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I Just Purchased A 2001 Honda Insight. I Cannot Take Delivery For 3 Weeks And I Live In A Cold

What are some things that happen only in India?

In India, sometimes places such as restaurants, theme parks, trains, buses, movie theaters, etc. will keep a special price for kids below a certain age to attract more customers. The board usually looks something like this:Notice how it says age 12 and under.In June, my relatives were going to a water park with their 7 year old daughter and 14 year old son. They knew that the adult fares were different, and that children aged 5 and below would be given admission at an almost negligible price.However, things did not go as expected for them…Ticketer: Would you like to buy half day or full day passes?Parents: Full day passesTicketer: How many of you are there?Parents: Three adults and one child.Ticketer: What is the age of the little girl?Parents: Oh she just turned five last week, so we’re celebrating her birthday here!Ticketer: Oh! Happy bir-Daughter (very loudly and angrily): But mumma, I’m 7 years old na! And it wasn’t my birthday last week, it was Bhaiya’s (big brother’s). How can you forget! My birthday is in November not June!……..…….Parents: Umm… I think we will get sick if we go in the water park on this cold day. His exams are also coming so we should not take the chance…*Parents scold the girl in the parking lot*Parents faking the age of a child to avoid paying more money is the most Indian thing ever.

What would be the best way to transport my bike from Mumbai to Pune at the minimum cost?

You're asking about transporting your motor cycle from Mumbai to Pune. Let me tell you, the best way to transport is to ride because the NH4 is sweeter than, let me say what appeals to men the most, Sex.I am a Delhiite and I'v been to Pune a few times because my girlfriend (now ex-girlfriend) lived there. I usually started in Mumbai from a place called Bandra. Its a huge suburb, with people from every walk of life. From a tea vendor to a film star, you could spot anyone in Bandra.View from BandraFrom Bandra, the route towards Navi Mumbai is very short via Sion, Chembur etc. Unlimited sea views on the way to Vashi(Navi Mumbai) which tend to delight us Northeners.You can take the National Highway 4 from Vashi as 2-wheelers are not allowed to ply on the Mumbai-Pune Expressway(Yashwantrao Chavan Expressway).The route is scenic, mesmerizing, romantic, ohh I run out of adjectives to describe the highway. Everytime I travelled this route, the weather changed dramatically near Lonavala and Khandala. Beautiful rain clouds just floating a few feet above your head.Mumbai Pune Expressway. NH4 is like this, but only a lane shorter. Sorry I don't have any photographs.When you enter the outskirts of Pune, the road will divide into two, one of which takes you to Dehu Road Cannt. and then towards PCMC area(Pimpri-Chinchwad Municipal Corporation) ultimately leading to Swargate(the centre of Pune just like Wayne Tower in Gotham) and the other road runs towards Wakad (IT area) and further towards Bengaluru and Chennai.If you take the Wakad route, you'll see something like this.My ex used to stay at Chandani Chowk which I guess is a junction just beneath the NH4 for people travelling from Kothrud to Baner in Pune.All summed up, I'v only visited the highway a few times, but I have the best memories. I don't miss my ex, mind you, but I miss the highway and the journey from Mumbai to Pune, because I don't have any reason to go there now.Distance: 200 Kms(approx.)Cost: ₹ 300–400 depending on the fuel consumption of the motor cycle. No toll tax for 2- wheelers.Time: 4 hours(including the time for a road trip selfie near Lonavala)Precautions: Wear a helmet, ride with bike's RC and Insurance with pollution certificate.Hope you enjoy the ride. :)Images: google.

Why do so many startups fail?

There are many different reasons why startups or companies in general fail. In my experience, however, I think there is no one single cause, but a constellation of mistakes or misfortunes that once combined can be fatal. Common causes include: -  hiring! having the right people on board is key, a wrong hire can ruin a company; - cash! many entrepreneurs fail to anticipate or generally underestimate the cash requirements of their business; - infrastructure! here I am referring to execution infrastructure which may be as basic as billing system, IT, policies etc. I my experience, most startups neglect this areas as they focus principally on bringing their products to market and hope to figure-out the rest later; - product! sometimes great product simply fail the test of simplicity and consumers or customers simply walk away; avoid complexity in product design;- governance! another aspect commonly ignored by startups. Co-founers, board and advisers are key to the success of any venture. Choose wisely. - leadership! another key success or failure factor is the leader; management style is important. How do you treat your employees? how do you communicate, motivate and chart the course?- customers! most startups create products without a market or a problem to solve, and then spend valuable time and resources looking for the problem. Listening to the needs of the customer / market is very important. In today's 'Lean Startup', it is possible to come to market quickly with simple Minimum Viable Product, and study what works, and what does not, obtain feedback and iterate like mad..