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I Just Got The Iphone 6 But My Messages Keep Going To My Old Blackberry. How Do I Get My Messages

Why is my old phone still receiving certain text messages?

I had the exact same problem. Tech support told me that sometimes it can take a few days for the porting of your new number to be completed. This means things like text messages may still go to the old phone. Try shutting off both devices, and then turning them back on. I am sure you did that once already, but for the next two or three days, do it once per day.
This should help your phone finish the porting process and you should stop receiving messages to your old phone.
Good luck!

The other answer is correct, however I think a further explaintion is warranted.Specifically - there is a setting under messages called send/receive. This allows any IMessages to go to these phone numbers and email addresses.Now anyone that sends you a text message will come directly to you, however if sent from an iPhone / iPad or MacBook it will go to the send / receive addresses.You have two good options. Either take his phone and unselect your phone number (assuming no trust issues since he can turn it back on) or create a new Apple ID which will not allow him to receive your Imessages.Hope this helps - we see this everyday!

Help! Text message going to old phone?

So i got a new phone (android alcatel one touch) about a month ago but I still use my iphone for music. However recently some (not all, just specific contacts) of the text messages have been going to the iphone instead of the alcatel even though the sim is in my alactel. I've discovered the messages are going through the wifi on my iphone so I turned it off. But a few days later I turned it back on and got a heap of messages that hadn't been sent to the alcatel. Its really annoying because when I'm out of the house, the iphone has no wifi so even if I take it with me along with the alcatel I won't get some messages until i get back home.

Hopefully you understand, it's a bit hard to explain. If someone could tell me how to fix this so the messages just go to the alcatel it would be greatly appreciated =).

thanks xx

Mostly because you're both sign into the same iCloud account. This is a very easy fix.On both devices you must do this so they don't receive the same messages.Settings > Messages > Send & Receive > uncheck all but your mobile number.Please comment if this was helpful.Thank you!

Do text messages stay on the phone when the SIM is taken out?

I got a new phone a few months ago and switched my SIM card to it from my old phone. I never deleted the texts. I gave the phone to a friend of mine last night and she's going to put her SIM card in it. Will the texts left on the phone still be on there when her SIM card is in it?

It's a Boost Mobile Phone, if that means anything.

My mom keeps going through my phone. Help?

Get a goggle voice account and setup a google phone number.

Then install the google voice app from the App Store.

You will have to give all your peeps a new number but you can keep it 100% private because when you sign out of the google app on your phone, she won't be able to see anything that you sent during the day. And when you sign out of the app it will stop the messages from showing up on your phone.

You can also use the free google voice texting on your computer.

I dont know how tech savvy you are so here are the steps that you need to take.

1: Make a GMail accoune (unless you already have one)
2: Go to
----- Once you are at the site sign in with you google account info
--------- setup your google voice account (its very easy to do just follow the steps given by google)
3: download the google voice app from the app store
----- sign in the to google voice app
---------send a text message to one of your friends to test it out

when you are not signed into the app messages wont come to your phone but you can still send and revive them online at

Its kind of crappy that mom is all up in your crap, but thats what parents do. My wife is the same way. For the first few years of marriage I was annoyed by it but i realized that the best to to do is be honest about the person that you are and always tell the truth so you never have anything that needs to be hidden.

You are lucky that mom let you have a cell phone at the age of 14, it shows that she trusts you. Most parent wait until their children can drive before they give them a phone.

I hope you figure it out.. The best thing that you can do is just deal with it until you are old enough do whatever you want. 4 years seems like a long time but before you know, this will be a thing of the past.......

also last thing.... I just want you to know that this is whats referred to as a first world problem. I wont get into the meaning of it but you should look it up and see how it relates to third world problems

Actually, after you remove a message from iPhone, the message doesn't actually get deleted. It's because the deleted messages is technically marked for deletion by the system and hidden so that they become invisible to us. Therefore, deleted messages still stays somewhere on iPhone and you can retrieve them as long as you find those marked and hidden messages files. Absolutely, this is limited that the deleted messages are not overwritten.However, how can we find those marked and hidden messages files, and retrieve invisible messages on iPhone? It's impossible to find those hidden messages files unless you have outside help. PhoneRescue, is such a professional iPhone data recovery utility. With it, you can recover deleted text messages on iPhone iPad directly without any iTunes or iCloud backup by scanning your device and listing all the marked and hidden messages, and also allows you to preview the deleted messages before recovering them. More than anything, PhoneRescue also supports selectively extracting text messages and other iOS contents from iTunes and iCloud backup without restoring your iDevice.To help you recover deleted Messages (including text messages, SMS messages, MMS messages, iMessages and WhatsApp messages) on iPhone successfully, in this guide we will give you two examples about iPhone text messages recovery of text mesasages and WhatsApp messages. You just need to follow us to recover deleted text messages on your iPhone 4/4s/5/5s/5c/6/6s/SE. Before starting tutorial, you need to download PhoneRescue or get a pro verison for your PC (or Mac) firslty.Check out this link to download Phone Rescue and steps to how to retrive ur lost messages : How to Retrieve Deleted Text Messages on iPhone 5/5s/4s/4/6/6s

Actually, the commitment is tied to the IMEI number, not the SIM card. The SIM card is like a car key: it is your contact between the phone and the tower network. Your SIM card can be changed more easily than the commitment. Now, the iPhone 6 has greater capability than the 5, but I would imagine that the old SIM card is probably not capable of delivering the full LTE experience. If you elect to get a 6s in the future, you will have to use the SIM card which comes with the phone, though, because the older SIM cards don't provide support for features like 3D Touch or live wallpaper.

Why aren't my picture text messages going to my phone but to my online album instead?

Usually you have to send a picture message to your own number before you can use picture messaging properly.

Yes you can see messages without seen tick for messages(which is automatically marked when you see a message) and you also can appear as offline on Facebook and messenger but you can do it only on google chrome.Install the “toolkit for Facebook by PlugEx” from chrome store and then go to “background tools” tab by clicking on installed toolkit icon and enable “hide seen for Facebook desktop site”. Now you can hide your seen(double tick).And if you want to remain offline on Facebook and messenger (which is accessed from, not from, you can try this trick:Install add blocker plus and click on the settings of blocker. Go to advanced tab and add the following line in my filter list(in the last or in the end).||*-^$xmlhttprequestTry both of the tricks, they really work.