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I Just Got My First Job And It

Just got my first job - at KFC?

Yes its tough, but like you said its hard to find a job somewhere else so you just need to learn to deal with it. Try asking for less hours. I remember when I had my first job, almost every time I made a mistake I felt stupid and got upset and sometimes cried. I'm sure your manager understands your going to make mistakes and get stressed out its your first job. She or he is not going to expect you to be perfect. Your just not used to all this and I understand where your coming from, but you shouldn't just give up. Stick with it for a while. Your gonna have angry customers every once in a while, there's not much you can do except be polite and apologize and if they get overly rude to you get a manager atleast that's what they told me to do at mcdonalds. If your not comfortable with working with customers maybe you can ask them to train you on something else? Your going to get stressed out at whatever job you work at. This is all part of growing up dealing with people that aren't always going to be nice and understanding, and patient.

I just got my first job as a hostess...? i'm 16 years old and just got my first job as a hostess at a small but nice mexican restaurant nearby. during the interview, i found out i got the job, and the manager scheduled me for my training this sunday from 4:30-8. then he called me yesterday to tell me it slipped his mind that sunday (being easter) they close at 3..but that he scheduled me to work next week so i could come in sunday to see my schedule for next week.

does this mean i'm supposed to start working without training?!

also..being a hostess, i have several questions.
1. do they answer the phones?
2. what do they do when the place is somewhat empty/nobody new is coming in?..just stand there?

also...during the interview, he told me the uniform - khaki pants, a black or brown belt, and a company shirt (which he will provide for me.)
and no-slip, comfortable shoes..i have several questions about that..
1. before he gives me the shirt on the first day i work, what kind of shirt should i wear in there before i change into the company one?
2. as much as i think about it, i cant remember if he said the shoes had to be a particular color. i remember him saying they had to be no-slip, but i cant remember if he said particularly black or brown or something. i dont want to get new shoes and them be wrong! i was thinking about getting sperry's....any suggestions on what i should do?

sorry that's alot of writing...but thank you for your help!

I just lost my first job, what do I do now?

A little perspective.I’ve had many jobs (at least 15 different employers), and I have been invited to leave on more than one occasion.Several years ago, I found myself in a fairly unpleasant position. My career in the Navy was over, and I used my savings to purchase a small business … which failed. My marriage ended. At that time, my net worth was less than zero.So, I started calling around, and found a job through my Navy “old boy” network. I also had to work through some pretty serious depression, so I started exercising. I met my current wife, we got married, and had a baby daughter.Along the way, I got cancer in my throat, and was treated with radiation and chemotherapy (not fun). Thankfully, I am recovered from that.I now live in a beautiful home with my wonderful family. My wife and I are still employed, and have enough money to satisfy our needs. Life is good.So, yes, get out there and get that second job. You have no idea what the future will bring.But … believe me … life is an adventure.

I just quit my first job at Subway?

You probably did the right thing. Sounds like the managers did not have it together very well. You are still in school and they should have considered your needs and not scheduled you to close. Lots of places need people on the weekends and in the evenings. Try to find something that closes earlier, and has less pressures. I have a friend that works at the Mall at build a bear and she loves it. She is always out by 10:00 and says the little kids are fun and its a fun place to work. Just keep looking and keep in mind that a part time job helps you form good work habits, but should give you more satisfaction than just the pay check. And no one, not even the boss, should ever make you feel small with a public scolding. It's a sandwich for crying out loud, not brain surgery. They need to chill.

What age did you get your first job?

Age 12, in rural Idaho ... my cousin and I got jobs "rogueing wheat" (where a crew of 8 or 9 people spread out and walk through fields of wheat, pulling out "rogue" weeds) ... working 40 hours a week, over the course of seven weeks or so, I made around $285 dollars (it was 1984).

My parents encouraged me to save my money instead of spend it ... so I did ... and then they surprised me by telling me that I would be buying my school clothes that year ... yay ... I guess. It did teach me a lesson, though, that money doesn't just grow on trees.

I just got my first job..but i need help?

Hey Rachel!
I used to be SO shy it was ridiculous. I'd skip classes if I had to speak out loud or stand in front of the class-and I lost jobs because I was too shy to do the job (waitress, bartender, etc). The only way I was able to overcome the shyness (and now people can't believe I was ever shy) was to just act like I wasn't shy. I know, sounds silly, but its true. I acted like I had the confidence and I talked to everyone like I've known them forever. Inside I was DYING of embarressment but over time, I became outgoing and now I can talk to anyone! Try it, its easier than you think!

My first job and I hate it?

I have been in your situation. I know what you mean.

I encourage you to seek help, but to try to remember what you learned. Perhaps taking notes would work for you. Write down what you did and you you were instructed to do it. By doing so, you will force yourself to rethink all the steps involved.
If you do not remember a step, just skip it, but follow up on it by asking to a colleague. Then re write the steps involved.
I believe that you will become more secure once you feel you have a firm grasp on the tasks they taught you.

For the emotional aspect of it, I believe you are facing the fact that you are not liking the job you are doing. There must be a aspect, a relationship with someone there, the fact that you may be exposed to several people, etc. that may not appease you.
You may wish to find out what is it, and once you know it, you have learned something more about yourself. You will know what you are not made to do. Not everyone is suitable for every job. I believe it to be very important to find out what jobs are more suitable for each one of us. That, most of the times, involves trial and error.

Good Luck.

Fired from my first job?

So I'm 14 (almost 15) and today, I was just fired from my first ever job at Ben and Jerry's. I was so excited when I got the job a few weeks ago because I was one of the first of all my friends to get a summer job and it was something I felt proud of for being able to say I have a job. Apparently I was too slow at scooping the ice cream and I mix up my orders too much. My boss said I looked "uncomfortable" with the customers. I have to admit it is a hard job, but being only my sixth day of technical training and only working less than five hours per day, I shouldn't be a pro at this and I guess my boss wanted me to be that. I am really depressed because I thought I did well today beside a few minor screw-ups. I was on top of everything that needed to be done, but evidently, I wasn't good enough. My boss said I was a very smart girl and she was sure I could find an easier job elsewhere that was different from scooping [ice cream]. She told me her husband was a more logical thinker like me, and not reflexive, but somehow, through nepotism, he still has the damn job. I am just so upset that I really don't know if I want to go out and look for another job, but I know I have to because I need the money. The thing is, now I don't know what I would be good at. I live in a shore town that bustles with tourists in the summer and every job seems to deal with people in some way. Apparently I'm not good with people. I really want to be a babysitter, but there are no jobs really available for my age. Around here, they hire older kids through this comoany where you have to be 18 to work. My mom works at the Acme (a supermarket) and she said they are always in need of people, but I really don't want to work there. I guess I'm just so disappointed that I have to go back on Craig's List and go job hunting again. I just need advice as to where to look for a job. I wanted something involving people and being fast-paced but that's not suitable for me it seems. I also need some hints on how to get over me being fired because I feel like a failure. Can you please help? Thanks a bunch!