer 4 prong plug or you can change the wall outlet for a 3 prong unit. I am not sure you can still get a 3 prong dryer wall plug so the best thing to will probably be to change the cord on the dryer. If you are not experieced in electricity this is not the place to practice. If you are then it is pretty straight forward. All you have to do is unhook the wires in the back of the dryer and hook up the new ones according to color in the same place. The most important thing is green wire to ground. You will have an extra wire in there. just cap it off with a wire nut. Or do the easy thing and call an electrician. 15 min is all it should take.

Read the label on the hair dryer. It will tell you, Often they have a switch that needs to be turned.I just looked at two near me.One is a COnair, it has embossed writing on the handle that I had to use a magnifying glass to read but it said 125/240V which means it could be used for wither voltage, but there is a small 1/4″ rotary switch with a slot that requires a screwdriver to turn toat ia marked 125 and 240 for the two positions.The other is a Revlon which also has the ratings embossed on the handle, again requiring a magnifying glass to read. It says 120V. No dual rating. and no switch. So it can only be used on a single voltage.A switch is almost always required for dual voltage dryers, that I have seen. Unlike computer/phone chargers which can automatically sense., these have motors and heaters which require a switch to reconfigure.If you just bought it, it might be a whole lot easier to read the package it came in. It should also tell you.

If you can find someone who is selling the 4 year old white set that ‘came with the house’ for that new platinum set- you might have a winner! I see dryers thrown away because the vent in the home is clogged, see this a lot. I read advertisements on CR and auctions where they are selling for example a washer that I KNOW has a high probability of extensive repair needs and then they say ‘works perfectly, sometimes makes noises’ So yea, dryers no problem, washers can be an expensive nightmare. I sell used appliances and I offer a warranty you can bet that I made that repair already. Find a person like me that runs a repair business and see if they can find a set for you (with warranty). You might find a nice 8 year old front load washer where they replaced the bearings for 1/2 price of a new one. You can even pick a dryer off the curb and call a repairman to fix it. Depending where you live a dryer repair can be 150 or so, of course there might be nothing wrong with it at all.

Probably not.A washer and dryer are personal property that goes where the owner goes, not fixtures like built-in cabinets or a bathtub that is expected to convey to a new owner with the deed to real property (buildings and land). If a person wants something like a washer and dryer or a fridge that is in the house, one can see if the sellers will add the large appliance to the deal particularly if it fits into an unusually sized space or might be difficult to move. It typically must be negotiated and added to the contract.What will convey varies in different countries. In the US in modern houses, we tend to have kitchens where cabinets and possibly wall ovens and a cooktop may be “fixtures" built in that will convey with the house. However, some houses may only have cabinets that are fixtures with a space left open with plugs or pipes in the wall to connect a freestanding range that will include a cooktop with oven beneath it as an appliance that one owns as personal property just like a TV or a blender. Fridges in the US tend to be purchased as freestanding appliances one owns and can move from house to house. In Europe, there may be an empty room for which one must purchase an entire kitchen wall unit as there is nothing but pipes and electrical wiring in the wall.Do your research well in advance of trying to buy your first home.