I Keep Feeling Like I

Why do i keep feeling like i have to sneeze?

Most likely; it is a mild allergy, probably dust or some other substance in the air. Try and get some fresh air, and if it persists for very much longer, and antihistamine may help.

Why Do I Keep Feeling Like I'm About To Sneeze?

This has been going on all day, and it's pissing me off. I'll feel like I'm about to sneeze, and then the strangest thing happens, my right eye (and my right eye only) begins to water like crazy. Tears even roll down my cheek. I've also been blowing my nose all day and nothing is helping. Why does this keep happening?

I Keep Feeling Like My Period Is Coming, But...?

I haven't exactly been in your position.. I found out I was pregnant at 3 weeks, just cos I had a feeling to take a test (we'd been trying for a while). That was in the morning, got into the docs that afternoon, blood test results the next day!

However, my early pregnancy symptoms were EXACTLY like that.
Could've sworn my period was still going to come.. Cramping, weppiness, very slightly sore boobs.. The cramping lasted till about week 9ish.

Good luck anyways.. I have read that false negatives are more likely than false positives..! Also, I know that I took 3 during the day I found out, and thy were early detection tests. The first one (first pee of the morning) was VERY strong, and the other two very weak...

Why do I keep feeling like I am undeserving?

The question seems a bit too self-centered.You have the half of the thinking: you (along with everyone else) is just a speck in an incomprehensibly vast universe.At the same time, this whole world has been created for you.You need to be more grateful for what you have - instead, you deny yourself one part of existence that makes the existence worthwhile: joy and appreciation.You would have to start working on your thinking patterns and attitude because they can spill from personal into professional and your work (read - your employment) can suffer as a result.

Why do I keep feeling like I have to pee but nothing comes out?

Urinary tract infections (UTIs) are a common type of infection caused by bacteria (germs). Children, teens, women, and men can get UTIs.Urine is usually free of bacteria. A urinary tract infection happens when bacteria gets inside your bladder, usually through your urethra (the opening where your urine comes out). Females have shorter urethras than males do, so it is easier for bacteria to enter the urinary tract and cause symptoms. The most common kind of UTI is a bladder infection, which is called cystitis (sis-ti-tis). If the infection affects your urethra, it is called urethritis (ur-e-thri-tis). If your kidneys become infected, it is called pyelonephritis (pie-low-ne-fright-is).These are the symptoms:Pain or burning while urinating (especially at the end of urinating)Feeling the need to pass urine frequently (your situation I guess)Urinating very little even though you feel like your bladder is full (also your situation)Urine is cloudy and/or foul smellingBlood in your urineFever, chillsPain in your lower back below your ribs

I keep feeling like i need to pee, but only a little comes out.?

It's been happening every night now. I go to the bathroom to pee, and then i'd have to go again ten minutes later. And then i'd have a feeling to go again...and again...and again. As you should know, it's starting to get on the way with my sleep.
I mean, i wash with cold water after i pee, and then i wipe to make sure that my "bottom" area is nice and dry, (some people say that if you keep it wet, and don't'll start to grow infections etc...)
This also happened to me when i was aroung 10 years old? (i'm 14 now) and it did go away. Now it came back and i don't know why?!?! is it all in my head?!?!? when will i have my normal nights back?!?!? Please help me...will cranberry juice help?, perhaps apple cider vinegar?

Thank you

7 weeks pregnant, keep feeling like i need to poo..?

I am 7 weeks pregnant . I keep feeling like i need to poo and also have very mild pains.. they feel very much like period pains.. like stretching pains and once in a while i get quite a sharp pain.
Also bubbly stomach.
Sorry for all of the information but this is my first pregnancy and im terrified something will go wrong.
Is this normal?

Why do I keep feeling like im swallowing blood? ?

Sinus drainage is at it's worst when lying down. Try some over the counter allergy tabs like Benedryl and see if that helps. If it was really blood, you would have the unmistakeable taste in your mouth.