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I Just Pierced My Own Ear I Think I Messed Up Badly Help

Pierced my own ear, but now it hurts so bad what should i do?

It's probably infected, if it's swollen, it's been infectected. The thing you need to do it take the earring out ASAP, then you have to get all the nasty gooey junk out of it, get a tissue, apply it with rubbing alcohol and put it really hard until all the yellowish goo comes out. You have to do it even though it hurts really badly. Then sterilize it every single day. When it seems like it's okay, make sure to sterilize the earring very well before you put it back in the hole.

If it's not swollen, I'd just sterilize it and let it get better. Take the earring out though. A hole won't close that fast.

I pierced my own ears and it is bruised?

clean it with peroxide .wash it a lot.take a wet hot dishrag soak it.sure repierce it if it don't hurt bad.a hot wet rag helps a lot soak it

I pierced my own ear and it hurts REALLY bad?

so three days ago I pierced my own ear and it was my triple piercing (on both sides) I had gotten my double a month ago professionally and my mom wouldn't take me for my third so I did it myself (she doesn't know about it though). well it's been three days and it's hurts like h*ll. I've been cleaning it 1-2 times a day with ear soluotion that I got from Claire's and I've also been twisting it. I took the peircings out once since then and it was the day I did it only cuz I wanted to change the earring. btw I pierced it by numbing my ear with ice and then sterilizing an earring and then I just kinda showed it through my ear! it's didn't really hurt the second day or 3rd day but today is the fourth and it's throbbing really bad! I don't know why or what to do and I can't ask my mom for help cuz she doesn't know and would kill me if she did know.

I pierced my own ear with a thumbtack.

There's not even any way for you to properly sterilize a thumb tack. If you know it would upset your mom, then why do it? You should take it out and clean your ear 2-3 times daily with a sea salt solution (1/4 tsp sea salt dissolved in 8 oz of warm water) or an anti-bacterial soap (Dial is fine), then hope it doesn't close an infection up in your ear that turns into an abscess. You should also come clean to your mom too because she'll probably find out sooner or later and she'll probably be less piss if it comes from you rather than finding out herself.

Pierce your own ears?

First off does it hurt to pierce your own ears? Second if i do how do you disinfect and make sure what your piercing your ear with is clean? And third is it really bad to do to yourself i mean should i just wait until I can get the time to go out and get them pierced? I would like though more answers on like how to do it or if it is really harmful.

Scared to pierce my own ear?

Hey sweetie

I did my 2nd and 3rd lobe piercings on both ears by myself.

I just popped the earring through, no ice, no needle, nothing but rubbing alcohol and a regular earring.

It didn't hurt. it hurt to sleep on though and you have to keep it VERY clean. Keep your hair away from it.

get drunk before you do it. I did my friend's too and hers are fine too.

I did mine in June, and no problems since. Leave the earrings in for at least 6 weeks. Spin them with clean hands.

If they close up, pop them back through!

Don't do all that ice/needle crap. It's not neccesary. Just get a good pair of hypoallergenic earrings and pop them through. If the pain bothers you just push harder. Don't use a safety pin. Use the earring! I'm telling you! It's so much better to do it that way!

Good luck!

Have you ever pierced your own ears?

yes ive pierced my own ear... well, through my idea, my friend did it. and i dont recommend you follow suit... this wasnt to maintain a piercing, it was on a bet.

i laid down on a wooden bench and they stacked 2x4s under my ear untill my ear was flat against it... then they took a hammer and a thin nail and pounded it thru my ear... it hurt like hell because he didnt hit the nail ahrd enough, just hit it half way thru my ear... it was baaaaad. i dont recommend you try.

although my gf pierced her own with a sterile needle, icecube and a few really strong drinks -just drink enough to numb, not to make you tipsy or inaccurate. that would be bad- but she said -having had her left ear pieced at a salon, and doing her own right- that it hurt alot worse with the needle gun, then on your own. i think its a combination of nerves, and not having an icecube/vodka.....

good luck :)

How much does piercing your own ear hurt?

The lower earlobe doesn't hurt that much. As long as you use a sterile needle, keep your ears clean afterwards, and put in sterling silver (or another precious metal type earring in) and keep it in for about 6 weeks before changing it you should be ok. Nickle and cheap crap like that can cause an infection. I pierced the top of my ear myself and it turned out good. It hurt a lot worse than yours will though because of where it is.

Is it safe to pierce my earlobe with a sewing needle?

Like many things in life, it's not intrinsically safe, but you can make it safer. It's also not the best way for a few reasons - first it's going to be a very small hole even if all goes well, second you have to pull the needle out or through and then wrestle the jewelry in which ups the risk of bleeding and infection, and third it's going to drill a hole through your earlobe (rather than punching, which professional hollow-needle piercing will do).That said, there are a few things to consider if you're going to self-pierce.Sanitation.  Make sure that you sterilize anything that's going to be used during the piercing, including anything you might need to touch during the process. And wear surgical gloves. Safety. The end of the needle comes out of your ear, and then where does it go? The traditional materials I've heard of are half an apple, or a piece of cork, which are both kinda hard to sterilize so there's that.Numbing. This is going to hurt. It's going to hurt and it's going to keep hurting and it's going to hurt for each ear. Consider a local analgesic like orajel or an ice cube. This has the added benefit of Aftercare. There are lots of opinions on how to best manage a newly pierced hole. You should google them. Suffice to say, even when it's done hurting, it's going to take awhile to heal. Be prepared to do a saline soak or some other sort of disinfecting every day for weeks.I really don't recommend self-piercings, FWIW. Much safer and pleasanter to leave it in the hands of someone who knows what they're doing and knows how to do it safely and quickly.